The “Climate Change” HOAX!

OMG! The hurricane was caused by CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Let me put you at ease over “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” because greedy, money-hungry people (and ignorant celebrities) are trying to frighten you out of your money by accusing you of destroying the earth. Forget that..It’s phony bullshit. No…it’s REAL bullshit.

The climate is now and always has been “changing.” But it changes in cycles and those are well defined in the relatively small number of data we have. You must realize that we only have about 150 years of reliable records on the climate. And the world has been here for billions of years. We know that the “climate” has been different in the past. You haven’t seen any dinosaurs or woolly mammoths in your backyard lately have you? Yet, from fossils, we know that they existed in a different climate from today. You only have to cut down a tree and count the “rings” in the stump to know that there have been dry years and wet years and some years were better and some worse than others. China has filthy air, but that is a local condition and not climate. India has filthy rivers, but that is not climate. Los Angles has smog but that is local and not climate. The rest of California has changeable weather and that IS climate.

This hoax of climate change started when some so-called scientists in East Anglia, England falsified some old data to make it look like we humans were “destroying” the earth. Why would they do that? The answer is grant money. Millions of dollars to “study” the climate. If I can scare you enough you WILL give me your money. And scared people want BIGGER government to “save” them. Of course, the extremely credible Al Gore took one of the English “scientist’s” phony predictions and made a movie and used it to scare people that the ice caps were melting and the seas would rise and cover NYC and Miami and LA. Unfortunately, for Al, his prediction is now some years overdue and NYC and Miami and LA are still t here. (We could do well without them, but that has nothing to do with climate.) Al (who didn’t have a job anyway) did okay, though. He made millions off his phony movie.

Grant money (money that tax payers give to their governments who then give it to people to “study” things) is what keeps these so-called scientists scaring you about the climate. As long as the grant money keeps flowing for “studies” the hoax will continue.

Remember two things, please. We will have wet years and dry years. We will have cold years and warm years. That is “climate” and personally I believe we are going into the 50 year cycle of colder years. I won’t be here to prove it, but my prediction is as good as those of the “scientists.” They can predict what will happen in 50 years, but they can’t tell you what will happen next weekend. And finally, remember this. God gave us an atmosphere that sustains our lives it is SO HUGE that it is the height of arrogance to think that man can do ANYTHING that will change it permanently. Nothing man can presently do will have any more of an effect on the atmosphere—than a pin prick would affect an elephant. So quit worrying about bullshit and enjoy life. We are not harming the earth.