Not voting is NOT the Answer.

Some housekeeping first. WordPress only allows me to post to Twitter, which shadow-bans all my posts. Or to Facebook, of which I am not a member. Or LinkedIn. I can’t link to gettr or any other social media platforms.  So if you agree with my opinions, please share my posts with like-minded folks. Thank you.

My best friend says he is NOT going to vote anymore. When I asked him why he said (and it makes sense) that here in Georgia we have the same crooked Dominion voting machines, the same crooked Secretary of State, and the same crooked governor. My friend has a valid point. And I understand his frustration. We have video evidence of how the 2020election was stolen. Another example: A friend and his wife received FOUR absentee ballots. Two of them were marked “occupant!” He tossed two of them, but he could have cast four votes. And with no signature comparison(another violation of the law.) they would have counted.

No one with a brain really believes that Joe Biden legally won 81 million votes. That would be laughable if it wasn’t such a disaster. It amuses me when I hear Democrats saying we had the “safest and most secure election in history. We have video of “mules” stuffing dozens of ballots in unsecure drop boxes. It really is sad that we have a political party that can only win elections with massive fraud. Our founders must be spinning in their graves.

And now we are suffering from the illegitimate election of Joe Biden. Is there a single person, other than the extremely wealthy, who can say they are better off this year than when Donald Trump was President? No. The Biden Crime family goes unpunished, and the rest of us suffer the consequences of a stolen election.

So we know that the only way the Democrats can win elections is by cheating. We know that Mark Zuckerberg sent 31 MILLION dollars to Georgia for the installation of democrat operatives into all phases of the totally blatant manipulation of the voting process. This handed GA to Joe Biden. With the same crooks running the show, my friend, rightly so, has no confidence that his vote will go for the candidate he selects.

But not voting is not the answer to rigged elections. I’m not saying that swampy Republicans are the answer. But we do know that democrats are the cause of our current inflation, immigration, and disastrous foreign policy. The only way to rid ourselves of RINO Republicans and cheating Democrats is to have an overwhelming turnout of voters who believe in America First. Put the hard questions to candidates. Don’t accept the usual political BS we’ve been suckers to for years. And then volunteer to be  a poll watcher, or a precinct chairman. Not voting is giving up. Patriots never give up.

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Easter from My Perspective

On this Easter weekend it may be time to take a look where we are with God. Full disclosure. I didn’t have a religious upbringing. My mother was a Quaker and there were no Quaker churches around. My Dad was a Texas blacksmith and had no interest in religion, as far as I could tell. So my only real connection with a church was Summer Bible School where we made wooden doorstops for Mom.

But I’ve read the Bible and my conclusions are different from the accepted beliefs. I’ve never believed in the “virgin birth”. I’m too pragmatic to believe that, although it is as a nice story. God gave me a brain and I choose to use it. Virgins having babies is a biological concept I can’t accept. Although the Woke Culture tells me that a man can have a baby so I may have to reconsider. But I do believe in miracles. In fact, ANY birth is a miracle.

All I have to do is look at a tree to see a miracle. A man can plant a tree. A man can grow a tree. But no man has ever MADE a tree. It’s as simple as that. Only a higher power than man can make a tree.

Do I believe in Jesus? Absolutely. I think he was a marvelous teacher, and his teachings are as valuable to us today as they were 2000 years ago. You have to admit, anything that has prevailed through all kinds of oppression is a valuable asset. Was he the son of  God? I think we are all Sons of God. And nothing can compete with the Ten Commandments as a blueprint for an honest and fruitful life.

I don’t regret being brought up outside of conventional religion and I’ll tell you why. I have never believed that I needed to have an intermediary between God and me. And I go to him every day. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and I’m not ashamed to ask for God’s help and guidance all the time.

Do I believe in the Devil? I certainly do. And he walks the earth and makes people evil if they allow him to do it. Anyone with a modicum of a brain knows that evil has invaded our politics, our educational system, almost every facet of our lives. What evil lurks in the hearts of people who would tell our children that watching pornography is “enjoyable, normal, and fun”. That’s evil bullshit. Evil people in government want to destroy our belief in God and replace it with secular communism. Right thinking people know that is wrong. Adults mutilating their children to change their gender is evil.

Unlike the Old Testament I don’t believe in a vengeful God. God wants the best for us. So why do bad things happen to good people? He also gave us free will. Free will allows us to do things that are not good or good for us. If we are in the company of others who use that free will to do harmful things we can be hurt ourselves. If we allow God to show us the way and we follow it we will be healthier, happier, and enjoy peace of mind.,

So I will celebrate Easter with a a day of contemplation instead of an Easter egg hunt. And I hope you will celebrate it in any way you think proper. You do you – I’ll do me. And God will accept both of us.

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Go Elon, GO!!!

Why does it take a private citizen to do what our taxpayer funded congress should do? Of course, I’m talking about Elon Musk moving to take over Twitter and make it a free speech platform. What kind of company would silence a sitting president while canceling anyone who speaks out against our current illegitimate regime? That company would be Twitter.

Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world. He sells electric cars; he sends and returns people to and from outer space in his rockets. He is also from South Africa. So why is it left up to him to try to supply a free speech platform to everyone?

This could have been done years ago by our so-called representatives in congress. I’m referring to the famous “section 230”. What does it do? It indemnifies (protects) social media platforms from being sued by individuals who have been injured by their shameful tactics.

The answer, of course, as to why our wonderful congress hasn’t removed Section 230 is that, with few exceptions, our House and Senate is populated with self-serving crooks who receive lots of money from these social media titans.

Let’s be honest. Let’s say what we all know and despise. Most politicians are rotten people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the people as long as they are raking in millions of illegal “contributions”.

And  since we have a House and Senate full of u slimeballs, it becomes the job of concerned citizens like Elon Musk, who have tons of money, to do what our “go along to get along” congress should have done long ago.

Musk is a person of action. And those same slimeballs in government will do everything possible to keep him from taking over Twitter.

But we have no democracy now without free speech. It is  the bedrock of a free country. Social Media has become more powerful than atom bombs or supersonic missiles. Because it shapes everything. So we wish Mister Musk  the best. He may be the savior of our nation. God works in mysterious ways. I think this is one of them.

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Brother can you spare $30 trillion dollars?

All debts will be paid eventually. You instinctively know that  is true. You face it every day. There is that mortgage or rent every month. And that car payment. Or that Visa or Mastercard statement. But what if you have no money. You go bankrupt. Politicians of both parties don’t seem to know this concept.

Our superior intellectuals in Congress have built up a 30 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. That’s real debt. Not just something on paper or in a computer calculator. You are so busy with all the personal debt outlined above, not to mention trying to feed your family and gas up the Ford, that you can’t conceive of a debt of 30 trillion dollars. So let me put it into perspective for you.

Let’s say you have a hundred dollar bill. Hell, let’s that I have a hundred dollar bill. Fat chance. Okay, someone has lot of hundred dollar bills. If you laid 30 trillion of them end to end – they would encircle the earth (wait for it) ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN THOUSAND TIMES. You read that correctly. One hundred and seventeen (117) times around the globe. That sounds like enough to cover the entire world, doesn’t it?

That’s what America owes to lenders worldwide. The problem is, America has no money. Which brings up two pertinent questions. Does America declare bankruptcy? AND what did you and I get for all that money? Is you life any better? Are your roads better? Your streets? Your city? Is your kid’s school any better? (Not if they are teaching kindergarteners about penises and vaginas and that looking at pornography is normal and fun.)

Remember, ALL debts will be paid. So who is going to pay off this thirty trillion dollar debt? Not the Democrats and swampy Republicans. They just keep passing it on and adding to it. A trillion here, a trillion there. Pretty soon we’re talking real money.

You and I can’t do it, we are too old. So that leaves your grandchildren and their children. They will never retire, own a home, a new car – they will be working until they die. Is there any hope for keeping them from being slaves? Yes, there is

You have to live within, your budget, don’t you? Why, then, should the government not have a budget and stick to it? Here’s why. If you are paying for lunch for a co-worker, you don’t allow him to order filet mignon. But if you are spending your boss’s money you don’t really care what the meal costs. The government is spending YOUR money, so they don’t care how much they waste.

Our government is as bloated as you are after Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner. We have about 8 MILLION unelected government “workers.” If you stood them side by side that is the size of the Atlanta metro area. Obviously, we are overstocked with useless parasites. We are also inundated with far, far too many “agencies.” Their job is to make YOUR job more difficult.

Our out of control government has been at it too long to make it an easy job to get back to reality. But it can be done, and you can do it to save your grandchildren from becoming serfs. At every election, only SUPPORT candidates who are committed to a smaller, more realistic government. Ask them if they are America First politicians. And assure them that you and everyone you know will be watching their performance in DC. Threaten to oust them if they betray us. With enough decent, patriotic politicians your grandkids do have a future. It is up to you to make your desires known. Find the right people. Keep them accountable. And save America.

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Insanity Takes Over America

What the hell has happened to America? I went to see a young, female dermatologist the other day. She is in her thirties and is the child of immigrants from India. She is quite successful. Yet she, AND HER HUSBAND, are quitting their jobs for two years to homeschool their two young children. She said, “I couldn’t believe what my seven year old was saying when he came home from school. We want to give them American values. We want to be a family.”

I could have kissed her; I was so proud. America has sunk to such depravity that every day there is a new atrocity. Parents giving their small children gender changing hormones, when the human brain doesn’t fully develop until age 24 or 25. TV and magazines promoting same-sex attraction as “normal”. An Army commercial starring a woman who is so proud she was “raised with two mommies”. Impressionable kids will believe anything. If young Tommy picks up his sister’s doll, and Mommie says, “Tommy, do you want to be a girl?” The kid will likely say, “Yeah!” He doesn’t know what a girl is. That is insanity, not to mention child endangerment.

God help us from this bullshit. No matter how you dress it up, same sex attraction is a perversion. If you choose that lifestyle, I personally don’t give a rat’s ass. But don’t throw it in my face. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

Universities that once taught the classics are now just communist propaganda indoctrination factories. And you are paying 60 grand for you kid to go there? Late night TV used to be funny. Take a look at an old Johnny Carson shows. Now they are sad monologues about those crazy “straight” people.

I will tell you what is straight. Loving your country. Admiring your flag and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Teaching your children to be patriotic, to study fundamental education and to work hard. To honor your mother and father, to go to church or synagogue every week. To love God.

I so admire that young dermatologist and her husband. Giving up their careers for a couple of years to devote themselves to their children. Not to give their kids everything, but to teach them time honored American values and to be a family. Who do you think will grow up to be good American citizens? Those kids? Or the ones who are taught in kindergarten that transgender and same sex parents “are good things”? And it wouldn’t hurt any of us to get on our knees for a few moments each evening and say a prayer. Only God can save us now.

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Sanctions? We have them, too!

Yes, Vladimir Putin is a dictator. So is the president of Ukraine. And the territory both are fighting for has been  fought over for 5,000 years. When the world ends, if there are two people left in that area, they will be fighting over the same land.

All of you are too young to remember, but Russia was America’s ally in World War II. And while America, Canada, Britain, and Australia lost 400,000  men who died in battle, Russia lost 22 MILLION  service men and women.

I am not making an excuse for Putin invading Ukraine. But the sanctions plus destroying the Ruble (Russia’s currency) that America is conducting only hurts the Russian people. In my opinion, we should not penalize the citizens of Russia for what their leader is doing. We don’t even hold our own leaders responsible for them penalizing us. If you look thru the other end of the telescope you will see that Aerica’s current regime is destroying OUR economy allowing a massive invasion across our southern border, has  ruined our energy independence, and is causing st inflation in forty years. Are we being sanctioned by our own government?

I lived through the second World War and lost family and friends in that conflict. War has lasting effects on those who lost loved ones in that war. And the fact that our out of control government and media is pushing to escalate the conflict in Ukraine is frightening. Putin is a dangerous man with an arsenal of atomic weapons. He is also unpredictable. Pushing him too far, in a regional conflict that really is none of our business, puts in serious peril of blundering into a world devastating war

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World War Thee. Yes, or NO?

Most civilians in America today know nothing of war. When college students are asked about George Washington, and they answer that he served in the Civil War; we know they’re merely useful idiots. I have an idea that they might not volunteer for military service if America was drawn into a war. Just thinking….

I lived through WW-II. My only brother died in that war. My father served in France during WW-I. He never talked about it. I graduated from high school as the Korean “Police Action” (war) was warming up.

War is hell, no question about it. Military forces are trained to kill people, blow up everything substantial and burn the rest. And now, all of sudden, a corrupt and illegitimate regime in DC has made it a crime for Americans to even mention that it might not be a super good move to go to war with Russia in WW-III. America has been fortunate in a way that the wars we have been in did not occur on the mainland. The closest we have come to that is when Saudi Arabians (our allies?) flew airliners into the World Trade Center and killed 3,000 citizens.

How would you like it if the whole city of New York was decimated by an atom bomb? Oh sure, we have some bombs too. We could destroy Moscow. In fact, this alternating destruction could go on until the whole world as we know it today is destroyed.

Is it a good plan for us to push Russia to the point that some Russian military official, intentionally or not, pushes the button to send that first bomb toward the USA?

Personally, I don’t think so. And our congressional politicians should use their 3 day work week (they are in session Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, unless they are on one of their endless recesses) might spend that time better by closing our southern border, impeaching Joey Bag o’ Donuts Biden and ending this communist regime that has taken over America. As long as the Bill of Rights lasts (and that may not be long) I will continue to preach that we should opt OUT of World War Three. What do you think?

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America’s Greatest Mass Murderer

Anthony Fauci is directly responsible for at least a half MILLION unnecessary deaths of Americans from the China virus. And he is the culprit who sustained the farce of a pandemic much longer than it had to be. This nightmare of useless masks, multiple shots of an experimental vaccine, lockdowns, and isolation, the deliberate withholding and demonization of therapeutics caused many more deaths and killed healthy young men and women in their prime.

No, I am not a doctor, nor do I dispense medical advice. But I did have two close friends who took Fauci’s phony vaccine and died the next day from blood clots to the heart. All you need to know about that evil bastard, Anthony Fauci, is detailed in Robert Kennedy’s magnificent book, The Real Anthony Fauci. Kennedy explains in explicit terms how the Fauci/Bill Gates/Big Pharma cartel worked to make them richer and kill more Americans. The book details how they threatened doctors who wished to treat this virus like all other viruses. Doctors knew that treatment with cheap, effective, repurposed therapeutics would have saved thousands of lives and ended this pandemic by April 2021. But Fauci poured billions of taxpayer money into Moderna because he holds the patent for that vaccine.

To keep the cash flowing from Big Farma, Fauci and Bill Gates launched a full scale propaganda attack on proven and economical therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. And the so-called mainstream media was all in to aid this monster. For the first time in American history an unelected bureaucrat threatened doctors with loss of license if they prescribed HDQ and IVM. And if they did, pharmacists were not allowed to fill those prescriptions. This intrusion between doctors and patients by a government hack had never occurred before in America. It was unprecedented.

In poorer countries where these therapeutics were used, within ten days of contracting the virus, they had remarkably lower death rates than in the United States. These had such a long history of working against viruses of all types, in many countries (expect ours) they were over the counter, no prescription required.

Of course Fauci had to keep the fear porn going as long as possible, because as it ends we know what an evil son of a  bitch he is. The fact that Robert Kennedy has not been sued for his clear and explicit disclosure of this pandemic shows his book tells the truth. If it were not true that Anthony Fauci is an evil outright liar, he would have grounds for libel. But a lawsuit would bring out all the subterfuge that the Fauci and the Bill Gates cabal to make tons of money from Big Pharma .

Should you think Kennedy’s expose’ is somehow a cover for Donald Trump, please remember that Kennedy is a lifelong Democrat, and his Uncle was Teddy Kennedy.

How could formerly free Americans let this happen? Anthony Fauci needs to be put on trial for his duplicity and his repeated lying to the public. And the verdict must be guilty and Fauci must spend the rest of his days in prison. What we have learned from this fiasco is that evil, power hungry unelected bureaucrats like Fauci exist and we must never let one of them murder innocent and gullible Americans as he did ever again.

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The Incredible Shrinking Toilet Paper!

I told my wife that someone is sneaking into our home and using our bathrooms. She didn’t answer but she did look at me just like my fourth grade teacher did when I told her, my dog ate my homework.

“No, really. We are blowing through toilet paper like we are vacationing in Mexico.” (If you are a liberal you won’t know that is a joke because liberals don’t have a sense of humor, but then, liberals don’t read my blog, it scares them.) But I digress.

I, unlike politicians, believe in logic. The problem? We were using a LOT of toilet paper. The answer? Investigate the problem. So I did. Using a non-metric ruler (only doctors and pussies use centimeters and stupid Celsius), I measured across that cardboard tube in the middle of a toilet paper roll. It really didn’t take a ruler. Just my eyes told me the tube is twice as large as it used to be. So, by making the tube BIGGER it took less paper to make the roll appear bigger. Remember when toilet paper used to list 250 sheets or maybe 300 sheets? They don’t do that anymore. So you are paying the same price for less toilet paper than in the good old days. Actually, in the really good old days, the toilet was a privy and the paper was a page from the Sears Roebuck catalog. Remember when a five cent Baby Ruth candy bar was as big as your forearm? No, of course not. You are much too young. Take my word for it. Hard to believe, but true.

Less paper for the same money is the way manufacturers try to hide inflation. Inflation rises when the government (yes, OUR government) spends more money than it takes in. So they have a deficit or debt. But to cover that debt, they just print more money and inflation skyrockets. That’s simplistic but it’s the easiest way to explain it. If you hadn’t noticed, the government is tricky. For years that same government told us the inflation rate was 4%. They lied. In computing the inflation rate they deliberately left out the cost of cars and houses. So the actual rate was about 11 to 14%. Now they tell us it is 7% and it is really about 20%.

That means your dollar you work for is not worth 100 pennies, it is only worth about 80 pennies. So obviously you are going to have to fork over more dollars for everything you buy. Most people see this at the grocery store or the gas pump. “It used to cost twenty bucks to fill my tank, now it costs thirty-six.” (You do the math.)

Inflation is like Cousin Vinnie. He was skinny as a rat, but he ate like a starving Ugandan. Your boss gives you a 3% raise. Cool! But inflation is (theoretically) 7% so you really got a 4% cut in your buying power and that is what counts.

There is no painless way to curb runaway inflation. And that is what our DC regime is causing. Spending more money, than you take in, is never a good idea. Ask your banker at the receivership hearing when they take away your house because you couldn’t pay the mortgage.

I wish I could leave you with some hope. But only a change in government, which is currently spending like a drunken sailor, can stop it and they won’t do that. Inflation is only going to get worse. You can’t tell the credit card company that the dog ate your money. But you can buy more toilet paper. It’s a good investment.

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We must Save Russia from Russia!

Do you ever feel like you are having a bad dream, a nightmare really, and that you’re going to wake up and say, “Thank God that wasn’t real?”

Think about it. We have a senile old man who is our illegitimate President. We have an absolute idiot of a woman as Vice President who cackles like a wounded hen and should just keep her mouth shut so as not to reveal that she has no brain. We have an open southern border and over two million (we think because a lot got away while we weren’t watching) illegal riff raff from around the world streaming in, and that same old senile man is flying them in the middle of the night to your town.

A pound of bacon is now worth a pound of gold. Grocery stores are wrapping their steaks in barbed wire because they are too valuable to risk theft. I know you probably don’t buy oil by the barrel, which is good because it will soon cost over a hundred dollars a barrel. But that oil is used to make gas and plastics and almost everything we use.

In the meantime, we have Democrats who have gone full blown Communist and Republicans who have forgotten that we sent them to Congress to save our republic. Have you noticed that they sound a lot like those Communist Democrats? Nah, that couldn’t be.

And while the America we used to love spins out of control, that same old senile man is working as hard as he can to get us into a war with Russia. Why would we go to war with Russia? Well, because a portion of Russian speaking Ukrainians, who have been fighting eight years to get back into Russia, want to get back into Russia but that same old senile idiot who is getting a million dollars a year from Ukraine wants to fight Russia to keep those Russian speaking people from getting into Russia.

Let me read that over, it didn’t make sense. Well, compared to some of the bullshit coming out of DC it does make sense.

I hate to frighten you, but it is not a dream. Those of us whom God has allowed to live in the US for long time never believed all this could take place. But it has. I’m not confident God is pleased that we were so concerned with our iPhones that we stood by and did nothing while the country he gave us swirls down the toilet. What if all this has pissed him off? I’m not positive that pissing off God is a great idea. But if he chooses to annihilate us, you couldn’t blame him. After all, we’ve allowed this nightmare to happen.

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