Hail to the King!

Perhaps instead of sending our troops to Ukraine, we should send them north to free the Canadians from a dictatorship. Just an idea. Of course, now we can never look upon Canada as we did in the past. Burned into our brains is video of RCMP horses storming through a group of peaceful protesters, storm trooper thugs dragging a man from his truck and  beating him as he is on his knees with his hands over his head. This is not the Canada we once knew.

Remember how this all started? The truckers only demand was that their government drop the senseless vaccine mandates. Why? Because it prevented their free travel into and out of Canada. Such a simple request that several of the Provinces (Canada has Provinces just as the US has States)had already dropped the mandates. But Justin Trudeau, the man who openly admires the Chinese dictatorship because, as he says, “ it is so much easier to get things done” – couldn’t let a bunch of stinky truck drivers (Ugh!) tell His Majesty what to do. The very idea was repugnant to him, and he wasn’t going to stand for this riff raff making demands of HIS government. No sir. Not today. Not tomorrow. And next week doesn’t look good for aa  peaceful protest,, either.

Common people, in formerly free Canada, opposing  a Trudeau mandate? That was intolerable. So he retaliated. . He arrested them, towed their trucks (which have been confiscated and will be sold by the government), froze their bank accounts and are doing the same to anyone who aided the truckers. They even smashed up a coffee shop merely because the owner was giving coffee to the truckers.

So now Canada is a complete dictatorship. And that should be a warning for us in the lower 48. You think it couldn’t happen here? Don’t make me laugh. We already have a regime which ignores our Constitution, sneers at our laws, opens our border to the world’s trash, and tries to instigate a war with Russia so we won’t notice when gas goes to $5 a gallon. And when we have a Uniparty (there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans) we are already on our way to a Trudeau-like dictatorship.

I guess Canada has forgotten they don’t have a King in England anymore. Wait a minute. I was wrong. They do have one. Right there in Ottawa, King Trudeau.

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The Irreplaceable Man

I just took a look at the radio behind me in my home office. It’s an expensive radio. You could, if you wanted, listen to everything from submarines to Delta’s next cancelled flight. Then I realized that this radio hasn’t been turned on for a year. A whole year. And when it was turned on I only listened to a local radio station from noon to 3PM. That was when I listened to Rush Limbaugh.

I heard Rush’s first broadcast in Atlanta in 1988. Atlanta had attempted “talk radio” for a bit but the callers were usually on the lookout for their lost dog or cat. I was driving to work one day, and I heard this guy on the radio, and I couldn’t believe it. He was so radical, compared to the other blah blah talk shows. I remember thinking to myself, this guy won’t last two weeks.

And then he lasted 30 years and I listened to him for that entire time. I heard his first broadcast, and I heard his last. Once you were hooked on Rush, and he was habit forming, you had to listen. Why? Because he was saying what we all wanted to say. He called out the phony’s in DC for what they were. He loved America and he hated what liberals were doing to it. Yeah,  he was called a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, the whole vocabulary of liberal invectives.

He was a racist? Nobody knew until he died that his top assistant on that show, “Bo Snerdly , was a actually a black man. And Bo was his “official program observer.”

Rush often said he was born to do what he did, and I believe it. Because he was the consummate broadcaster. Remember, AM radio was dying. There was no Sean Hannity or Dan Bongino on AM radio. Everybody was tuhed to Easy Listening on FM. But Rush grew his audience to until  it was heard on over six hundred AM stations.

He told us when he first learned of his cancer. He was like that. He never held anything back from his listeners. But we all thought, “Oh, he has the best medical treatment in the world, he’ll beat this.” And he was  rich. He could have quit radio and spent his last year having fun, fulfilling his bucket list. But he didn’t. He stayed with us until that last day. And that’s when my radio went quiet, and it hasn’t been turned on since. Rush was one of a kind. Nobody can replace him and only a fool would try. But his legacy is that he opened our eyes to the rot in our government, and we haven’t forgotten it. He told us we had the power. He was right. You see it now as citizens all over the world say, “Enough.” We let bureaucrats control our lives for two long years. That’s over now. And I attribute our newfound awareness to Rush Limbaugh. My radio is still silent. As far as I am concerned, it died when Rush Limbaugh died. There is nothing to listen to now.

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It’s not your Grandpa’s America anymore

A friend asked me a sensible question. “Since the Democrats have mastered how to cheat and win elections, why do they need the hordes of immigrants flooding into our country?” That is an excellent observation. Why, indeed? The migrants, not only from South America, but from all over the world, have topped 3 million so far this year. These are people  who don’t speak our language, who don’t embrace our culture, who don’t value our laws as new “Americans.” Locally, we have had a rash of head on car wrecks from vehicles going the wrong way. Want to bet that’s from illegals who can’t read English road signs?? (in Miami all the road signs are printed in English AND Spanish.)

Surely the Democrats don’t need that many new voters. In fact, they don’t need any voters. They can manipulate our elections so they don’t need ANY human voters. Their voting machines do the heavy lifting. So why allow a huge influx of mostly ignorant, and mostly unskilled people to enter our nation unimpeded?

My friend was looking at the situation from the wrong perspective. It is not new voters the Democrats want. They need a massive influx of foreigners to destroy America. What other reason could they have? The policies the current Democrat regime has instituted in just a year HAS put them well on their way to crippling America. Taking away our hard won energy independence so now, once again, we are indebted to the Arabs for oil. Creating massive unemployment by incentivizing people not to work. Now ship loads of supplies are rotting offshore because there are no dockworkers to unload them – the list goes on and on.

We only need to look to history for the answer to why a flood of immigrants would benefit the Democrats in their demented crusade to end America as we and our fathers enjoyed it. Ancient Rome conquered the world as it was known at the time. And then they opened their borders to the Germanic tribes. Where are the Noble Romans today? The older ones are playing bocci ball in the park.

No, the reason the Democrats want lots of new “citizens” is to dilute the American culture to the point of destroying this nation. The immigrants owe no allegiance to our Flag, our National Anthem, and they owe no patriotism to America. They have no incentive to assimilate and become true Americans. They only want the “Free” stuff the Democrats are famous for. So the real reason for allowing massive immigration is to destroy  America. And it will.

Why would they want to do that? Surely if they destroy America they will be victims themselves. Ah, but no, my friend. Those elites in power have so much wealth, they can hide behind their walled enclaves and enjoy their lavish lifestyles while America, like Rome, burns all around them. When you understand that their intent is not for more illegal voters, but to destroy this nation, it is not hard to understand why they encourage massive immigration. And with feckless Republicans helping them (the Republicans are elites also) there is nothing to stop them.

But you don’t want America destroyed, do you? Tough luck. The last three generations of Americans have been propagandized to the point that they actually think that America is a “bad” country. It deserves to be obliterated. So we can’t expect any help from them. The only thing that may, and I say “may” save America is a massive uprising of the Americans who still believe in a republican democracy. And only time will tell if that might occur. We had one war to rid us of the tyrants in England. We may need another to rid us of the tyrants in DC. But if I had to bet on having enough true patriots to carry that off, I’d be inclined to say, “Sorry, I’ll meet you in the park with the bocci balls.

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Look North for Patriots

We all remember one dipwad from high school, don’t we? You know, the little whimpering, whining little snot you wanted to slap the shit out of and say, “Man up, damn it!” Unfortunately, Canada has one of those cowards as Prime Minister. The Canadian people are some of the nicest, most accommodating people on the planet. How did they manage to elect such a spineless creep wimp as Justin Trudeau? Maybe they didn’t “elect” him. Remember, Joey Bag o; Donuts Biden got 81 million votes. Yeah. Sure he did. No sane human on the globe believes that BS.

Truckers are pretty much the same everywhere. My first summer job between high school and college was for a trucking company. Those guys are, in general, quiet, patriotic, but tough as nails, both the men and women. And they can absorb only so much bullshit before they say, “Enough!”

That’s what the truckers in Ottawa are doing. You don’t tell them you are going to stick an untested vaccine which has a high risk of killing or disabling them, into their bodies.

For two years Tony Fauci, America’s greatest mass murderer, has told us to “follow the science.” The science hasn’t changed. The Covid scam between Fauci and Big Pharma, has never been about “science”. It’s been about controlling people. Making people wear a useless face diaper and allowing them to jab a five year old with something that may well paralyze him or give him a lifetime of heart problems. I thought the American people were smarter than that. I was wrong. It’s the Canadians who are the bravest.  They realized that it is their own decision about their health, not creepy Trudeau’s.

And that’s all the Canadian truckers are asking for. They want the ridiculous MANDATE which denies people free choice dropped. That’s all they ask.

But Toy Boy Trudeau, who has never had a real job, doesn’t like those stinky truckers. He has to run hide from them. He doesn’t know that his lovely home wouldn’t have toilet paper or fine wine, if they hadn’t been delivered somewhere along the line by –  a trucker.

My question is this. What turned the American people into sheeple? Why do we have to rely on Canadians to show us some common sense? Why aren’t we emulating our neighbors to the North? I guess Americans have just turned into a nation of namby-pamby pussies. I can remember when Americans had Free Speech and Freedom of Choice. I guess those days are gone forever. What a shame.

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Tough Luck, kids. You’reScrewed

I’, going  to tell you a dirty little secret that the US government doesn’t want you to know. Of course if you’ve ben to the grocery store lately you know something is not right. How long has it been since you could afford a steak?  It’s not just food, everything costs more. Why is that?

The government tells us the “inflation rate” is 5% which is bad enough. BUT in computing the inflation  ra the government doesn’t include some minor things like  – wait  for it- the cost of food, energy, cars, and homes. And home prices are soaring. So the real inflation r ate is about 20%. What does 20% inflation mean to you? It’s simple 4th grade mat, folks. It means your dollar is NOT worth 100 cents. It is only worth 80 cents. So it takes more dollars to buy anything. And you intuitively know that if you buy food for your family.

But there is an even more insidious and tragic consequence to the fiscal irresponsibility of Democrats AND Republicans who are supposed to be working for us. Our nation is already in debt by 28 TRILLION dollars. Keep in mind, without spending another penny your government adds a TRILLION DOLLARS to that debt. every year with their ‘normal” budget. And that is EVERY year on into the future. Where does the debt  go from here? 40 trillion? 50 trillion? We can’t even  pay the INTEREST on the 28 trillion  now. America is bankrupt. And yet the politicians want to raise the limit on their “debt credit  cared.” This is insanity.

Please understand. This NOT “paper” debt. This is real debt just like the debt on your car, your house, your credit cards. This debt NYST BE  BE PAID to those who “loaned”: this money to us, the bond holders around the world.

Your taxes are going up. But no amount of taxation willl pay off this gigantic debt. So even if we used ALL of our Gross Domestic Product (that’s all the money created by business and industry) as payment on this debt  it would take upwards of a HUNDRED YEARS to pay off this massive debt .If you’re under age 35 you can forget retiring at 65 with Social Security. You’re not going to ever retire, and you and your  children and your grand grandchildren and their children will be paying off this debt.

Our government spending is out of control. What do you get for all the taxes you already pay, other than funding the military? The answer is nothing  unless you are on welfare, free housing, food stamps and free health care. You do we understand, don’t you?  –  NOTHING  is FREE. You pay  for everything the government gives away. I wish I had better news for you young people but because of profligate politicians you are not going to own a home, a new car, a vacation, and no college for your kids. YOU are on the hook to pay off 30 (or more)TRILLION dollars of US debt.

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If the Heart is beating – It is Alive.

For years I had no right to an opinion on abortion, because I am a man and I can’t have a baby. And I still believe that but now with a caveat. I DO have an opinion on murder. It’s wrong. It’s immoral, it’s unlawful. And that is why the Texas “heartbeat” law is spot on. Women would never consider killing a puppy or a kitten with a heartbeat so why is right for them to kill a fetus which has a heartbeat?

In Texas, the ‘Heartbeat” statue has been codified. They were having 150 abortions a DAY. That is 55,000 abortions a year and, that is the equivalent to the population of a moderate size city. Using abortion as a form of Birth Control is barbaric. Birth control pills have been around for FIFTY years. Condoms have been around since the beginning of time. And there is even the Morning After pill if you “forget” everything else.

Let me get personal. Years ago my wife and I wanted to adopt a baby. It took us FOUR years of waiting to finally get a 4 month old girl. So it is not that there is no demand for babies. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of couples are waiting patiently to adopt a child. Every abortion makes it more difficult for responsible people to give a good home to a deserving baby.

I think that because the word abortion has become so common, it has become abstract. It doesn’t mean anything to people. BUT when you give that fetus a heartbeat, it makes them a person. And if you kill the heartbeat, you are a murderer. The Texas statute is simple. It places the onus on a doctor and his assistants to deny abortion if a heartbeat is detected in a fetus after six weeks of pregnancy. Is six weeks enough? Maybe the similar Mississippi law which does virtually the same thing but after thirteen weeks of pregnancy is better. The time limit is not for us to decide.

And the simplicity of the Texas Heartbeat Law is what makes it so appropriate. Sure, a doctor can perform an abortion at any time. The Governor of Virginia even approves killing a live baby after birth, if the woman says she wants an “abortion.” The Texas law simply states that IF a doctor performs an abortion after six weeks or when a fetal heartbeat is detected, he or she and his or her assistants can be sued in a civil court. And there are provisions for rape or health consequences for the mother.

When conception takes place has been debated for decades The detectable heartbeat of a fetus simply proves that it is a living person. We have laws against killing living people. It’s high time we take another serious look at rampant abortions which are actually legal homicide. Texas is leading the way. More power to them.

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The End of Sheepland

 Let me think. Okay. I’m a Communist with  a Muslim Islamist background.. I want to destroy  a country named “Sheepland.” What do I do? Well, first I get Sheepland’s biggest enemy (China) to help me rig an election to get the dumbest moron who won’t question my plan elected as the President of Sheepland. That’s easy because I have one of the two political parties who will help corrupt the election. After this dunce is President, I will open the southern border (the country to the North of Sheepland has closed its border) and I will invite illegal vagrants with all kinds of diseases to flood in with no vetting of any sort. This will drain Sheepland’s “Free” resources. There will also be Muslim terrorists in that group. The point is to dilute Sheepland culture, end their patriotism, and have a huge number of foreign inhabitants who disrespect Sheepland’s symbols of freedom (it’s flag and national anthem). Then I’ll agitate useful idiots to destroy statues of Sheepland’s heroes and founders. This is good because as Churchill said, “Anation that forgets it’s history, has no future.”

So far so good. Now, I will have the feckless President shut down the energy sources so Sheepland will have to go back to buying oil from Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. This puts thousands of Sheepland’s workers out of jobs. Now to ruin the country’s financial stability I will get Sheepland’s Federal Reserve to print tons of unbacked money. This drives up inflation, destroys the economy, and makes Sheepland’s dollar, which has been the world’s standard currency, worthless. It will cause food and gas  shortages and prices to skyrocket. This makes  Sheepland’s population receptive to  any promise of a “better form of government” than the Republic it has been for 230 years.

I will get Sheepland’s self-serving politicians to pass bills to create incredibly massive debt, so that future generations will be serfs who will have to sacrifice everything to pay off this debt. Okay. We’re on our way. And I will send thousands of dollars to Sheepland’s citizens to keep them from taking jobs. Why should they work when Sheepland’s government gives them more money than they would make on a job? This will cause most small businesses to close their doors and go bankrupt.

I will have Sheepland’s biggest enemy along with the country’s big-tech Oligarchs to subsidize the media so that they will propagandize the people into thinking that all my moves to destroy Sheepland are really in the citizens’ best interest.  The media, in turn, will convince the population that they should accept mandates on health issues from unelected power-hungry bureaucrats.

Sheepland has been in a 20 year war in the Middle East. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to accomplish my goal of destroying Sheepland. I will pull our military out, close our only secure airbase, and turn the country over to a bunch of medieval savages called the Taliban. And I will leave thousands of Sheepland’s citizens behind in that country to be tortured, mutilated, and murdered. This will make Sheepland look weak and harmless and will enable its enemies to further destabilize the world. I will also import thousands of terrorists into Sheepland so they can pull off hundreds of terrorist acts in the country. This will bring suicide bombers to every city and town in Sheepland.

Now I will keep all this chaos going until there is nothing left of Sheepland, and it will become my Communist Sharia Law country. With a population of sheep, that was easy, wasn’t it?

 If you have read this plan so far I want you to do three things:. Substitute the name “America” for “Sheepland” and  call the Sheepland President Joe Biden and remember my name.

I am Barack  Hussein Obama.

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What ? ME work?

Theremore than a million jobs available to Americans. Jobs they won’t take for two reasons. Our Socialist Regime is sending people who ordinarily would take these jobs MORE money NOT to work then they could make on their jobs. The Regime is also sending $250 a month to each child of these non-workers.

I have no fault with the recipients of this money. They’d be fools not to take FREE money. The problem is that NO money is free. Somebody, that would be us taxpayers, is footing this give-away. It is a good political move. If the Democrats are doling out money, why wouldn’t everyone getting it vote for them?

But there is no ill wind that doesn’t send some good. Immigrants (legal Americans from other countries) are taking advantage of everything this nation offers that their native Socialist country didn’t afford them. Personally, I have had three examples of this at my home. I had  a Russian immigrant install a new roof. . That was a $20,000 job. I also had some painting done by another Russian immigrant.

I had a large 6,000 dollar Anderson sliding glass door replaced in my basement. The job was done by a father and son team who are immigrants from Ukraine. They said that Anderson Windows had eight teams of Ukrainians like them who were doing the work that Americans used to do.

So Americans won’t work. Immigrants will and are glad to get the jobs. That doesn’t speak well for our country. With an estimated 2 million illegal aliens going to cross our southern border this year, what do you think that will do to the American job market?

Have you had enough of Communism from the Democrats? A national disaster in Afghanistan after countless American boys and girls lost their lives in a 20 year war. Those Patriots should have no shame brought on by Joe Biden and his Woke military geniuses leaving that country with no exit strategy. Those fighting boy s and girls gave the Afghans 20 years (a generation ) the taste of Freedom. Now that is all over. To further the national insult the Biden Democrats are going to IMPORT 60,000 or more Afghan citizens into Wisconsin and Texas. (Some of them may be secret terrorists. We have no vetting of them.) Of course, our so-called allies in the Middle East could easily take these refugees. But they will provide more Democrat votes for the elites who now rule our formerly free country.

I hate to leave you with more bad news, but someone has to tell you. It’s going to get much worse. Inflation is skyrocketing. Prices will go up, shortages of everything from bread to gas will increase, and your dollar is going to shrink to nothing of value. That’s what inflation does.

How were you doing now compared to a year ago? Elections have consequences. And ILLEGITIMATE elections have massive consequences. Good luck and goodbye to the America the Founders gave us.

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A Tale of Three Roofers

What is it about Americans? Of course I can see why someone wouldn’t want to work when Joey Bag o’ Donuts is paying them more to stay at home then they the y were making at their jobs. That’s understandable. When I was employed if the Democrats gave me more of the taxpayer’s money to stay at home instead of going to work – I wouldn’t have stayed at home, I would have gotten a second job that paid me under the table.

But it’s more than that. There used to beat dignity about working. Pride in doing a job and doing it well. My father instill the hard work ethic in me early on. But it seems  to be gone. And I have a prime example.

We needed a new roof. We had a 30 year roof which only lasted 20 years (That should tell you something about the original roof job.)  So ours was leaking. We put out inquiries to three roofing companies. The first one, the “Roof Roof” guy you hear on tht audio all the time,  had a 1:30 appointment to come sell us a roof. He didn’t show up until 5:51 so I told him to take a hike. The second company said there was no need to come see us, they would just “fly a drone over our roof” and give us a price. So another one got the boot instead of the roof – job.

Then the third one was a company we had never heard of. It was Stone Mountain Roofers. How big could they be? They didn’t advertise on WSB all the time. But this extremely nice young man showed up on time. His name is Vlad. He spent about 35 or 40 minutes showing us the materials he would  use, the special flanges they had to keep rain from getting under the eaves. He told us when they would come,, how they didn’t just thwo the old shingle on the shrubbery, they have a machine that chops them up. And he would do it for what the insurance company would pay. He came back two or three times taking pix of our roof. We hired him.

They did exactly what Vlad  said. They covered all ourshrubs and our deck with tarps so no shingles would fall on therm. They stared at 6:30 AM and worked until dark. They came back a second day to finish up. Th e roof looks great (and doesn’t leak). His workmen (and women) were courteous and hard  workers. We were extremely satisfied and would recommend Stone Mountain Roofers to everyone

Now, her  is the clincher. Vlad and his brother came to the US twelve years ago from a former Soviet Communist country. They took advantage  of all the freedom  that Americans take for granted. They worked their asses off, because the harder they worked the more money they made. And Vlad is out every weekend soliciting more jobs. He never quits working.

Why is it that two American companies sluffed off this job? They had first shot at getting our business. But we had to wait for two immigrants who knew they could make it in, America. And they did. More power to them. And shame on Americans who are too lazy or too blasé’ to eve n go after an $20,000 dollar job. Maybe they were waiting for Joey Bag o’ Donuts to give them a handout of “free” money. It doesn’t speak well for America’s future.. Does it?

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I’m Glad (and sad) that You Missed It.

I’m pleased  that most of you are still enjoying the hopes and dreams of youth. But, on the other hand, I regret that you will  never experience the unity, the sense of purpose, and the total devotion to ONE great cause that World War Two gave Americans.

I was eten years old when the Japanese sneak-attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor killing hundreds of American sailors.. Immediately we were at war. There was no debate about it. This entire nation proudly went to war. Whole high school graduating classes enlisted in the military. Housewives ditched their aprons, put on coveralls and a bandana, and went to work in war plants. My o sister, who was a schoolteacher, left the classroom and  took a job  in a plant producing bombs. In my 5th grade class we formed a drum &bugle corps. (I played the bugle). We marched up and down roads  behind a flag-carrying honor guard, playing marching songs to cheer on the civilians who lined the r roadside.. At my home each day at sunset I played Taps on my bugle. When my older bother joined the Army Air Corps I joined the Civil Air Patrol, where we youngsters trained mochiko the Military Reserves today.

People bought War Bonds which coast $18.75 and paid back $25.00 whenever the war ended. Kids brought their quarters to school. Each quarter bought a “War Stamp” which we pasted in a booklet. When the booklet was full it was turned in for a War Bond. Hollywood stars made whistle stop tours promoting War Bonds. Clark Gable (Rhett Butler of Gone with the Wind) became an Army Air Corps gunnery instructor. Jimmy Stewart flew nearly 20 bombing missions over Germany piloting  a B-17 before the military forced  the famous movie star to quit. It would be too great a tragedy if Jimmy Stewart   died in the war. Hall of Fame Pitcher Warren Spahn and a dozen other sports stars gave up their mitts and glove s and joined the military.

Anyone could get in the movies by bringing an aluminum pot, of any size, and/or Mom’s container of bacon grease. Everything was rationed. We had little sugar, or meat and NO coffee. America learned to drink  Postum, which was made of some g roasted grain. It looked like coffee. It tasted like shit. Cigarettes were rationed. Smokers learned to “roll their own.” No tires for Dad’s car, and very few gallons of gas.  No new cars. Henry Ford converted his auto plants to making bombers. Using his assembly y methods the Willow Run  plant    would turn out a completed B-24 bomber every 20 minutes. Thos plants ran nonstop 24/7.

Few people voiced a complaint about all  the shortages. If they did, there was a universal and loud retort, “Don’t you know there’s a war on?” Every movie was a war movie where America won. . John Wayne fought the Japs on every studio back lot in Hollywood. The National Anthem was played at the beginning and end of every movie and the audience stood and cheered. Kids quit playing cowboys and Indians and began playing fight the Japs and Nazis. Santa brought toy guns made of wood because all the metal was devoted to the war effort.  People planted “Victory Gardens.”

For the only time in my long life this whole nation was totally devoted to only one effort. To defeat the Japanese and Germans. 400,000 American boys died in that effort. But they literally saved the world. My own brother died in that conflict. Blue star pennants hung in evry window indicating that family had someone in the military. Gold stares indicated that some loved one had died in service.

When I see America today so divided on such trivial issues, it makes me sad. Sad because you will never know what our  country can do when everyone in it is devote to a single effort. When everyone of all races and colors and creeds are focused on one job – the job of saving the world from dictators.. You will never know  that kind of unity. And that is what makes me sad.

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