Vote for the MAGA Party!

We are one of the few countries that only has a two party political system. And if you look at the records (and reputations) of our national politicians it is obvious that there is very little if any difference in the ideologies of Democrats and Republicans. With a few exceptions they  are all self-serving, power hungry individuals who only seek to enrich themselves and will “go along to get along” to accumulate their wealth. That is to say, they don’t give a damn about the American people.

So here is a suggestion. Donald Trump got over 80 million votes (that were counted for him) in the recent election. With Republicans increasing their numbers  in the House of Representatives  and Republicans defeating Democrats in local elections, all over  it is easy to assume that Trump actually got over 100 million votes which were not counted or were switched to Biden.(Please don’t insult me by insisting that OVER 80 million people hated Trump so much they just had to vote a man who didn’t campaign, remained in his basement, and is a pathological liar.)

With that kind of support it seems reasonable to assume that Trump could start a 3rd political party, something like the “MAGA Party. It’s obvious that what he accomplished in less than 4 years is the direction the majority of Americans want this country to follow. He got more black votes than Obama did. He got Hispanic votes and Asian votes. And his base would certainly support him as a 3rd party candidate. Can you name a current politician of either party who could beat him in an honest election?

When you realize that 40% of the Republicans and all of the Democrats in the Senate did not support  him, why would he even consider running as a Republican? This man , while being hounded 27/7 by the fake news media for 4 years, was still able to draw 50,000 people (some ho stood in the cold and rain for two days) to a rally. It is certainly possible  that he could easily defeat any establishment politicians – in a FAIR election.

FAIR is the operative word here. It is blatantly apparent that the Democrats used massive fraud in the recent election. And the Supreme Court is not about to overturn an election no matter how obvious it is that it was fixed and crooked. But Donald Trump is famous for not giving up and for fixing messes. I truly believe that if he would run again in 2024 as a 3rd party candidate he would  win. He doesn’t need RINOs and Deep State hacks to win. He just needs the supporters he already has, and an honest election system. I hope someone will convince hm to do just that. I’m ready to vote for the MAGA Party.

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Goodbye America. It’s been to know you.

If Georgia uses the same crooked machines and the same crooked counting methods for the Senate race in January, there is no reason to expect a different outcome than the stolen presidential election. Joe Biden will be sworn in, and a few days later “Commie” will take over as president. Make no mistake. Carmella Harris is a Communist.

With both houses of Congress controlled by communist Democrats everything Trump warned you about WILL occur. They WILL take away your Social Security. They WILL come for your guns. They WILL load the Supreme Court with a dozen communists. We WILL have a great depression which will make the depression of the ‘30s seem like a cake walk They WILL flood the country with illegal immigrants. They WILL raise your taxes.

Gas prices will soar as the energy business folds.. Food will become scarce. You will be hounded out of your church because Communists don’t believe in God. With the “State” controlling everything, America will be finished.

I am an old man and  vulnerable to the virus. But if it is my last dying act, I WILL vote in person on 5 January. My vote will be discarded but, it is the least I can do for the country that I have loved.

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A Short note on Voting.

I’ve never voted for a “party” (except in college!). One had to be 21 when I was first eligible to vote in a presidential election. The south was totally democrat. I voted for Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican. I voted for John Kennedy, a Democrat. I did not vote for Nixon or Lyndon Johnson or Jimmy Carter. I skipped those elections. I (regretfully) voted for the Bushes, but not for Clinton. All career politicians.

I am in my 80s, but I am not senile. I have seen this country in good times and bad times.. I can honestly say this election is the MOST important one of my life. In all seriousness, it is not a personality contest. It is not between the brash, sometimes abrasive President and a feeble old man you might feel sorry for. This is life or death for America, and I am not exaggerating. I hope you, especially young people, realize this election is Democracy versus Communism. It is between Freedom and Slavery. If not for yourself, for your children and grandchildren, vote for Donald Trump. If he does not win, America as we have known it, is over. And it will never come back.

Please consider the consequences  when you vote. Our country hangs by a thread. I don’t want to die in a Communist country. Some elections have been won or lost by one vote. It could be yours.  Thank you.

John “Johnny” Beckman

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Color me – a Looter.

Yes, I know I will be called a racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, “white supremacist” (whatever the hell that is) for the opinion I will express below. First, I don’t think you could find a more diverse community than the one I have lived in for the last  25 years. We have whites, blacks, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Mexicans, and probably some former residents of Belarus. I have a black family on one side of my home and a lesbian couple on the other side. We all get along just fine, thank you.

Why do I make a point of this?  My neighbors are good, honest, hard-working folks. Black people make up only 12.2% of the US population but here is my observation: In all of the video of riots and looting I have seen, it  shows black hoodlums looting, stealing washing machines, TVs, anything that is not bolted down including Christmas trees. (A little early Christmas shopping, I guess).

I’m sure there must be some white people involved in this looting. No question that Antifa, which is a violent black group, is joined by young white females. No, I can’t explain that mindset. But I haven’t seen any white females breaking windows and doors and looting stores.

The latest looting spree is taking place in Philadelphia because police were forced to kill a black man who was threatening them with a knife. The police had been called to that address 30 times in the past, and 3 times on the day that Mr. Wallace (who had warrants out on him) chose to advance on police wielding a knife. Helpful hint: If you want to remain alive, don’t threaten police with a weapon of any kind. BTW, the police stood down while the looting was taking place and did nothing to stop it. Rumor has it that authorities had told them to do nothing.

Can it be that these  videos just focus on blacks? I don’t think so. It’s usually wide shots of the looting because the camera crews must stay some distance away for their own safety. I’m sure my black neighbors wouldn’t consider looting any more than I would, but there is no question that the video I have seen clearly shows a majority of blacks doing the looting. And, of course, the police don’t interfere because they don’t  want to be called racists either.

Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? If  influential blacks have any concern over this perception of their race they should be speaking up. This rioting and looting is domestic terrorism. And it is going to take military force to capture and imprison these thugs, because enough is enough. This kind of blatant  law breaking must not be tolerated.

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A chat with the Dentist.

I had a discussion with a young dentist recently. Let me revise that—I “tried” to have a discussion with him. It as like talking to a tree. He had no more of an idea of what I was talking about than an immigrant fresh from Ukraine.. It as was if  we were speaking different  foreign languages. He was telling me how great he treated his patients and how much he “cared” about them, how compassionate he was.

I looked at him and smiled. “How old are you?” I asked. “He proudly said, “I’m a millennial.” I shook my head and sadly said, “You don’t know shit. I lived through the Great Depression. Only those of us who survived  that period know how horrible it was. And that was followed by World War Two. I didn’t even get to start on my personal career until the fifties”.

That young dentist had never known any hardship. He had never gone hungry . He never knew food rationing or being limited on the amount of gas you could buy. . He never had to worry about a job. He never served his country in the military. He was a typical millennial. And  these people have no concept of what struggles the older generations went through. Their fathers and grandfathers ; served our country and still managed to get married, raise a family, and have a life..

We are all the result of our experiences. What distresses  me is that young people have (with the exception of unexpected medical problems ) have had, for the most part, an extremely easy life – and they don’t even know it and certainly don’t appreciate it.. They received trophies just for showing up. If they were  low income they not only got free lunch at school, they also got free breakfast. In my opinion, if a family can’t afford to give a child his or her breakfast, maybe they should consider not having that child. But why should they? The “government’ (that means you and me, the taxpayers), must pay  the bill.

No wonder millennials  are liberals. To be a liberal you don’t have to DO anything to solve a problem, you just have t to “care.” You have to be compassionate. You have to “feel bad” about problems. And those attributes cost nothing.

Personally, I won’t waste any time trying to reason with millennials. Let them go about their unicorn world, thinking good thoughts and believing they fought the good fight, let them have their biggest worry be that their iPhone battery has died. The good thing is: Though they  are very vocal about “social justice” and freedom and diversity  VERY FEW OF THEM BOTHER TO VOTE. So we old-timers have to make sure we do to save America. And the only way to know that your vote counts is to VOTE IN PERSAON on November 3rd. I’ll see you in the line.

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If You Loved Obama – Vote Biden

Nobody can deny that Joe Biden has mental problems. Is he senile? Is he pre-Alzheimer’s? Is it just age related? Who knows and who cress? But it means that he cannot serve as president. That is obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain. Well, we have Camila as vice-president, she can take over. That will never happen, and she knows it. Just  like Biden, she is simply  an avatar. So who would be running our government should Biden win the election? Who is the man behind the curtain?

In the past 100 years, Barack Hussein Obama is the only ex-president to remain in DC after his term ended. Why would he do that? He has a mansion in Chicago, and another in Martha’s Vineyard. Yet he chooses to remain in Washington. That is curious. His closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett (an Iranian) has an office in his DC home.  That  home is just a 10 minute down hull bicycle ride to the White House. And Obama has become active on social media. He has assured all democrats that HE is still the head of the party. So they have noting to fear from voting  for Biden because HE will be running the government off site.

Obama was not shy about telling us he was going to “fundamentally transform America.” He came close to doing that in his 8 years. We were on the brink of being destroyed. Few people know that he welcomed Black Lives Matter (a Marxist/ Communist organization) to the White House when Obama reigned there long before BLM became a watchword. . Few people know that Obama was the leader in drawing together all the intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI,, DOJ) in creating the coup attempt to remove Trump. A coup is real. It is as serious as it gets. It happens in 3rd world countries all the time. It has never happened before and should never happen in the United States of America. But it did and with the blessing of the media, a complicit arm of the Democrat Socialist Party,  that coup attempt g continues  today. If Biden is elected Obama will have 4 or perhaps 8 years to complete his work. He is a great admirer of Communist regimes, having boosted China for his entire presidential stint.

This is not conjecture on my part. The proof of this intent is easily found if you search for it. Lee Smith’s book The Constant Coup  spells it out in great detail. Personally, I believe that Donald Trump will win by an overwhelming landslide. But to accomplish that it is absolutely necessary for EVERY Trump supporter to Vote! I cannot over emphasize enough that this is the MOST important election in modern history. It is Republicans versus Communism. For the sake of this nation, please vote in great numbers for Donald Trump.

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Are You an Anti-Trumper?

Are you an anti-Trumper? Do you call yourself a Democrat? Do you think that Biden would make a dandy president? Let me see if I can reason with you. First, the Democrat Party today is NOT the party of your father and grandfather. I grew up in  a South that was totally democrat, mainly because Franklin Roosevelt  was President through the Great Depression and WW-II. He was the right man for the right time.

You have been lied to by all the so-called mainstream media. The Democrat party today bears no resemblance to the Democrat party o even as recently as President John F. Kennedy. The party has become the socialist/communist party.  Can you look at Biden, or listen to him, and not know that the man is senile? That he has dementia? If you have had aa relative with Alzheimer’s you know that Biden has the disease. So what does that mean? Why would a political party put such a man up as a presidential candidate? Obviously, if Biden were to win he would not be able to serve. So what’s the deal?

There is a cabal, a group of invisible people who have never been elected to any office who will be controlling a Biden administration. These people are proponents of BLM, Antifa, and are  communists. Many of you were not around for the Cold War so you don’t know what communism means. Do you think that a shortage of toilet paper during Coved 19 was annoying? In Russia people stand in line all day to buy a loaf of bread. You only have to look as close as Cuba and Venezuela to see the disaster that communism is.

So what will the ghosts running Biden do? The first thing would be to d make us a one political party nation. They will make  American protectorates like Puerto Rico (and DC) “states” which gives them 4 more democrat senators and they’ll retain control of the House. The Republican party will be over forever. They  will stuff the Supreme Court with ultra-liberals. One case before a court like that and your 2nd amendment is deemed unconstitutional. They will load Superior Court judge openings  with ultra-liberals. Which will invalidate any conservative law  challenges. America as founded will be OVER. We will no longer be a representative democracy. We will be the United Communist States of America. We will have a totalitarian government. What is totalitarian? Think Nazis. Think Putin. Think Hugo Chaves. Think the Castros. Do you really want that? Do you want it for your children? Your grandchildren?

The Democrats condoned the destroying of our historical monuments, they believe in destroying this nation as the Founders intended it to be. In Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, DC, they  allow BLM and Antifa to destroy private property. They applaud the killing of  policemen and defund law enforcement. There is NO dividing line between the Democrat party and these radical communists.

Aren’t you tired of being called a racist? A white supremacist? That you should be ashamed if you are white? That you took advantage of people of color to achieve your success? That America is a racist country? That you are guilty of having “white privilege?”

Even if, for some reason, you hate Donald Trump, if you value a democratic country, you must vote for him. Trump is the ONE person that stands between you and a Communist America. And it is as serious as that. This is the most critical election in my and your lifetime.

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For Old-Timers, Only.

If you are under 40 you don’t need to read this. Not that I would restrict you, but you won’t understand it. For those of you over 40 you are wasting your breath trying to explain life to younger people. It’s not their fault. We have had at least 2 generations who have been taught from kindergarten thru graduate school that Communism is a great political system, and the reason it has never worked is that the wrong people were in charge of it. If done right, it can bring equality and dispel poverty, and everyone will be singing happy songs. The Nazis were a socialist party. And, of courses Russia is. But the facts are that Communism is really Totalitarianism. And that means there is an Elite group who have everything, and a poverty group who starve. There is no middle class in Communism.

Consider this: In 1980 Howard Zinn (look him up) a Harvard professor and an avowed communist wrote A Peoples History of the United States.  This false history that denounces the US has been used as a  textbook taught in almost all  public American schools This phony book completely destroyed true American history and extolled the virtues of socialism and communizing. Your children were brainwashed with  this nonsense throughout their education. Is it any wonder that they believe this garbage?  We are all the result of what we were taught by adults. Children don’t have the brains to discern the difference between reality and fantasy. That’s why they love cartoons. They believe fairy tales are true. The bran doesn’t fully develop until an individual reaches age 25.

In addition young people don’t remember the Cold War and how we all feared that Russia could drop an atom bomb on us at any time. They have had no hardships; their life has been easy. They were given a trophy, not based on superior performance, but just for showing up. They’ve had no incentive to do better – they deserve the best – just because. Their parents, in general, sought to be their “friends” and “buddies” instead of teaching then discipline as is required in the real world. They weren’t taught tp respect America.

So we really can’t blame young people for their misguided beliefs. And there is no need to try to convince them of the truth about socialism. But here is the scary part.

These young socialists in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are going to be – in the future – our Mayors, Governors, Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, on the School Board, the Country Commissioners. They will be in every public office.. The future of an America with patriotic citizens, those who cherish our true history, those who revere our national monuments and salute our flag and stand for our anthem – is not going to happen.

I won’t be here, but some of you will. I cherish each day that God gives me on earth, but sometimes I am glad that I am an old timer. I do not want to be hee to see the Death of we knew it in better times. There will always be an America. But will it be The United Socialists States of America?



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America or Russia? It’s up to YOU!

I sincerely hope you are taking notice of what is going on in our country. If you aren’t, this nation could become Russia in a year, and I am not trying to be an alarmist. We are in a fight to save America. We are having a revolution.  This is not black vs white, Republican vs Democrat. This is Communism vs Freedom. Just because nobody is rioting on your street doesn’t mean that anarchists aren’t using violence all over this country. If you watch the so-called mainstream media you don’t know what is happening. If you depend on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC CNN for your “news”  you are being lied to every day and night. They never show the riots. These are not “peaceful demonstrations” as the Democrats claim. The violence is unprecedented in this country.

In Portland, OR, Antifa, BLM and other Marxist/Communist groups  and uneducated people are burning businesses, government buildings, fighting law enforcement, and killing innocent people. And it is going on in Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and other cities .. In Portland these leftist groups have been rioting for 62 nights as of this writing. Now, what you  want is to stop this, right?  You want the President to use force to end this violent rioting. To use a cliché’ the President is “between a “rock and a hard place.” He has offered to send in law enforcement assistance to these riot-torn cities.

But these cities have Democrat governors and mayors and there is such a thing as states’ rights. If the radical Democrats refuse his help there is not much he can do. These Democrat leftists will let their cities be destroyed, let their innocent citizens  be killed, their businesses be destroyed because they think it will hurt President Trump in his e-election bid. Communism always depends on violence and death to succeed. Stalin murdered 20 MILLION Russians to control that country.

Okay. Why doesn’t the President declare Martial Law? That would end the rioting immediately if the military took over, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. But Martial Law would apply to  the whole country, to states where no rioting is taking place. Citizens  there would be greatly inconvenienced. They, too, would be under military control. Also, a number of current and ex-Generals are “NeverTrumpers.”. Suppose he called for Martial Law, and these war-loving, military-industrial complex sycophants REFUSED to order their soldiers throughout the nation. Think it couldn’t happen? Certainly it could and that would constitute a military coup of our government which would greatly please the Communists who are now rioting.

The difference between the Democrat and Republican parties has NEVER been greater. Please, if you want a peaceful, safe country there is only one person standing between you and a Communist America. That man is Donald Trump. If you stay at home and don’t vote, we WILL lose this Republic. This is more important than any virus. I am not being overly pessimistic. This IS the most important election of my and your life.

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Last Chance to Save America!

I had an interesting discussion with a young dentist. His conclusion was that I hated “millennials.” I don’t hate anybody, except those wo wish to destroy America. But I know why young people are so naïve and why they are such “scardy cats.” If America were threatened with a conflict like WW-II I am sure that there would be few if any young people willing to fight to save this nation. I believe they would  just sit back and accept it. I think their response to the corona virus proves that. The radical “health experts” tell them if they catch this virus they will die. People of earlier generations are skeptical about accepting authority. They would have said, “Prove it.” The current generation just folded and went into lockdown with not even a whimper. The truth is that less than a thousand young people (under the age of 25) have died from the virus. And that is out of a population in America of over 240 million people.

For the last two generations students from middle school through college have been indoctrinated with socialism. They did not live through the Cold War. They didn’t have drills in their schools by hiding under their desks in case Communist Russia dropped the atom bomb on them. There was genuine fear of Russia in this country. They don’t know of the Cuban Missile crisis when Russia tried to install ballistic missiles only 90 miles off our shores. They have never lived through any hardships. They have lived in an era when they received a trophy, not for being good or excelling at something, but just for “showing up.” Nothing in life is worthwhile unless there is an incentive to do your best. These young people have been taught that they deserve the “corner office with the windows” just because they do.

They have not been encouraged to study something in college that would serve them better when they enter the real world. They believe that a degree is Social Justice or Systemic Racism Studies will suffice to give them a god job. Sorry, kids. We need engineers and architects and doctors, and an MBA won’t hurt either.

I hate to pose a problem, which these young people do pose, without a suggestion to solve the dilemma. I don’t think anything will make these youngsters patriotic or appreciative of America’s freedoms – except the passage of time. And that is because they are going to be the next leaders and politicians of the foreseeable future. Will age make them glad to be Americans? Or, will they still spend their time texting and playing video games?

I am optimistic.  I hope these youngsters will look to Cuba and Venezuela to see Communism at its best (or worst).  I can hope that these two generations of lost children will come to their senses. But I doubt it. That is why the 2020 election is so crucial. It’s not Democrats versus Republicans – it’s Communism versus Democracy.


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