Presidents, good and (mostly) Bad

I’ve seen a lot of Presidents in my lifetime. My first vote (You had to be 21 to vote at that time.)  was for Republican Dwight Eisenhower. And that was after living in a democrat family who worshiped FDR, and a democrat south where republicans didn’t even bother to run because they had no chance to win. I voted for Eisenhower because he won WW-II for us and kept us from now speaking German or Japanese. (The Japanese atrocities in the Pacific and China are hard to imagine. What they did was so brutal, horrendous, and barbaric it made the German concentration camps pale by comparison.)

Harry Truman was a good President and his decision to drop the atom bomb on Japan saved millions of American and Japanese lives because it ended the maniacal rampage the Japs were on. When Truman’s presidency ended he and Bess went back to Missouri with no Secret Service guards and no pension for life like crooked politicians receive now.

Nobody interested me until JFK came along. He was not the democrat of today. If you listen to some of his speeches, he says the things that spineless republicans should be saying now. He was a conservative. Did he screw a lot of Hollywood starlets? Yeah, but nobody cared. He was good for the country. In fact, he was too good, so the “Establishment” had him assassinated.

LBJ was a total asshole, so crooked he made Al Capone look like a convenience store robber. I didn’t vote for him. It only took a look at Nixon to know he was a psychopath who should have been in the asylum instead of the Oval Office.

I voted for Ronald Reagan because he had led California through its last phase of sanity and I thought he could do good things for America and he did. He ended Russia’s 70 year failure of Communism, which finished the Cold War. He was a good man.

Bill Clinton was good at playing the saxophone and raping innocent women and that’s the best that can be said of him. He and his wife amassed a billion dollars – and gave 2% of it to charity while making lying an Olympic Sport. (“I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman.”) YES, he did.

The Bushes (both of them) were more interested in making more millions in the oil business than in doing anything for America. They started phony wars and sang a patriotic song (“Mission Accomplished!”) while getting thousands of young men and woman slaughtered in the deserts of the Middle East.

I consider one of my greatest achievements as just living through eight years of Barack Hussein Obama who came within a gnat’s eyebrow of destroying America. How people could vote TWICE for an overt socialist, Muslim, racist, narcissist like him boggles my mind. I sat out those elections.

And then came Donald Trump. He never raped anyone. He paid for his prostitutes. And he paid them a lot. He loves America. He doesn’t take graft. (He doesn’t even take a salary.) He’s not a democrat or a republican; he is an America First kind of guy. Single-handedly, with no help from Ryan or McConnell he has created the best economy and more jobs since Reagan. He loves the military and they love him. He tells foreign countries that America is no longer their sugar daddy. He tweets like a teen-ager at anyone who dishonors him. He has character flaws like all of us, but they are not vindictive. He’s all alone against the crooked fake-news media and a do-nothing congress. The only thing he has going for him is the American People. Those of us who want America to be great again are on his side. God sent him to us, and we should pray for him every day. He is America’s salvation.


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“Silent Sam” is Silent!

Ignorance is a terrible thing. It is also inexcusable. Now we have protesters destroying the “Silent Sam” statue on the campus of UNC.. I hope they are content now. Destroying a piece of history is so rewarding. For those who don’t know, “Silent Sam” was a statue of a Confederate Soldier erected many years ago before Black Lives Matter existed. But fair is fair. The fact is we had a Civil War in this country – but it wasn’t one sided. The North took part in it also. If we are going to destroy our southern history we need to remove those northern symbols of that war that “offend” me as a southerner.

First we must remove Ulysses Grant from the $50 bill because he was the leading general for the north. Then we must destroy the Lincoln memorial in D.C. because it was Lincoln who provoked the war. The south had a right, as provided by the Constitution, to withdraw from the Union. Lincoln didn’t like that idea. Another fact is that slavery was secondary to Lincoln’s purposes. The Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves wasn’t made until TWO YEARS into the Civil War. So since Lincoln offends me, he must be removed from the five dollar bill also. I’ll think of some other northern symbols that must be removed, but I’ve just gotten into this revising history game, so give me time.

As a white person and therefore an automatic racist I will make an observation. I wonder if Black Lives Matter ever watches the ^6PM news on any TV station? Ninety percent of the stories are blacks killing blacks, blacks invading homes, blacks committing robberies and, in a recent story a black (out on parole, with an extensive criminal record) who just stopped his car and killed a white man who was calmly waiting with his friends for a taxi. Most of the infant deaths in this nation are the result of young black girls having abortions. The majority of black families have no father or multiple fathers.

I know it is not good to generalize but just from the news it seems that the black race has done very little to improve itself since the Civil War. There are exceptions. I have black neighbors who are very wealthy and one who is a hero of the Vietnam War. They are not out tearing down Confederate statues; they are too busy making money the honest way, by hard work, for any of that nonsense.

It is ironic that “Silent Sam” was toppled by ignorant people in North Carolina. That state had few if any plantations in the 1800s, yet it contributed more soldiers to the Confederate Army than any other southern state. There is the story of the NC Confederate soldier who was captured by Union Forces. They asked him why he was fighting. And his answer was, “Because you are here.” And that is the real reason for the Civil War. I’m glad I’m not a father footing the bill for those UNC protesters because he is certainly wasting his money. They haven’t learned any history at all.

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Goodbye America. We’ll miss You.

Our President says that the influx of Mexicans and South Americans over our southern border is going to destroy our American culture. I admire and respect our President, but I contend that we have already lost what was long known as the “American Culture.” I think it began with the election of that great apologist Barack Obama who ushered in political correctness and refused to accept American exceptionalism. And the decline in our culture has continued.

Consider these facts: A majority of public school students now are non-white. Shortly after 2020, just two short years from now, a majority of our country’s population will be non-white. That often surveyed group of young people called the Millennials, as a general rule (and because they were taught to be all-inclusive in college) are not interested in maintaining the traditional American culture.

Even companies which have for decades, (or as long as they have been in business) avoided political controversy have now jumped in with both feet. Delta, Starbucks, Target and Dick’s Sporting goods, for a few, have weighed in on social and political issues and always on the liberal side. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks has told his company’s stock holders that if they don’t like his policies to sell their stock. He said, and this is a quote, “We want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

“We want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

With a majority of our population soon to become people of other ethnicities, who owe their allegiance, not to America, but to some other nation how in the world are we to maintain the culture, values, and morals that our country was founded upon?

We have only one recourse. We can vote for anti-establishment representatives who share our concerns over losing our culture. And we can vote with our pocket books by not patronizing those companies that “embrace diversity.” Who the hell needs to pay $5 for a cup of coffee anyway?

Our American Culture is under fire from all sides. The national media, Hollywood, liberals of all colors, and young people who are more interested in their iPhones and their X-boxes don’t give a damn about retaining the culture that got us through WW-I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that we old men and women with white hair, and our President are the only ones concerned about regaining our culture. I’m afraid it’s too late.


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1900 Father’s Day vs today’s Father’s Day

1900 Fatherhood compared to today.In 1900, fathers prayed their children would learn English.
Today, fathers pray their children will speak English.

In 1900, if a father put a roof over his family’s head, he was a success.
Today, it takes a roof, deck, pool, and 4-car garage. And that’s just the vacation home.

In 1900, a father waited for the doctor to tell him when the baby arrived.
Today, a father must wear a smock, know how to breathe, and make sure there is space on the video camera.

In 1900, fathers passed on clothing to their sons.
Today, kids wouldn’t touch Dad’s clothes if they were sliding naked down an icicle.

In 1900, fathers could count on children to join the family business.
Today, fathers pray their kids will come home from college long enough to teach them how to work the computer and set up their email.

In 1900, fathers pined for old country Romania, Italy, or Russia.
Today, fathers pine for old country Hank Williams.

In 1900, fathers shook their children gently and whispered, “Wake up, it’s time for school.”
Today, kids shake their fathers violently at 4 am shouting: “Wake up, it’s time for hockey practice.”

In 1900, a father came home from work to find his wife and children at the supper table.
Today, a father comes home to a note: “Jimmy’s at baseball, Cindy’s at gymnastics, I’m at the gym, pizza’s in the fridge.”

In 1900, fathers and sons would have heart-to-heart conversations while fishing in a stream.
Today, fathers pluck the headphones off their sons’ ears and shout, “WHEN YOU HAVE A MINUTE…”

In 1900, a father gave a pencil box for Christmas, and the kid was all smiles.
Today, a father spends $800 at Best Buy, and the kid screams, “I wanted Xbox!”

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The Biggest Hate Group in the U.S.

I was a child of the Great Depression. I was born just as it started, so I lived through all of it. Barely lived. If you were not there, you cannot believe how disastrous it was for this nation. There were no jobs. The programs that President Franklin Roosevelt started were socialistic, BUT at the time they were all that kept America alive. My father hauled us (I was a baby) all over this country LOOKING for ANY job. He finally found work in a copper mine in Arizona while our family lived with his relatives in San Antonio. Later he worked in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) where he made a dollar a day. At the end of the month the men in the CCC were required to send $25 back o their families. Men were proud persons in those days, and they would not accept anything “free” from the government, but they did real work for their dollar a day. And some of the things they built in the ‘30s (bridges, public parks, etc.) are still there today. Unlike the present when people are paid NOT to work, those men did real work for their government assistance.

Roosevelt was a democrat, but he was able to institute those work programs because of the cooperation of the republicans in congress. As I grew up the south was almost unanimously full of democrat voters. But the Democrat Party of depression days bears no resemblance to the Democrats of today. Over time, the Democrat Party has become the biggest hate group in America.

It encourages poor people to hate rich people, black people to hate white people, gay people to hate straight people and on it goes. Feminists to hate men, environmentalists to hate everybody because “people are destroying the earth.” Heads-full-of- Mush college students hate their old-fashioned parents who still believe in God and have some morals.

The real secret of the Democrat Party is that it attracts the media (TV, newspapers, magazines) who hate Republicans and do their best to convince the public to vote for democrats. A political party built on hate is doomed eventually to failure, because heartland Americans are not taught to hate. Donald Trump doesn’t hate anything, except failure. In 16 months he has done more for this country than any president in the last 30 years. Think what he COULD DO, if he had the help of democrats and the republicans who only pretend to be republicans.

If Trump had a congress (and media) that Roosevelt had, this nation would see prosperity that it has never experienced before. He loves America and its people. And all he has for support is the American people. Let the democrats and their allies continue to spread hate. Their days are numbered. And the sooner they are gone, the better for the United States of America.

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R.I.P., Charles Krauthammer

I daresay that most people on Facebook don’t even know the name Charles Krauthammer, so let me speak for him without his permission. Mr. Krauthammer is dying of cancer and in his last column for the Washington Post he said that he had “just weeks to live.”

I’ve always said that most people are Liberals when they finish college and “want to save the world.” But they become Conservatives when they earn their first paycheck. When they see how much the government steals for worthless “social justice” projects they become conservative in a hurry. Mr. Krauthammer was no different. In his early days he was a liberal democrat. Later, when he became a conservative republican, he used his brilliance to enlighten a whole generation of young people on the dangers of socialism.

Krauthammer seemed to have Superman’s “X-Ray” vision because he could cut through the DC bullcrap and point out, in words that we common people can understand, the folly of most of the legislation that comes out of that swampy cesspool inside the Washington beltway.

Oh, we had our differences, Charles and I (although he didn’t know it). When I saw the first rally for Donald Trump with a stadium full of 60,000 people and another 10,000 outside who couldn’t get in I knew that Donald Trump would be our next President if crooked Hilleary couldn’t steal it from him. At first, Krauthammer called Trump an opportunist and celebrity seeker. But, to his credit, he reversed his first impression and became a Trump supporter.

Few people knew that Krauthammer was paralyzed from the waist down because they never saw him in his wheelchair. From an early swimming accident, Mr. Krauthammer, who was constantly in pain, had never let his paralysis become a handicap. When he was on the Fox News 6 PM panel, he was always the voice of reason who made the others appear to be still wet behind the ears. What made him different was that Charles Krauthammer was not only a newspaper columnist and TV panelist, but he was also a certified psychiatrist. I think that allowed him an insight to politics that few people have.

Today the voice of shouting, screaming, cursing, marching, radical Left Wing liberals are working hard to silence the few sources of Conservatism we have left in this nation. So to lose someone with the character of Charles Krauthammer is a monumental blow. He was unique and no one can take his place. But we were lucky to have him with us as long as we did. Charles Krauthammer, dying of cancer at the age of 68. There is no question that he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Charles. God has a special place for you.

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Shocking News!

I know this is going to shock you, and I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you but here it is: NOBODY runs for political office to help YOU. These hacks want a political office to help THEMSELVES. (The only exception in my lifetime is Donald Trump. He really does love America and wants the best for all Americans.) No, the run-of-the-mill man or woman running for local or national office wants a cushy job that pays well. They don’t have to have any talent except the gift of gab. They can talk all day and say nothing. They only have to go to a few meetings, they have great health insurance and free cars and free airplane rides. They get lots of money from lobbyists; they get free vacations to exotic places paid for by “donors.” And when they retire from “public service” they have all the money they can use for the rest of their lives.

Often, if we can pry them out of office, they become “consultants” for the lobbyists who have been shoveling money under the table to them for years. As a COSULTNAT they don’t have to do anything.

Let’s face it. With no exceptions that I can think of, except Trump, politicians are basically crooks. They may not even know they are a crook until they get into office. Then they see the power and the money and they become crooks. Yes, they learn to talk the talk and walk the walk and it is all bullshit. Unfortunately, most real Americans are honest people and they want to believe the lies that politicians tell to get elected. But that politician doesn’t give a damn about you, until the next election cycle comes up. By then he has told the lies so often he might even believe them him (or her) self. You remember when you were a child and someone told you that you might grow up to be President? Sorry. You never had a prayer. For years there were elite dynasties that controlled who would be President. The Roosevelts were one, the Kennedys were one, and the Bushes were another. Until Trump came along we hadn’t had an honest President since Harry Truman.

So what are we voters to do? Black people will do what they have always done and vote a straight democrat ticker, although the democrats have never done anything for them. And since they are so concerned about slavery 150 years ago, why don’t they remember it was a Republican who ended slavery? What do white people do? Well, any time we have an election let’s put all the candidates’ pictures up on the wall. We’ll have a couple of beers, and then throw darts at them and whoever gets the most darts gets our vote. The truth is, as the infamous George Wallace once said, “Democrats and Republicans. There ainit a dime’s worth of difference in any of ‘em.” Amen, George.

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