The Year the Media DIED!

The first article in the Bill of Rights says, “Congress shall make no law prohibiting the freedom of the press” Thomas Jefferson felt so strongly about it he wrote, “Our liberty cannot be guarded except by freedom of the press.”

That all changed in 2015. One of our most vital political institutions imploded. The media became a tool of the highest echelons in government, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, those we had entrusted to uphold the law. Thus, began the media’s campaign to try to destroy a duly elected president, Donald Trump, and it has continued ever since.

At one time big newspapers like The New York Times, the Washington Post, had bureau chiefs in London, Paris, Cairo, all over the world. They had investigative reporters. A true investigative reporter gets a story. Then he or she goes to others to verify that the story is true. And only then is it published. That practiced is a thing of the past.

And then came the Internet. People could get their news free. The circulation of the NY Times dropped from 300,000 to 100,000. They fired bureau chiefs. They dropped true investigative reporters and replaced them with cheap hacks. The same was true for TV “news.” These businesses badly needed “content.”

The secret coup to destroy Trump was all too ready to supply content. You know the names, Obama, Clinton, Brennen, Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Page, Stroyk, Bill and Nellie Ohr and others. We the people had been so dumb we elected a non-politician president, instead of the establishment’s choice, Hillary Clinton. The government agencies, headed by the traitors named above, began leaking phony and salacious and classified information to the Times, the Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, CBS, MSNBC.

Reporters didn’t bother to check to see if a story was true, they just printed whatever D.C. fed them. They thought they were Woodward and Bernstein. They had a ready source of Deep Throat. They were going to be heroes. They were going to help impeach a president!

James Comey goes to the President and tells him there are claims he “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. By the way, “collusion’ itself is NOT a crime. Comey leaves the office and calls John Brennen and says, “Mission accomplished” and Brennen immediately tells CNN and it all begins. Every paper, every TV mainstream network echoed the same lies. They all wanted to be in on the “scandal.”

The problem was – it was all untrue. There was no collusion. So, let’s go for “Obstruction of Justice.” In order for a Special Prosecutor to start an investigation there must first be a crime committed.

Richard Nixon had to resign because he authorized a burglary of the DNC headquarters. Burglary is a crime and a Special Prosecutor knew it. Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives because he committed a crime – he lied to the Special Prosecutor.

Donald Trump had committed no crime. But that didn’t stop the democrats. They authorize a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to investigate “Russiagate” and FIND a crime. Two years and millions of dollars, and Mueller came up empty.

Now, Adam Schiff who lies with impunity has picked up the torch. And the press is right there with him day after day after day. They continue to spread falsehoods about Donald Trump, his family and his associates endlessly. Remember, these people not only hate Trump – they hate you and me. Will America ever trust the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, the MEDIA again?

Not until Clinton, Comey, Page, Brennen, Clapper, all of them are jailed for their betrayal of the American people. And that will take years, long after Donald Trump has left office. This is the biggest political scandal in the 250-year history of the United States.




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“As Seerious as a Heart Attack..”

I had a heart attack Monday, 13 October. Around 3:30 that afternoon I got a sharp pain the middle of my chest. There is no history of heart problems in my family My mother lived to 105; my father 87 and both died of natural causes. I thought it was the fall pollen kicking up, so I took three shots off my inhaler. But the pain became more intense. Obviously, something serious was happening., My wife called 911. Four or five big Firemen showed up in minutes. They took my vital signs which appeared normal. But the chest pain was for real! Then the EMC ambulance arrived. They also took my vital signs and declared that they couldn’t see any danger signs. But the pain was BAD!

They put me in the ambulance and rather casually took me to Eastside Medical Center. They didn’t use the lights or siren, stopped for every intersection, but I was really hurting. At the emergency facility they took x-rays, did a CAT scan; blood samples and my heart enzymes were normal. But the chest pain was getting worse. I was admitted to the hospital about 8:00 PM where the tests were repeated. They decided I had an irregular heartbeat (a “flutter” they called it). I was put in a room and a couple of nurses checked on me. My chest pain was constant. Then around 3:00 AM Tuesday suddenly, I was surrounded by 8 or 10 staff members sticking IV’s needles, and monitors on me. “We’ve called two doctors and have to get you down to the OR right now!’ Finally, someone recognized I was having a heart attack.

The two doctors ran tubes up the main arteries to my heart and found no blockages, but I was really hurting. My chest felt like it was on fire. When they told me my arteries were clear, I asked them why I still had so much pain. The doctor was honest. He said, “I don’t know.”

I went to the cardiac section and was still in pain. Tuesday afternoon, Doctor Sims, a big old friendly Santa Claus type, came in to say he was going to do an “esophageal something I had never heard of.”  He would stick a camera down my throat and found no clots in my heart, he would use an electric shock to try to get the heart to beat regularly. He had a radio he placed beside my ear playing cool jazz and said, “I’m going to spray the worst tasting stuff in the world down your throat.” He was right! Then he stuck a tube down my throat and declared there wren no clots in my heart although I was still in pain. Then they shot some Versed (a sedative) in me. Then he tricked me. I asked him when he was going to electric shock me. He said after the sedative took effect. The sedative was ALRADY working. He had his phone out and was showing me pix of his home and family and kids and dogs and cats and as I was talking to him, he moseyed down to the end of bed and hit the button. The shock was amazingly “shocking!” But, as soon as it happened my heartbeat became normal – AND THE PAIN STOPPED for the f first time in two days.

Doctor Sims saved my life. I came home Wednesday afternoon and now feel fine, just tired. I’ve thanked God over and over for, if this was going to happen, He had me in a hospital when it occurred. I didn’t realize it before it happened, but I’m in better shape now. I have added two medicines to my collection, but I’m cleared for any activity I can do. And, I have Dr. Sims now as a cardiac physician to check me from time to time. Everyone at Eastside Medical was as nice and as kind as they could be to me and my wife, and I appreciate all they did.

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A Young Man’s Confusion!

I heard a 26-year-old Millennial call a radio talk show last week and ask, “Is this how politics has always been?” It was a good honest question. This young man wasn’t around for Ronald Reagan, Nixon, or the Bushes. All he knows is 8 years of Obama. The media LOVED Obama. He was the “Anointed One”, the Messiah. Of course, he decimated the military, ruined the economy, killed the oil and coal industries, lied outrageously to get his ruinous Health Bill passed. He said he was going to “fundamentally change America.” And he came very close to destroying it.

But there was nothing but praise for him and Michelle (some say Michael) and their two adopted daughters. They went to Hawaii, Africa, the Middle East to kiss the ring of the Saudi King and of course the worldwide “Apology tour.”. He told America that our best days were behind us. We were going to have to quit driving our cars, get used to a declining nation. The young 26-year-old man thought that was right because the media said it was. Every newspaper, every magazine, every TV network heaped praise on Obama. In their eyes he could do no wrong.

And then Donald Trump came along. He said we could be great again. He rebuilt the military, got the economy rolling, negotiated new and fair trade deals, got black unemployment sown to the lowest level in 50 years, got people off welfare, got more equity for women employees, brought companies back to America, got a tax cut for everyone, tried his best to get a wall along our southern border. And he did this all alone with no help from the republicans. And every day the 26-year-old man hears nothing but vile, derogatory remarks about him, investigations, treason, Russian collusion, allegations, outright lies about President Trump. “Is this how politics has always been?” he asks.

No, young man. This only happens when a Republican is President. The democrats and the D.C. establishment want the media to love them and that will never happen while a man like Trump is President. The democrat party has become totally communistic, the republican party is part of the “good old boy, go along to get along network.” They’ve never had a president who loves America over his own self interests. A President who is LOSISNG money by BEING President. They’ve never had a president who fights back against liberals, who doesn’t just remain quiet and take abuse sitting down like the republicans have always done before.

How refreshing it is to have a leader who believes in America’s uniqueness. Who will do his best to improve life for every American. Enjoy it while you can, 26-year-old Millennials, because you will never experience this again. When his term ends it will be D.C. business as usual. And the liberal media will love politicians once more.

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A Story you Won’t Believe!

I’m going to tell you a story you won’t believe. But it is true. First, you must understand some fundamental differences between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals believe they are compassionate, caring, healing. They want to save the whales, save the polar bears (although the polar bears and whales don’t need saving), they want to save the planet, they want to change the climate but the climate has been changing for billions of years and it does it on its own timetable, not that of the Liberals. Well, you get the idea. Liberals are never happy. They don’t want to actively solve their perceived problems; they just want to make themselves “feel better” by complaining about them .Liberals make up only about 25% of the population, but they make up 100% of the yelling, marching, and screaming for the government to fix everything.

Conservatives simply want to make things better for everybody. They don’t do things to make themselves “feel better,” they want to solve the real problems in a, reasonably safe environmental fashion, and do it with as little a burden on taxpayers as possible.

Here’s the story. My wife went to a hair salon. It was filled with anti-Trump Liberals. One woman was so concerned about the fires in the Amazon Rain Forests that she – I’m not making this up – gathered a group of 14 like-minded Liberals in her home the night before and they “beat drums” and prayed for rain in the Amazon. And she was so happy because the next morning a friend called her and said it was raining in the Amazon! I said you wouldn’t believe it, but it is the absolute truth.

This is typical of Liberal thinking. This group of women were worried about South America, and a fire that they had no earthly way of stopping. But they were not concerned about California having the highest population of homeless people in the nation; the sidewalks of LA and San Francisco being covered with human feces. They weren’t interested in the downtown LA police station being so overrun with rats it had to be evacuated.

They weren’t concerned about the Governor of VA condoning killing live babies after they were born, if the mother didn’t want them. They had no intertest in the gang activity and drive-by shootings of innocent citizens in Atlanta. They cared not for the massive invasion of illegals into the U.S. bringing a new spread of diseases that had been eradicated in America years ago.

All the above are disasters that these 14 Liberal women could have raised their voices against. They could have gone to CA and helped clean up the streets. They could have voiced outrage at killing live babies. They could have volunteered to be civilian assistants to the Atlanta police departments. Instead, they beat their drums for rain in the forests of South America.

It is difficult for Conservatives to understand the ignorance of Liberals. There are plenty of sources besides the main-steam media’s outpouring of fake news for intelligent people to understand the difference between real problems and perceived illusions. But we must face it. America is more divided than before the Civil War. And Conservatives are not “talkers” or “marchers.” It is not in their nature to simply complain. They quietly go about systematically trying to solve real problems. And they work to elect representatives that feel the same way. That is why the 2020 election may be the most important one in our country’s history. It is a last chance to save what is worthy of saving. Our heritage, our culture, our country.


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Beckman’s Undeniable Facts of Life!

A $2300 “rebate” on a $45K car just means that they raised the price to $47,300 and then dropped it $2300 for the sale. It’s an advertising gimmick

All politicians are liars, no exceptions.

The word status is pronounced “State-us” and data is pronounced “Date-uh.”

“No payments or interest until 2025” still means that in 2025 you are going to have to pay for that room full of furniture, plus interest.

Businesses don’t pay taxes. They pay a lot to the IRS, but that amount is added to the cost of the product you buy. It’s called “doing business.”

There is no such thing as Global warming, and the climate has been changing and changing back for billions of years and always will. The deserts of Arizona and New Mexico were once the bottom of the sea.

Buy one and get one free, just means that you pay twice as much for the first one.

The people of the world are divided into three groups: Great people, people who are blah, and assholes. You should cultivate great people, forget the blah people, and treat the assholes with massive retaliation.

Flying is safer than driving. Crashing has the same result in cars and airplanes.

The boy (or girl) you loved in high school now weighs 300 lbs and has a mustache.

There are no “actors” anymore, only celebrities.

Your mom was always right, even when she was wrong. Dad – not so much.

Daylight saving time is stupid. If you want a “longer day” get up earlier and stay up later.

“Rap” is something, but it is not music. It’s a dangerous profession and can get you killed.

Women don’t belong in combat positions in the army, but everybody who served, and serves now in the military are heroes and deserve all of our respect.

Anyone who disrespects the American flag and our National Anthem deserves time in an American jail.

The only Muslim it is safe to be around is a dead Muslim. (That also applies to wet backs, MS-13 members, and late night TV hosts.)

An “illegal immigrant” is NOT an “undocumented citizen” and he or she should be deported.

Don’t believe anything you hear or read, including these “facts.”

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Am I still in America?

There are two things that make my head spin. They make me wonder if I am still  in America. First, the United Socialist Republic of California has labeled the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “terror organization.” That…is NOT a joke. The NRA is one of the oldest organizations in our country and its only interest is in keeping YOUR 2nd Amendment right to protect you and your loved ones by owning a firearm. Its sole purpose is promoting gun safety and calling out politicians who want to confiscate your right to protect yourself. That’s all they do. Make no mistake. The socialist democrats want to TAKE YOUR GUN. But they have no plan to take guns from criminals.

And please note that NONE of the celebrity-seeking shooters in recent times was a member of the NRA. California welcomes MS-13 and other gang members from Mexico and South America, but it thinks law-abiding Americans who are NRA members are “terrorists.” Go figure. While CA streets are filled with human feces, they’re scared of NRA members? Wow! Talk about misguided people. No wonder, 3,000 citizens leave CA every month. (But they are replaced by illegal aliens.)

The second thing that boggles my brain is Walmart’s “declaration” to quit selling ammo for “assault rifles,” specifically the .223 cartridges used in the popular AR-15 rifle. This is BS on Walmart’s part because they want to appeal to the socialist agenda of political parties in the U.S. They will still sell you shotgun shells, 30.06 bullets and a host of other ammunition. If They REALLY thought that they were doing something to stop mentally ill people from killing others they would stop selling ALL ammunition. They will still sell you all the .22 caliber bullets you want, and those can be used, with an adaptor, in the AR-15 as well as .223 ammo.

Almost anything can be an “assault” weapon. How about a kitchen knife? Or a brick? Maybe a rock or a hammer or an automobile. The AR-15 is no more an “assault rifle” than a bow and arrow is. It is a popular sporting firearm because it is small, easy to carry, and is enjoyable to shoot at the range. My AR-15 sits in the closet most of the time and, so far, neither it nor I have killed anyone. And I have been an NRA member since the Boy Scouts.

California is a lost cause. Forget trying to credit them with anything rational. California is ruled by crazy democrats. Walmart is a hypocrite. They cheat their employees and sell you cheap junk made in Chinese slave shops where a worker’s salary is $2.00 A DAY, and they are beaten if they don’t meet their quota. Both CA and Walmart are an affront to true patriotic Americans.

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Is the Constituion out of date?

America’s Constitution was near perfect when it was written in 1776. It worked then and it would work today. There are socialists who say the Constitution is “out of date” for modern America. The Constitution is no more out of date then the Bible is out of date. The problem is that few Americans, and fewer politicians (and even the members of the Supreme Court) seem to never have bothered to read the Constitution.

Do you know what it means when America is described as a “Judeo-Christin” nation? It simply means that our nation’s founders based their formulation of the Constitution on the biblical concepts in the Old Testament. So, America’s guidelines are a combination of biblical truths and Christian ideals and secular desires to acknowledge no religion at all if they wish. In other words, Americans are guaranteed, by God, of freedom in all areas of their lives. If you examine the Constitution it is basically the Ten Commandments.

The Founders wrote the Constitution to prevail for the ages. What they saw all over the world were only two types of government. On the far ends of the political spectrum they saw Anarchists (no laws at all) and at the other end Totalitarian regimes (government with total control of the citizens.) The Founders strove for the middle ground where the government had lesser power and citizens had the supreme power. They were not fortune-tellers so they knew that America would change over time. So, they allowed for Amendments to the Constitution. One of those added in the ‘20s was prompted by the suffrage movement and resulted in permitting women to vote for the first time.

The Supreme Court’s job was to determine if thecases that it hears meet the constraints of the Constitution. Unfortunately, the Court has takin on the unintended “job” of making up its own laws in the name of “social justice.” So-called social justice is simply socialist/communistic doctrine. The Founders, all being religious men, believed strongly in Devine Guidance. They believed in God. They would be shocked to know that we have abortions on demand even to the point of killing live babies. That we are a largely a welfare state, and we allow illegal immigrants to invade our nation. They never imagined a Supreme Court that makes up laws. America has strayed far from what the Founders intended for our republic. We may be lost, but I am hopefully optimistic that we might return to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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