The Biggest Hate Group in the U.S.

I was a child of the Great Depression. I was born just as it started, so I lived through all of it. Barely lived. If you were not there, you cannot believe how disastrous it was for this nation. There were no jobs. The programs that President Franklin Roosevelt started were socialistic, BUT at the time they were all that kept America alive. My father hauled us (I was a baby) all over this country LOOKING for ANY job. He finally found work in a copper mine in Arizona while our family lived with his relatives in San Antonio. Later he worked in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) where he made a dollar a day. At the end of the month the men in the CCC were required to send $25 back o their families. Men were proud persons in those days, and they would not accept anything “free” from the government, but they did real work for their dollar a day. And some of the things they built in the ‘30s (bridges, public parks, etc.) are still there today. Unlike the present when people are paid NOT to work, those men did real work for their government assistance.

Roosevelt was a democrat, but he was able to institute those work programs because of the cooperation of the republicans in congress. As I grew up the south was almost unanimously full of democrat voters. But the Democrat Party of depression days bears no resemblance to the Democrats of today. Over time, the Democrat Party has become the biggest hate group in America.

It encourages poor people to hate rich people, black people to hate white people, gay people to hate straight people and on it goes. Feminists to hate men, environmentalists to hate everybody because “people are destroying the earth.” Heads-full-of- Mush college students hate their old-fashioned parents who still believe in God and have some morals.

The real secret of the Democrat Party is that it attracts the media (TV, newspapers, magazines) who hate Republicans and do their best to convince the public to vote for democrats. A political party built on hate is doomed eventually to failure, because heartland Americans are not taught to hate. Donald Trump doesn’t hate anything, except failure. In 16 months he has done more for this country than any president in the last 30 years. Think what he COULD DO, if he had the help of democrats and the republicans who only pretend to be republicans.

If Trump had a congress (and media) that Roosevelt had, this nation would see prosperity that it has never experienced before. He loves America and its people. And all he has for support is the American people. Let the democrats and their allies continue to spread hate. Their days are numbered. And the sooner they are gone, the better for the United States of America.