What? Reparations Again?

Congress is taking about “reparations” again. There is a precedence for reparations in this nation. The Japanese-Americans who were detained in camps in WW-II were paid reparations. It is debatable whether that was necessary since the Japanese had attacked America and we knew they  had spies all over  our country, but let’s put at aside. Those reparations were paid directly to the people who WERE detained. What congress wants to do is give money to those descendants of slaves in America for something that occurred 150 years ago . And the descendants, without question, are better off today had their ancestors not been slaves. I didn’t own any slaves. Did you? Of course not. So, even though slavery is still common in many places in the world, particularly in Africa and the Muslim Middle East, there is just no logic in paying American blacks because their ancestors may have been slaves a century and a half ago.

American history is not taught in our public schools anymore, so there is the misconception that the Civil War was jut about slavery. And that simply is not true. The fact is that the world in the 17th century was hungry for fabrics. And the South was the largest producer of cotton, so they were doing well against the industrialize North economically. So the North, the seat of government power in America, put tariffs on cotton shipped to foreign nations. The South , understandably, didn’t like that. Also it seemed that the North was getting all of the advantages of the age, the Erie Canal, improved roads, fancy carriages, and the manufacture of hard goods which the South needed and paid dearly for. This caused resent mint. It seemed unfair to Southerners who were highly proud and fiercely independent people. So the southern states decided to separate from the North.

President Lincoln’s primary reason for fighting this action was not slavery (there were slaves in the North, though that is never mentioned). He e could not allow the Union to dissolve. The proof of his as his main concern is that  the Proclamation of Emancipation, which freed the slaves, was not issued until the Civil War had been in progress for two of its four years. And it was a brutal war. Remember, Atlanta, in a state which had relatively fewslaves compared to , say, South Carolina, was burned t the ground by Sherman in his March to the sea. It took the deaths of a half million Americans to end that war. And there is no question  that the North, after Lincoln’s death,  foisted punitive actions on the South during the Reconstruction Period.

There were brave men on both sides in that war. And that is why it is as absurd to tear down the statues and monuments only of those who fought for the South as it is to give reparations to descendants of slaves. America has vastly bigger problems now than destroying moss coved statues and giving away money y it doesn’t have. The direction in which h it is now flowing will make both issues moot points. Communism cares little about either subject.

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Reparations? Or a ticket to Africa or Japan?

A tendency in modern  America that current generations (and particularly politicians) have  is to criticize actions of the past using terms and standards that are current today. And it doesn’t work. Basically it is simply that those who seem determined  to correct perceived wrongs of the past, use modern mores and current beliefs that don’t fit with the time and place the older event occurred. Why not ? Because they were NOT THERE..

Here’s an  example: There’s always talk of “reparations.” I think the idea is to give yourr taxpayer money  to great, great, great, great grandchildren of American slaves.. On the face of it that sounds like a good idea. But those who propose that notion were not living in the days of slavery in this country,. Let me use a cliché’ here. Don’t judge the actions of past generations unless you “Walk a mile in their shoes.” And if it hadn’t been for slaves those so-called “Afirican-Americasns” now enjoying life in the USA would still be living in mud huts and starving in Africa. Slavery is wrong and the Constitution recognized that. And made provisions to abolish it (All men are created equal) but the time wasn’t right in the 1700s.

Recently there was a a lot of liberal blah,  blah about Roosevelt “rounding up Japanese in 1941 in the west coast states and putting them in “concentration camps.” Okay. Let’s look at conditions in 1941. I was there. I was 10 years old. At that time a Japanese submarine had surfaced off the California coast and lobbed shells into Oakland destroying property and injuring Americans.. Japanese spies in Hawaii took pictures and kept schedules of US ships in and out of the harbor which they radioed to Japan’s War Lords. America was leery of anyone Japanese, and California was full of them. The “concentration camps” they were sent to in many cases were better conditions than they left. Today that sounds terrible: At the time it seemed logical.

You don’t know the shock and awe we felt when the Japanese pulled their sneak attacked on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941  and killed thousands of American servicemen. Some of them are till entombed in the sunken battleship “Oklahoma.” At the time, Japan had their envoys in DC making “peace talks” while their planes were already headed for Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was a liberal, so it might sound strange that he ordered internment of Japanese in western states. But remember, at the time we were at war. The Japanese had landed troops on the Aleutian Islands, American territory. There were plenty of reasons for him and  all Americans to be suspicious of  anyone who was  Japanese. Who was a spy and who wasn’t? Nobody knew. You can’t fault1941 people for not being mind-readers.

Japan had invaded China and was taking over the Pacific Islands .Almost 30,000 young American boys died in fighting Japanese just on  the island of Iwo Jima. 386,00 American servicemen were killed or wonned in fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. And you wonder why America was wary of Japanese? You  should have been here—and you’d know why.

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The Climate Change Hoax.

Climate Change. I know a little bit about this subject. As a weather forecaster for over 40 years I have seen this phenomenon become a political football that has been deflated time and time again. Does the climate change?  Sure. We know the climate has changed because we don’t have dinosaurs and wooly mammoths running about our backyards.

So, yes, the climate does change. But “Climate” should not be confused with “Weather.”. In the early 1900s Niagara Falls completely froze over, and  it became a tourist attraction. But that was a weather anomaly, not climate. In my professional years I saw the doom predictions switch 180 degrees  with each graduating class of climatologists. This started in the early  ‘70s. First the pollutants in the air were going to keep the sun out and we were all going to freeze to death. It didn’t happen. Then the same atmospheric elements were going to trap the pollutants, the temperature would  rise, and we would all  burn to death. It didn’t happen.

So much for  global warming and global cooling. How about a fact? Facts are interesting. They don’t change as the political winds shift. One fact is that the earth’s temperature has only risen one  (1) degree in the last hundred years. The seas are not rising, the ice caps are not disappearing. The polar bears are not dying of heat exhaustion.

Then there was the “hole in the ozone layer.”: According to the climate alarmists, it was going to kill us. Then the ozone hole r closed. Later  it was learned that the ozone layer opens and closes with some regularity. And it has no effect on our climate. Refrigerator gas and air condition gas and cow farts were going to kill us. It didn’t happen. But it caused a price increase in refrigerators and air conditioners. (and cheaper cows?).

Since global warming and global cooling didn’t cause enough hysteria the all-encompassing term “Climate Change” has been substituted for all weather anomalies. Remember,  Climate Change and WEATEHER events should not be confused, but that doesn’t serve the alarmists’ agenda. So now when we have more (or less) tornadoes, or more (or less) hurricanes, or when Texas freezes over all these weather events are called climate change. When actually they are merely changeable weather conditions. Texas  has frozen over before (my dad was born there) but they had reliable repower sources before  instead of wind turbines that froze up and stopped producing electricity. Politics and the “Green New Deal” caused the Texas calamity, not the climate.

Why all  these  warnings of Death by Climate(in 40, 50, or 60 years)? The answer is twofold. The first is, as you suspected, is MONEY. Pseudo scientists are making  tons of money by declaring impending doom. They receive millions of taxpayer dollars in grants  to “Study” the climate. And their “predictions” are so far in the future that none of us now living will survive  long enough to see if  they are true or not. A good lesson can be learned[DB1]  here. It is called, “Cover your ass.” The second reason is political. Politicians can get reelected by swearing to “legislate a change in the climate and save humanity.”

As a weather forecaster I saw many changes  in the weather, but I never saw any change in the climate. The climate does change, we have had two ice ages that we know of since the world began, and we may have another. Who knows? Nobody. But the climate won’t change in our lifetime.. So don’t contribute your money to climate scams. And don’t fall for political BS. No mater how much pollution China and India pump into the air, you in the US are not going to die from Climate Change. Sleep well, my friend. God is in His heaven and all is right with  the climate.

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We are Broke.

What happens when a company runs out of money? When it doesn’t have enough money coming in to pay its bills, what happens? Everybody knows the answer to that. Let me rephrase that -, every SANE person knows the answer – the company goes bankrupt and out of business. Here is something you may not know. America is bankrupt.

America has a debt of almost 30 trillion dollars. And with the HR-1 bill in congress it will go past that mark. Well, john, why should that worry anyone? This country has always had a debt, why is this different?

Two reasons. Our national budget for a year is 4 trillion dollars. It is only March, and the government has  already spent 4 trillion dollars. So what? We’ll just print ,ore money, right? Unfortunately that is true. We will just keep running those US Treasury presses going full speed night and day and print more money. Here is reason number Two: The GDP or Gross domestic Product is the dollar-amount value of all purchased goods and services over the course of one year. and it is only 21 trillion dollars. (That’s for 2019 the latest info we have.) And, simply put, it is the amount of money America generates in a year.

I’m not an economist (and I don’t play one on TV), but simple math tells me hat we are spending 10 TRILLON dollars a yar more thatn we have and even if we cut government expense to the bone (which will never happen – government gets bigger every year) we are NEVER going to get this country out of debt. Let me put it another way. Every family in America would have to cough up over $280,000 to pay off this debt. I don’t know about your family but mine is a little short of that amount.

Should you worry about this? You’re damned right you should. Because it means that America is bankrupt, and what happens when ANYTHING goes bankrupt? America is going out of business. And printing more meney will just csause inflation to go up and your dollar grow less. Venuuela is bankrupt. Their $1 MILLION Bolivar note (the equivalent of our dollar) is worth – 53 CENTS.

The government tells us the inflation rate Is 1.4%. Obviously the government hasn’t been to the grocery store lately. If it had, that decimal point would be removed because the actual inflation rate is about 12-14%. That means your dollar is really only y worth about 86 cents. And the more money the government prints, the less value you dollar has.

In Germany before WW-II  inflation was so high it took a wheelbarrow full of Deusche Marks to buy a loaf of bread. Get your wheelbarrow out. America is rapidly going down the tubes. To see our problem take a look at the National Debt Clock http://www. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (usdebtclock.org)

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Pelosi’s Dance Recital

It was Kabuki dancing at hits best. The recent faux impeachment “trial” of past president Trump by the Democrats. Under the direction of Nancy Pelosi, arguably the worst representative in congress, the House  rushed thru a 7 hour Article of Impeachment with no due process. As a reminder, our US Constitution guarantees ever y citizen due process. And what is that? Simply put, it’s fairness. It says that someone accused of a crime has a right to face his accusers, present evidence in his favor, have counsel to present his case – just equal justice for all.

Pelosi did none of this. She commanded the “House Manages” to carry the ONE article of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. And that article was that Donald Trump incited a riot which caused an invasion of the Capitol by some assembled people.

Was that intrusion warranted? Actually, it was planned long before January 6. Leftists bragged on social media about taking over the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi was warned by the FBI long before January 6 that this was a planned event. So, did she ask for more Capitol police? No. She did nothing, knowing that this was likely to happen. So it is my contention that Pelosi WANTED this to happen so it would give her reason to blame Trump for it. This gave her, in her twisted mind, an opportunity to rush a 7 hour impeachment proceeding against a former president.

The Constitution expressly says that impeachment would be a last resort and only provides that a president or “civil servant” be REMOVED from office. Obviously, Trump was no longer in office, so this impeachment farce was unconstitutional al from the start. So what did Pelosi’s minions do? They lied, cheated, altered, and fabricated a flimsy case that was decimated by the former president’s attorneys.

It’s interesting. Joseph Goebbels, the nNazi propaganda minister said , and I’ll para phrase here,, “Don’t tell a small lie. Tell a big lie. And tell it over and over until the people accept it.” That is exactly what Pelosi’s Hose Managers did in the impeachment proceedings. They used FOURTEEN HOURS presenting a big lie. The president’s attorneys used only three hours to decimate the Dems distortions and hypocrisy. It is one of Alinsky’s “Rules coradicals” to project on your political enemies what you are doing yourself. That is precisely what Pelosi’s House Managers did in the Senate.

This brings up a more serious questions. Obviously, the Dems HATE Donald Trump, or they would not try these desperate measures. But why do they hat him? There is a simple answer. In merely 4 years Trump exposed the corruption in the FBI, the DOJ, and downs of other government agencies. Now Trump knows who they are. If their duplicity was revealed again, those agencies would be cleansed of their anti-American occupants. So the Democrats are deathly afraid that Trump will run again and win the presidency a second time. They will try anything to prevent this from happening.

Will Trump run again? Nobody knows. He was pummel by the communist pundits and socialist media 24/7 for four years. No politician could stand that kind of torture. Trump is Not a politician and not a member of the “DC Club.” That’s why America elected him President. He showed how good government could actually help working Americans. Whatever happens, and no one can predict the future, Trump will always be remembered as the ONE man who made the government actually work, and as the man who, if only briefly, Made America Great Again.

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Donald Trump – in 431 Words

A commentator on “Tucker Carlson” stated it best, about the Nov. 3 election. And my heart sank. I’s depressing to think that my country has sunk this low. He said, “This election was not about Trump vs Biden. It was Love vs Hate.” (And HATE won.) There is no doubt that Trump supporters (and I am one of them) love the man. He stands for everything that is good about America. He gave up money and a great life to Make America Great Again and he did it because he loves this country and its people.

On the other d, and this is something I don’t  understand, there are people in this nation who Hate Donald Trump. It is not just democrats, it is republicans , too. It is the Deep State. It’s RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney. . It is the DC Establishment and  the military/industrial complex. And the reason they hate him is the very reason we love him. He puts America first and no politician ever does that. He speaks OUR language, and he speaks truth. He never took a salary and he lost $600 million a year by being president. He’s the only president in our history who leaves office poorer than when he began serving.

 Obviously, there is no majority of Americans who wanted a senile, blathering old fool like Joe Biden as president. It was proven before the lection that he was an extremely corrupt politician and always has been. He also has been a pathological liar his whole life. So how is it that he became president? Two thing were in his favor. There was obvious and blatant election fraud, that is a given. And there were enough people who hated Trump to vote against him. Not for  Biden but against Trump.  Many young people have been taught that Communism is great, and everything is FREE. (Boy, have they got a lot to learn!) It is sad  to contemplate living in a country with so much hate. Especially when it is so undeserved.

There is one thing about Americans that has always prevailed. We have setbacks, but we never give up. Donald Trump did more for America in 4 years than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. And those of us who love him will never giver up. He may have bene cheated out of this election, but he is a fighter for the American people. In 4 years, he will be back, and we will vote for him again. Because we don’t hate America, we love it. And so does he.

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Vote for the MAGA Party!

We are one of the few countries that only has a two party political system. And if you look at the records (and reputations) of our national politicians it is obvious that there is very little if any difference in the ideologies of Democrats and Republicans. With a few exceptions they  are all self-serving, power hungry individuals who only seek to enrich themselves and will “go along to get along” to accumulate their wealth. That is to say, they don’t give a damn about the American people.

So here is a suggestion. Donald Trump got over 80 million votes (that were counted for him) in the recent election. With Republicans increasing their numbers  in the House of Representatives  and Republicans defeating Democrats in local elections, all over  it is easy to assume that Trump actually got over 100 million votes which were not counted or were switched to Biden.(Please don’t insult me by insisting that OVER 80 million people hated Trump so much they just had to vote a man who didn’t campaign, remained in his basement, and is a pathological liar.)

With that kind of support it seems reasonable to assume that Trump could start a 3rd political party, something like the “MAGA Party. It’s obvious that what he accomplished in less than 4 years is the direction the majority of Americans want this country to follow. He got more black votes than Obama did. He got Hispanic votes and Asian votes. And his base would certainly support him as a 3rd party candidate. Can you name a current politician of either party who could beat him in an honest election?

When you realize that 40% of the Republicans and all of the Democrats in the Senate did not support  him, why would he even consider running as a Republican? This man , while being hounded 27/7 by the fake news media for 4 years, was still able to draw 50,000 people (some ho stood in the cold and rain for two days) to a rally. It is certainly possible  that he could easily defeat any establishment politicians – in a FAIR election.

FAIR is the operative word here. It is blatantly apparent that the Democrats used massive fraud in the recent election. And the Supreme Court is not about to overturn an election no matter how obvious it is that it was fixed and crooked. But Donald Trump is famous for not giving up and for fixing messes. I truly believe that if he would run again in 2024 as a 3rd party candidate he would  win. He doesn’t need RINOs and Deep State hacks to win. He just needs the supporters he already has, and an honest election system. I hope someone will convince hm to do just that. I’m ready to vote for the MAGA Party.

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Goodbye America. It’s been to know you.

If Georgia uses the same crooked machines and the same crooked counting methods for the Senate race in January, there is no reason to expect a different outcome than the stolen presidential election. Joe Biden will be sworn in, and a few days later “Commie” will take over as president. Make no mistake. Carmella Harris is a Communist.

With both houses of Congress controlled by communist Democrats everything Trump warned you about WILL occur. They WILL take away your Social Security. They WILL come for your guns. They WILL load the Supreme Court with a dozen communists. We WILL have a great depression which will make the depression of the ‘30s seem like a cake walk They WILL flood the country with illegal immigrants. They WILL raise your taxes.

Gas prices will soar as the energy business folds.. Food will become scarce. You will be hounded out of your church because Communists don’t believe in God. With the “State” controlling everything, America will be finished.

I am an old man and  vulnerable to the virus. But if it is my last dying act, I WILL vote in person on 5 January. My vote will be discarded but, it is the least I can do for the country that I have loved.

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A Short note on Voting.

I’ve never voted for a “party” (except in college!). One had to be 21 when I was first eligible to vote in a presidential election. The south was totally democrat. I voted for Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican. I voted for John Kennedy, a Democrat. I did not vote for Nixon or Lyndon Johnson or Jimmy Carter. I skipped those elections. I (regretfully) voted for the Bushes, but not for Clinton. All career politicians.

I am in my 80s, but I am not senile. I have seen this country in good times and bad times.. I can honestly say this election is the MOST important one of my life. In all seriousness, it is not a personality contest. It is not between the brash, sometimes abrasive President and a feeble old man you might feel sorry for. This is life or death for America, and I am not exaggerating. I hope you, especially young people, realize this election is Democracy versus Communism. It is between Freedom and Slavery. If not for yourself, for your children and grandchildren, vote for Donald Trump. If he does not win, America as we have known it, is over. And it will never come back.

Please consider the consequences  when you vote. Our country hangs by a thread. I don’t want to die in a Communist country. Some elections have been won or lost by one vote. It could be yours.  Thank you.

John “Johnny” Beckman

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Color me – a Looter.

Yes, I know I will be called a racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, “white supremacist” (whatever the hell that is) for the opinion I will express below. First, I don’t think you could find a more diverse community than the one I have lived in for the last  25 years. We have whites, blacks, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Mexicans, and probably some former residents of Belarus. I have a black family on one side of my home and a lesbian couple on the other side. We all get along just fine, thank you.

Why do I make a point of this?  My neighbors are good, honest, hard-working folks. Black people make up only 12.2% of the US population but here is my observation: In all of the video of riots and looting I have seen, it  shows black hoodlums looting, stealing washing machines, TVs, anything that is not bolted down including Christmas trees. (A little early Christmas shopping, I guess).

I’m sure there must be some white people involved in this looting. No question that Antifa, which is a violent black group, is joined by young white females. No, I can’t explain that mindset. But I haven’t seen any white females breaking windows and doors and looting stores.

The latest looting spree is taking place in Philadelphia because police were forced to kill a black man who was threatening them with a knife. The police had been called to that address 30 times in the past, and 3 times on the day that Mr. Wallace (who had warrants out on him) chose to advance on police wielding a knife. Helpful hint: If you want to remain alive, don’t threaten police with a weapon of any kind. BTW, the police stood down while the looting was taking place and did nothing to stop it. Rumor has it that authorities had told them to do nothing.

Can it be that these  videos just focus on blacks? I don’t think so. It’s usually wide shots of the looting because the camera crews must stay some distance away for their own safety. I’m sure my black neighbors wouldn’t consider looting any more than I would, but there is no question that the video I have seen clearly shows a majority of blacks doing the looting. And, of course, the police don’t interfere because they don’t  want to be called racists either.

Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? If  influential blacks have any concern over this perception of their race they should be speaking up. This rioting and looting is domestic terrorism. And it is going to take military force to capture and imprison these thugs, because enough is enough. This kind of blatant  law breaking must not be tolerated.

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