Are You an Anti-Trumper?

Are you an anti-Trumper? Do you call yourself a Democrat? Do you think that Biden would make a dandy president? Let me see if I can reason with you. First, the Democrat Party today is NOT the party of your father and grandfather. I grew up in  a South that was totally democrat, mainly because Franklin Roosevelt  was President through the Great Depression and WW-II. He was the right man for the right time.

You have been lied to by all the so-called mainstream media. The Democrat party today bears no resemblance to the Democrat party o even as recently as President John F. Kennedy. The party has become the socialist/communist party.  Can you look at Biden, or listen to him, and not know that the man is senile? That he has dementia? If you have had aa relative with Alzheimer’s you know that Biden has the disease. So what does that mean? Why would a political party put such a man up as a presidential candidate? Obviously, if Biden were to win he would not be able to serve. So what’s the deal?

There is a cabal, a group of invisible people who have never been elected to any office who will be controlling a Biden administration. These people are proponents of BLM, Antifa, and are  communists. Many of you were not around for the Cold War so you don’t know what communism means. Do you think that a shortage of toilet paper during Coved 19 was annoying? In Russia people stand in line all day to buy a loaf of bread. You only have to look as close as Cuba and Venezuela to see the disaster that communism is.

So what will the ghosts running Biden do? The first thing would be to d make us a one political party nation. They will make  American protectorates like Puerto Rico (and DC) “states” which gives them 4 more democrat senators and they’ll retain control of the House. The Republican party will be over forever. They  will stuff the Supreme Court with ultra-liberals. One case before a court like that and your 2nd amendment is deemed unconstitutional. They will load Superior Court judge openings  with ultra-liberals. Which will invalidate any conservative law  challenges. America as founded will be OVER. We will no longer be a representative democracy. We will be the United Communist States of America. We will have a totalitarian government. What is totalitarian? Think Nazis. Think Putin. Think Hugo Chaves. Think the Castros. Do you really want that? Do you want it for your children? Your grandchildren?

The Democrats condoned the destroying of our historical monuments, they believe in destroying this nation as the Founders intended it to be. In Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, DC, they  allow BLM and Antifa to destroy private property. They applaud the killing of  policemen and defund law enforcement. There is NO dividing line between the Democrat party and these radical communists.

Aren’t you tired of being called a racist? A white supremacist? That you should be ashamed if you are white? That you took advantage of people of color to achieve your success? That America is a racist country? That you are guilty of having “white privilege?”

Even if, for some reason, you hate Donald Trump, if you value a democratic country, you must vote for him. Trump is the ONE person that stands between you and a Communist America. And it is as serious as that. This is the most critical election in my and your lifetime.

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For Old-Timers, Only.

If you are under 40 you don’t need to read this. Not that I would restrict you, but you won’t understand it. For those of you over 40 you are wasting your breath trying to explain life to younger people. It’s not their fault. We have had at least 2 generations who have been taught from kindergarten thru graduate school that Communism is a great political system, and the reason it has never worked is that the wrong people were in charge of it. If done right, it can bring equality and dispel poverty, and everyone will be singing happy songs. The Nazis were a socialist party. And, of courses Russia is. But the facts are that Communism is really Totalitarianism. And that means there is an Elite group who have everything, and a poverty group who starve. There is no middle class in Communism.

Consider this: In 1980 Howard Zinn (look him up) a Harvard professor and an avowed communist wrote A Peoples History of the United States.  This false history that denounces the US has been used as a  textbook taught in almost all  public American schools This phony book completely destroyed true American history and extolled the virtues of socialism and communizing. Your children were brainwashed with  this nonsense throughout their education. Is it any wonder that they believe this garbage?  We are all the result of what we were taught by adults. Children don’t have the brains to discern the difference between reality and fantasy. That’s why they love cartoons. They believe fairy tales are true. The bran doesn’t fully develop until an individual reaches age 25.

In addition young people don’t remember the Cold War and how we all feared that Russia could drop an atom bomb on us at any time. They have had no hardships; their life has been easy. They were given a trophy, not based on superior performance, but just for showing up. They’ve had no incentive to do better – they deserve the best – just because. Their parents, in general, sought to be their “friends” and “buddies” instead of teaching then discipline as is required in the real world. They weren’t taught tp respect America.

So we really can’t blame young people for their misguided beliefs. And there is no need to try to convince them of the truth about socialism. But here is the scary part.

These young socialists in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are going to be – in the future – our Mayors, Governors, Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, on the School Board, the Country Commissioners. They will be in every public office.. The future of an America with patriotic citizens, those who cherish our true history, those who revere our national monuments and salute our flag and stand for our anthem – is not going to happen.

I won’t be here, but some of you will. I cherish each day that God gives me on earth, but sometimes I am glad that I am an old timer. I do not want to be hee to see the Death of we knew it in better times. There will always be an America. But will it be The United Socialists States of America?



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America or Russia? It’s up to YOU!

I sincerely hope you are taking notice of what is going on in our country. If you aren’t, this nation could become Russia in a year, and I am not trying to be an alarmist. We are in a fight to save America. We are having a revolution.  This is not black vs white, Republican vs Democrat. This is Communism vs Freedom. Just because nobody is rioting on your street doesn’t mean that anarchists aren’t using violence all over this country. If you watch the so-called mainstream media you don’t know what is happening. If you depend on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC CNN for your “news”  you are being lied to every day and night. They never show the riots. These are not “peaceful demonstrations” as the Democrats claim. The violence is unprecedented in this country.

In Portland, OR, Antifa, BLM and other Marxist/Communist groups  and uneducated people are burning businesses, government buildings, fighting law enforcement, and killing innocent people. And it is going on in Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and other cities .. In Portland these leftist groups have been rioting for 62 nights as of this writing. Now, what you  want is to stop this, right?  You want the President to use force to end this violent rioting. To use a cliché’ the President is “between a “rock and a hard place.” He has offered to send in law enforcement assistance to these riot-torn cities.

But these cities have Democrat governors and mayors and there is such a thing as states’ rights. If the radical Democrats refuse his help there is not much he can do. These Democrat leftists will let their cities be destroyed, let their innocent citizens  be killed, their businesses be destroyed because they think it will hurt President Trump in his e-election bid. Communism always depends on violence and death to succeed. Stalin murdered 20 MILLION Russians to control that country.

Okay. Why doesn’t the President declare Martial Law? That would end the rioting immediately if the military took over, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. But Martial Law would apply to  the whole country, to states where no rioting is taking place. Citizens  there would be greatly inconvenienced. They, too, would be under military control. Also, a number of current and ex-Generals are “NeverTrumpers.”. Suppose he called for Martial Law, and these war-loving, military-industrial complex sycophants REFUSED to order their soldiers throughout the nation. Think it couldn’t happen? Certainly it could and that would constitute a military coup of our government which would greatly please the Communists who are now rioting.

The difference between the Democrat and Republican parties has NEVER been greater. Please, if you want a peaceful, safe country there is only one person standing between you and a Communist America. That man is Donald Trump. If you stay at home and don’t vote, we WILL lose this Republic. This is more important than any virus. I am not being overly pessimistic. This IS the most important election of my and your life.

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Last Chance to Save America!

I had an interesting discussion with a young dentist. His conclusion was that I hated “millennials.” I don’t hate anybody, except those wo wish to destroy America. But I know why young people are so naïve and why they are such “scardy cats.” If America were threatened with a conflict like WW-II I am sure that there would be few if any young people willing to fight to save this nation. I believe they would  just sit back and accept it. I think their response to the corona virus proves that. The radical “health experts” tell them if they catch this virus they will die. People of earlier generations are skeptical about accepting authority. They would have said, “Prove it.” The current generation just folded and went into lockdown with not even a whimper. The truth is that less than a thousand young people (under the age of 25) have died from the virus. And that is out of a population in America of over 240 million people.

For the last two generations students from middle school through college have been indoctrinated with socialism. They did not live through the Cold War. They didn’t have drills in their schools by hiding under their desks in case Communist Russia dropped the atom bomb on them. There was genuine fear of Russia in this country. They don’t know of the Cuban Missile crisis when Russia tried to install ballistic missiles only 90 miles off our shores. They have never lived through any hardships. They have lived in an era when they received a trophy, not for being good or excelling at something, but just for “showing up.” Nothing in life is worthwhile unless there is an incentive to do your best. These young people have been taught that they deserve the “corner office with the windows” just because they do.

They have not been encouraged to study something in college that would serve them better when they enter the real world. They believe that a degree is Social Justice or Systemic Racism Studies will suffice to give them a god job. Sorry, kids. We need engineers and architects and doctors, and an MBA won’t hurt either.

I hate to pose a problem, which these young people do pose, without a suggestion to solve the dilemma. I don’t think anything will make these youngsters patriotic or appreciative of America’s freedoms – except the passage of time. And that is because they are going to be the next leaders and politicians of the foreseeable future. Will age make them glad to be Americans? Or, will they still spend their time texting and playing video games?

I am optimistic.  I hope these youngsters will look to Cuba and Venezuela to see Communism at its best (or worst).  I can hope that these two generations of lost children will come to their senses. But I doubt it. That is why the 2020 election is so crucial. It’s not Democrats versus Republicans – it’s Communism versus Democracy.


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You Won’t Believe This!

I’m going to tell you something that you won’t believe. (pause for effect). MORE WHITE PEOPLLE ARE KILLED BY COPS THAN BLACK PEOPLE. Yeah, you’re saying, “Why that’s impossible! Every news story is about cops killing African Americans.” Look it up. The statistics are readily available if you look for them. Here is another fact for you. More Hispanics are killed by cops then blacks. How would you know this? All you hear on the leftist so-called mainstream media (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN) is how white people hate black people and cops are killing blacks at random. I am not condemning law enforcement, most of these deaths are justified. People of all colors can be criminals. You are just told that all blacks killed by cops are innocent and good citizens.

But you don’t see whites or Hispanics rioting and stealing and looting and destroying private property. Why is that? The next time you see a video of a cop killing a white person, why are the streets not filled with whites shouting, breaking windows, burning cop cars?

My point is hat blacks ae being used by infiltrators from so-called “charity” organizations with caring names. These are funded by George Soros. Antifa is one. Black Lives Matter is another Media Matters is another. Dozens of organizations like this are Soros funded. And this is the practice of Soros all over the world. Soros is a multi-billionaire who has funded uprisings all over Europe. And now he is has openly admitted that “He’s brought it home.”

Soros and Hillary Clinton were close friends because they are both “One Worlders.” Soros funds uprising to overthrow governments so he can install people who he knows will allow him to make more billions. Don’t doubt me on this. Soros intent is to foment unrest and destroy our political system. So, in America’s case, Soros chose the section of the population who have been pummeled by the media to think that they are the “oppressed minority.” The truth is that blacks have never had more opportunity in this nation than now. BUT if any group is told over and over how they are being oppressed by another group, of course, they will believe it.

If you are black and reading this, I know you are as embarrassed and puzzled by these riots as I am. It’s bigger than a cop killing a black man. It is about hurting our country. But now you know. The blacks who ae burning and destroying are NOT most blacks. These groups are financed by a rotten and evil white man named George Soros who wants to destroy America.

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Life is Great-in China.

It helps me to think if I put things in order. Here are events that we know for sure: We know that the Chinese made huge money grants to UNC to stuffy in their biochemical lab. We know that they took that info back to Hunan, China where they attempted to combine the SARS virus and the HIV virus and came up with a new (or Novel) virus which we call the Corona Virus.

We know that it originated in a biochemical lab in Wuhan, China that is devoted to developing weaponized viruses. When it spread in Wuhan, we know the communist government in China isolated Wuhan and would not allow anyone there to fly to any other part of China. The virus never reached Beijing or Shanghai where. the government and military officials live and none of them contracted the virus. But China DID allow infected residents from Wuhan to fly to all parts of the globe.

This resulted in two things. The virus was virtually eliminated in China, which is back to normal, up and running, the economy booming again. The Apple iPhone plants are churning them out. In the meantime, the economy of China’s main competitors (primarily the US) is crippled with almost everything closed and 20 million Americans out of jobs.

So, what has China gained from all this? Yes, they have destroyed the economy of the world by not containing this virus when they could easily have done it. But the world they destroyed has no money to buy their goods.

My conclusion, right or wrong, is this: This has leveled the economic playing field for China. Their communist dictatorship determined that this virus was not going to wipe them out, while the rest of the world remained vibrant and productive. They deliberately spread this deadly disease, which they invented, to every corner of the globe. Their strategy worked. They are back to normal—while the rest of the world is struggling to survive.

Yes, the world will slowly recover. The economy will gradually come back. People will have money again. And China will be ready to sell them everything.

Yet hard choices remain. This was the equivalent of China declaring war on the rest of the world. They did it in the most clandestine way. And they have certainly won the battle. You have only to look around at all the shuttered businesses in America to see that. But China must be made to pay for this worldwide crime. So, what do we do now to punish them?

Our US president is a fair man. BUT if you cross him or try to hurt him, he WILL strike back. He is also shrewd. He allows the mainstream media and the “feel good” liberals in this nation think he is a dunce and a bumbler – but he is always 4 or 5 steps ahead of them. China WILL pay. We just don’t know how yet.

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We had a War. And the Chinese Won.

Think about it. The Chinese were able to do more damage to America in ONE week, thatn the Japs and Nazis were able to do in five years of WW-II. Over 400.000 young Amirian boys, mostly 18 to 22 years of age, died in that war not only to save America, but to save the world.

Consider a Chinese microbiology lab, which is mandated to develop weapons for war. And that lab produced the Corona Virus in Wuhan, China. What did they do? They locked down the city of Wuhan. And a lockdown in China is NOT like the lockdown in America. In China those who were deathly sick with the virus were locked in their apartments and left to die. The next move of the communist regime in China was to not allow anyone in Wuhan to fly to ANY OTHER PART OF CHINA.

But they allowed diseased Chinese to fly to all other parts of the globe. Call it what you will, but that is a crime against the world. And while America was grooving along with the Stock Market rushing toward to a record-high 30,000 and unemployment was at a 50-year low, China unleashed their secret weapon. They virtually destroyed America without firing a shot.

In one week, the media hysteria along with questionable health “experts” preaching hat over 2 million Americans would die – BOOM. The market crashed and unelected government hacks pushed our president into closing almost all businesses in our country.

We all know the big companies; GE, General Motors, Apple, Microsoft, Google – but most of the money and therefore taxes, and jobs for most people, come from the thousands of small businesses. in this nation. Many of them are now gone – forever.

There is no doubt that the agencies we expected to protect us from epidemics failed miserably. The CDC, The NIH, Homeland Security, the government paper-pusher career parasites failed  totally. They should have detected this virus epidemic as early as October 2019. So, there is no confidence left in those bloated agencies.

The most disappointing aspect of this experience is the American people. We have a Constitution which is the most powerful document in the world. And it gives us Rights granted by God. It gives us the freedom to assemble, peaceably, with as many people as we wish. We have the right to practice or ignore religion. We have the freedom of speech. ALLL of these civil rights of the people were abandoned and most American people quickly and meekly said, “Okay.”

What happened to what I call the American Spirit? Why did it take 4 months for people to begin marching against this destruction of our basic rights? It certainly makes me doubt that if a threat like WW-II were to come again, there would be nobody in America to answer the call. Americans, I’m afraid have become a nation of pussy-willows.

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The Commies are not coming – They’re Here!

Nobody in the U.S. State Dept. is elected. That is correct. We, the people, have no control over that agency. And ever since Woodrow Wilson was President, the U.S. State Dept. has been full of socialists whose goal is to develop a one-world socialist/communist empire including America. Through phony organizations, currently funded by George Soros, they foment civil unrest and the overthrow of foreign governments to put their socialist leaders in power. And they have succeeded in Jordan, Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, Venezuela, and now they are working in Chile.

Some call our meddling in other countries Nation Building, but it is driven by the communist philosophy of our State Dept. Think “Bay of Pigs” “Iran-Contra” “Grenada” “Nicaragua” “Benghazi’ “Arab Spring.” And they are currently doing it overtly in America. Think “Antifa” “Black lives Matter” “White Supremacists.” Violent riots funded by front groups with the deceptive name “Democracy” in their title, all financed be Soros.

And those caravans from South America storming our southern border? Where do they get the food and water and toilets and medical assistance? All funded by Soros.

Why have you not heard any of this before? The so-called mainstream media has no interest in investigating the State Dept. They actively supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who admit to being “Progressives,”: another name for communists. (Soros was a regular visitor to the Obama White House.)

But in 2016something unexpected happened. The American people elected Donald Trump president. And the socialists could not permit that. The State Dept could not allow a “stranger” in because he could expose their evil. policy. So, there was a coalition between the State Dept. and the Democrats to discredit and remove Trump. The Democrat party is completely socialists/communists. And their objective is to destroy Donald Trump.

So far, the Russia Hoax, the Mueller Report, the Schiff and Pelosi impeachment farce haven’t worked. But don’t fool yourself. Do NOT be complacent. If Donald Trump does not win reelection, the State Department’s socialists and the Democrats will end America, as we know it, forever.

Why, you may rightfully ask, would George Soros fund socialism everywhere? Because, if he achieves his one-world communist empire, it will be so corrupt he can become even wealthier than he already is. And it is a hobby of his. In his own words, disrupting counties is “fun.”

. Please don’t take my word for any of this. Do your own research. The truth has been well-hidden f, but it is out there, if you look hard enough for it. The good news is, while no major network will investigate the State Dept, OAN (One America News) has announced that they WILL God help them. I hope their reporters don’t “commit suicide.”. Opponents to Soros’s plan have a history of disappearing.


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Freedom of the “fake news” Press.

Freedom of the press. It’s a foundation block in the building of our republic. The intent of the Founders of our nation was that there were three branches of government, and the 4th estate was the press. The newspapers of the 1700s were brutal on government officials Often, they lied. Many of their stories were fabricated.

Fake news is still prominent, but the medium has changed. The press of today is primarily the TV networks and all of them are owned by just four companies. They all, (the so-called mainstream media) have socialist, left-leaning philosophies. A good example is the current hoopla about the corona virus. One news source called it “Trump’s Virus.” Never mind that only one elderly person in the U.S. has died, and less than 2 dozen cases have been reported in our country. Any panic or hysteria the press can muster up to damage President Trump’s election in November is fair game for our press.

Another example is the slaying of the worst terrorist in the world, General Soleimani. Let’s put political correctness aside for a moment and be honest. Other than the mentally unstable people, who is it that is causing terror attacks in the world? It’s Arabs. Our president has saved thousands of lives all over the world (while sparing innocent bystanders) by slaying Soleimani.

And what happens? We had the press, defending and the terrorist and calling our president a murderer. What kind of insanity is that? “Oh, God help us,” the news pundits scream. “Trump killed Soleimani. Now Iran is going to attack us!!!” Think about it. We’re talking about Iran and Iraq where the peasants wipe their asses with their fingers and then eat with the same hand. Does anybody with a brain really think that pissant countries like Iran and Iraq are going to attack America?

It was Saudi Arabs who hijacked planes and hit us on 9/11.Saudi Arabians. So, Bush invades Iraq. Why Iraq? It was Saudis who killed 3,000 Americans. We now have a president with common sense. A man who believes in massive retaliation. If Arabs kill Americans, they die.

Let’s consider the Arab mindset. Have you seen the tall spires of Dubai? Lovely skyscrapers touching the clouds. But they have no sewers. When you flush the toilet on the 29th floor it goes down a pipe to waiting dump trucks in the basement. When the trucks are full of effluent, they race out into the desert and dump it. That is Arab mentality.

For the first time in modern history the leader of our country opened talks with the communist regime of North Korea. And what do we hear on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and read in the papers? “Oh, my god, Trump is getting us into a war!” North Korea’s leader is a stubborn kid, but he is not crazy. A war started by North Korea with the U.S. would last less than an hour and North Korea would be a bug cloud of black smoke.

When our president calls the TV news and newspapers “fake news” he is correct. There is no objective source of news for the ill-informed people who watch CNN and the other cable channels. You don’t need to be bombarded by lies 24 hours a day. Try this. Do not watch ANY news channel (other than OAN) for a week. You won’t miss ANYTHING, and you will feel much better. I haven’t watched a major network for over a year and yet I’m up to date enough to write this blog. That should tell you something.

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Pray for Rush Limbaugh.

You know how there are events that make you remember where you w ere when they happened? I remember the first time I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Talk Radio had been around for a while in Atlanta. We had WRNG (Ring Radio) which hosted Neal Boortz and others. There were spots of it on WSB radio, but not full time. Ludlow Porch (a clever assumed name and a relative of Lewis Grizzard), held a slot on WSB. Talk Radio was a trend because Atlanta’s great DJs of the ‘’60s and ‘70s were fading out along with AM radio because music devotees were switching to FM radio.

Those early “talk shows” had listeners call in but the talk part was about Atlanta’s traffic or potholes or what dumbass policies were coming out of city hall or, “my dog is lost, will someone find him for me?” In other words, they were non-controversial and bland and frankly, boring.

And then came Rush Limbaugh. I as driving to work in my Midnight Blue Lincoln Town Car. (I loved that car. It was about 50 feet long and it was like riding around in your Barcalounger.) I even had one of those early “brick” Motorola telephones. They weren’t like cell phones today. I don’t really know how they worked. Anyway, I was the head weather honcho at WXIA-TV, and I had to go in shortly after lunch time. I think it was ‘88 and I had the radio tuned to WGST when I heard this new voice (Rush was on WGST before he became so popular WSB stole him over) and I couldn’t believe my ears. Who was this guy Rush Limbaugh and why was he saying the things I couldn’t even say to my friends? He was talking rotten national politics and making no bones about it. He was unique and so radical for that radio era, I said out loud to no one in my car, “This guy will never last.”

He not only lasted, hell, he prevailed for almost 32 years and I became a devoted Rush Limbaugh fan. I never felt comfortable as a Democrat or a Republican, so I called myself a Libertarian. I love my country and I always believed that all politicians were phonies who recited the same old script over and over and then went to D.C and made themselves rich. I always thought that Americans were great and that the less the government messed with us, the better we could do for ourselves. And Rush Limbaugh was saying the same things. How did he have the courage to do that on nationwide radio? I didn’t know the answer, but I knew he was my kind of guy. I felt like he was talking just to me, and that is the beauty of his talent.

I retired at the end of 1995 and then I had time to listen to all 3 hours of Rush’s show. Everyone knows not to bother me during that period. That is my time to enjoy Rush Limbaugh. And then on the afternoon of 3 February 2020, Rush took the last minutes of his show to ell all of us ditto-heads that he had advanced lung cancer. I could almost hear the same words echoing across the nation that were coming from y mouth. “My God!” I lost my close friend Bruce Erion to lung cancer just a few years ago and he was about Rush’s age. It’s scary.

I have a firm faith in God. I have seen Him perform miracles every day. I know that prayers work, perhaps not the way we would prefer but the way God means for them to work. So, I am praying for Rush’s recovery and I know that he needs your prayers too. For the soul of a sane, patriotic, conservative, traditional America, may God shine his blessing on Rush Limbaugh.

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