Yep, I AM an idiot!

I must admit that I am an idiot. After watching President Trump for almost two years, I should know better. He is simply a much wiser man that me and most of us. He is always several steps ahead of us and the democrats and socialists. I jumped the gun on him a couple of times. Like when he signed the Omnibus spending bill that didn’t include payment for the “wall.” And later when he appeared to waver and agreed to a seventh FBI probe of Judge Cavanaugh. But I have learned my lesson. When Donald Trump says something – it is not the final word, and that is where he shows he is not a politician. How amazingly brilliant he is. And the irony of it is that I think he deliberately “seems” to agree with those who bad-mouth him. And then the next time he blasts the hell out of them.

On the bad budget bill, (engineered by RHINO Paul Ryan) he agreed to it – then six months later when Trump had the budget where he wanted it, he signed it with no fanfare. Agreeing with “just one more FBI search of Cavanaugh” was a ploy. He knew that the Judge would be appointed to the court, he had the votes in his pocket and if necessary Mike Pence would have voted to break a tie.

I’m not going to try to second guess him anymore. He is a much wiser man than I will ever be. And he has done more FOR this nation in two years than thirty-two (32) years of preceding presidents. The Bushes, Clintons, Obama did nothing except foment racial discord and create needless wars.

He is a marvel. The FBI, the DOJ, the CIA are full of crooks and they couldn’t stop him. James Clapper, John Brennen, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are vile, corrupt, evil people and all of them should be in jail. I can’t help but think that President Trump is making a list and checking it twice. I think he will, when the time is ripe, put these traitors behind bars.

You don’t have to agree with me that I am an idiot. I already know that and I don’t need you to confirm it.

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Here they Come, Ready or Not!

So, there’s a “caravan” of thousands of South Americans who are going to storm our southern border, overwhelm the border guards, and demand to be let into the U.S. And what good do they bring us? Are they doctors or lawyers or nurses or teachers or professional people who might aid our society? No, they are criminals, trash, disease–ridden garbage, the dregs of South America. We already have a NEW form of polio from the illegals who are in this country now. And there is no treatment for it. How long ago was it that Dr. Jonas Salk developed the vaccine that eradicated polio? Remember those sad pictures of young people living in Iron Lungs? Today’s youngsters don’t even know what an Iron Lung is. This new form of polio given to us by illegals may bring back the iron lung.

It’s already been discovered that there are ISIS terrorists in the “caravan.” ISIS has been building up in South America over the last two years. We really want them in our country. I’m sure there are members of MS-13 in the “caravan.” That’s, the Venezuelan gang whose vicious, murdering members account for much of the crime we have in this nation right now. Some of the “caravan” marchers have already been deported several times before, so they’re coming back again.

The mid-term election coming up means it is time for the self-serving do-nothing Republicans in congress to step up and aid our President in stopping this mass invasion of illegals and seal up our borders once and for all! Paul Ryan is no supporter of our President. In spite of his phony speeches, his record in government shows that he is a RHINO. Mitch McConnell is a weak sister. If there are ANY patriots in the Republican congress it is time to put up or shut up. If they don’t support Trump in his efforts to STOP this disregard of our border by these so-called “immigrants” then they deserve to lose this election. And then the Democrats will take over. They will open our borders, make every city a Sanctuary City, and start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. They have made their intentions clear.

Keep your eye on the Republicans the next two weeks. If they futz around with their blah, blah, blah and don’t do the right thing they will lose this election—and they should. If that happens you can weep while America dies.


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Boy! This new iPone is Fantastic!

How do you like that new iPhone? Boy, it’s a dandy, isn’t it? Darn thing will do EVERYTHING exempt cook breakfast, and it might do that with the next upgrade. Do you know where that phone was made? What, Apple didn’t tell you? Then I will. Apple iPhones are made at a big old factory called Foxcomm in China. What you are holding in your hand is a marvel of technology and it was made by a man or woman whose salary is—$2.00 A DAY.

But that’s not the worst part. Foxcomm has the largest suicide rate of any corporation in the world. Employees are often beaten by their supervisors, often made to work 24 hours a day and have a quota of iPhones they must assemble or be further punished. Conditions are so bad that once a group of employees gathered on the roof and threatened to commit mass suicide if their working conditions didn’t improve.

The company quickly responded. They put up nets below the roof line so if people jumped they couldn’t fall. That’s how they “improved” working conditions.

There was a time when liberals in this country would raises hell about slaves in general and would never buy anything made by slaves. But now slave labor is okay. Nobody in America complains about it because of two things. That dogggone phone is so much fun and China is so far away. The other reason Americans ignore slaves making their phones is that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is a homosexual, a firm believer in “climate change” and he donates tons of money to Democrats. He’s a man who “really cares.” He’s also a proponent of “”women’s rights” and “equal pay for women who make less than men…” That last one is not true.

You often hear, especially from pandering politicians, that a woman makes 77 cents to a man making a dollar. That is a lie. When women and men are compared IN THE SAME JOB, women actually make about 8% more than the men.

But, what the hell. Chinese are funny looking people and they eat fish heads and if they only make $2.00 a day producing your nifty iPhone, who cares? Apparently nobody.

And that phone cost you a LOT of money. Of course, the slave who made it would never in a lifetime make enough money to afford one, but it’s making Apple the richest company in America. So why don’t you text your friends and you can get together and text each other. While you’re doing that I’ll wait for Rush Limbaugh and all the other fanatic Apple lovers to castigate me for telling you the truth—a slave made your Apple phone.

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Why are we Going Backward?

Segregation is wrong. It was wrong in the past and it is wrong now. Martin Luther King marched and fought for integration. Brave black students, shaking with fear I’m sure, fought just for the right to sit at a public lunch counter. Busloads of like-minded whites and blacks faced death as they traveled through the south fighting against segregation. All of the instances of bravery on the part of strong black leaders deserve our respect. And their work paid off. The Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs School Board that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. Segregation ended. Let me make this clear. SEGREATION is now a crime. There is nothing ambiguous about that statement. It is the truth and it IS the LAW!

So where are we now? Last year, at the black students’ request, Harvard had a black-only graduation ceremony and a week later a graduation ceremony for all the rest of the graduating students. Almost every university in this nation now has separate black-only dormitories and white (and everybody else) dormitories. They also have special “centers” for blacks where whites are not allowed. Another fact should be made clear—this segregation WAS NOT desired or demanded by Caucasians. (For those of you in Ludiwici that means white people.)

After all the struggles and even deaths fighting for integration, now blacks are demanding to be segregated from whites. Not only is this against the law, but it is crazy. So a question for black people and I welcome your answer. Why? So your great, great, great grandfather was a slave. Do you still hold a grudge after 250 years? If your great, great, great, grandfather had NOT been a slave you wouldn’t be going to Harvard, you would be living in a mud hut in Kenya or Zambia now. Instead, you’re, having an illegal segregated graduation ceremony at Harvard. Forget that the slaves were captured and sold by other Africans to slave traders in the first place, that also was 250 years ago.

Yes, I know that I will be called a racist, a bigot, probably a sexual predator and other epithets just for stating the obvious, but I try to live a logical life. And it is just not logical, to me that after all the hurt and pain and suffering (and even death) that blacks went through to abolish segregation—why do modern blacks now DEMAND to be segregated? If there is an answer to this, a serious reasonable answer, please let me know because I am at a loss to understand this.  Undoing the hard and dangerous work of people like Dr. Martin Luther King and others shows a total lack of respect for their hard-won efforts.

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LAST CHANCE to save America!

It’s time for the most important vote of my lifetime—and yours, too, although you probably don’t know it. First, a little history. I grew up in a Democrat south. Republicans didn’t even oppose Democrats in elections. Running as a Democrat was called “tantamount to election.”

There was a reason for that. In the “olden days” the Democrats were “the party of the people” and the Republicans were “the party of the rich.” That was a good system. It caused honest debate in Congress, and it kept opposing Congressmen from letting one party dominate. It was good because, if we have just ONE party, that means that they (The Ruling Elite in DC) are only looking to make themselves (and their donors) richer and to hell with the people. And that’s what we have now in Washington—except for Donald Trump.

The Democrats are now the party of the rich and so are the Republicans. . How did this happen? During the thirty-two (32) years of Clintons and Bushes and Obamas (all socialists who call themselves “progressives”) our country did a flip-flop. The line between Democrats and Republicans disappeared. We became like Europe, with an Elite Ruling Class in Washington (The Establishment) who picked the next President and our votes didn’t mean a thing.  In order to keep us distracted, while they got richer, instead of Congress debating the economy, , employment, keeping industries in America, they wasted time and money deciding where Transgenders will go to the toilet. Remember when Congress broke up the old AT&T monopoly? Not anymore. Now, when Jeff Bezo’s Amazon gobbles up everything, drives small businesses (and some big ones) bankrupt, Congress does nothing. It must be Vladimir Putin’s fault. Those dammed Russians stole the elation from good old (and I mean “old”) Hillary who was going to keep the ball rolling so the rich got richer and the rest of us could pound sand. Big Business, which used to support Republicans, donated millions of dollars to Hillary’s campaign. Employees of Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon donated to Hillary over Trump by a margin of 60 to 1. (sixty to one!)

So, since Congress is now only ONE party (the names Democrat and Republican don’t mean anything), it is now “THEM” against “US,” and US is you and me.

The media, the other arm of the One Party System, is the propaganda machine of the elites and Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow are dead. Statistically, the “news”  put out by CBS,ABC,NBC, MSNBC, and CNN  is 93% (ninety-three percent) anti-Trump so you’ll never know that Trump has done MORE to improve the lives of “US” in less than two years, than 32 years of preceding presidents who were hand-picked by the elites.

It is up to “US” now. Donald Trump is neither a Democrat nor Republican. He is an American who loves this nation. And, in spite of his faults, we elected him because we knew the ruling class (The Establishment) was destroying our wonderful country. He is fighting the media, most of Congress, a corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA and NSA. It is up to US to give Trump some people who will HELP him help US. Vote out the bad people no matter what they call themselves. And please remember, your vote this November is the most important vote you have ever made. .


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Climate Change? NAH!

OMG! The hurricane was caused by CLIMATE CHANGE!!! Let me put you at ease over “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” because greedy, money-hungry people (and ignorant celebrities) are trying to frighten you out of your money by accusing you of destroying the earth. Forget that..It’s phony bullshit. No…it’s REAL bullshit.

The climate is now and always has been “changing.” But it changes in cycles and those are well defined in the relatively small number of data we have. You must realize that we only have about 150 years of reliable records on the climate. And the world has been here for billions of years. We know that the “climate” has been different in the past. You haven’t seen any dinosaurs or woolly mammoths in your backyard lately have you? Yet, from fossils, we know that they existed in a different climate from today. You only have to cut down a tree and count the “rings” in the stump to know that there have been dry years and wet years and some years were better and some worse than others. China has filthy air, but that is a local condition and not climate. India has filthy rivers, but that is not climate. Los Angeles has smog but that is local and not climate. The rest of California has changeable weather and that IS climate.

This hoax of climate change started when some so-called scientists in East Anglia, England falsified some old data to make it look like we humans were “destroying” the earth. Why would they do that? The answer is grant money. Millions of dollars to “study” the climate. If I can scare you enough you WILL give me your money. And scared people want BIGGER government to “save” them. Of course, the extremely credible Al Gore took one of the English “scientist’s” phony predictions and made a movie and used it to scare people that the ice caps were melting and the seas would rise and cover NYC and Miami and LA. Unfortunately, for Al, his prediction is now some years overdue and NYC and Miami and LA are still t here. (We could do well without them, but that has nothing to do with climate.) Al (who didn’t have a job anyway) did okay, though. He made millions off his phony movie.

Grant money (money that tax payers give to their governments who then give it to people to “study” things) is what keeps these so-called scientists scaring you about the climate. As long as the grant money keeps flowing for “studies” the hoax will continue.

Remember two things, please. We will have wet years and dry years. We will have cold years and warm years. That is “climate” and personally I believe we are going into the 50 year cycle of colder years. I won’t be here to prove it, but my prediction is as good as those of the “scientists.” They can predict what will happen in 50 years, but they can’t tell you what will happen next weekend. And finally, remember this. God gave us an atmosphere that sustains our lives it is SO HUGE that it is the height of arrogance to think that man can do ANYTHING that will change it permanently. Nothing man can presently do will have any more of an effect on the atmosphere—than a pin prick would affect an elephant. So quit worrying about bullshit and enjoy life. We are not harming the earth.

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Ted Turner – Way ahed of the Times

Ted Turner is suffering from dementia. I have always admired that man for his foresight. The only criticism I have is his short marriage to Jane Fonda, the t bitch of Vietnam. Turner is a complex and fascinatingly odd individual. For those of you who appreciate sailing, Ted Turner took an old used sailboat and WON the America’s Cup when sailboats still look like boats and not airplanes.

When he took his little UHF TV station and put it on a satellite and renamed it the “Super Station” I said, “Who in Idaho or Utah is going to watch old movies all night long?” I didn’t think it would last a year. A buddy and I rode our Harleys from Atlanta to Minneapolis one spring. We took the back roads and stopped in all the little towns. When people saw our license tags, they invariable said, “Oh, you guys are from the city of the Super Station.”

When Turner started CNN I said, “Nobody wants to watch news 24 hours a day. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley could do all the news in 15 minutes!” Of course, CNN led the way for all the 24 hour cable news networks that are on now. Turner was so far ahead, in his thinking, of everything it is really remarkable. I was no dummy, but he was never afraid to try something new and he out guessed me every time.

My personal experience with Turner was typical. I was unhappy with the low wages of WSB-TV and somehow Turner learned of my dissatisfaction. He called and wanted to meet with me, he said, “About that.” I assumed he was going to offer me a job. Then he said he had an interview on WSB radio and we could talk then. I finished my 7 o’clock work and went over to the radio side. Turner came out of the studio and said he had to run downtown and we could talk on the way. He had an old rattle-trap of a car but we rode to a hotel in midtown Atlanta. He never mentioned offering me a job on the way. We chatted about the America’s Cup win and the weather. When we got to the hotel, he went up to the desk clerk and asked, “Has Miss So & So checked in?” and the clerk verified that whoever the woman was, she was there. Turner than asked me, “Can you get a ride back to the station?” I said, “Sure” and went out and caught a taxi. HE NEVER MENTIONED A JOB OR WHATEVER HE HAD CALLED ME ABOUT. That was my last encounter with Ted Turner.

It is sad that a man with that much daring and forethought is slowly losing his brain functions. He was the kind of man who always said, “Let’s try this” when I am sure his advisors told him it wouldn’t work. And he was always right. How many of us can say that about ourselves?


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