James Who?

We are semi-normal people so we assume that the government at any given time, like now, has never been so corrupt. We have good reason to believe that. The FBI which we grew up with was looked upon as sacrosanct. We could always rely on the FBI “in peace and war” as the old saying went. Its members were incorruptible. Elliot Ness cleaning up Chicago. Al Capone going to jail. J. Edgar Hoover, the steadfast “Chief.” Yep, when all other law enforcement officials were stymied, “Call the FBI.” They can solve anything and you can always trust them.

Now we know that is not true. We know that James Comey was as tight with the Clintons as Uma Abrideen. Comey’s July announcement of Hillary’s corrupt activities with her illegal email server were swept away when he casually tossed them aside by saying in effect that, “She didn’t mean to d it, so it was okay.” It wasn’t okay. It was a criminal act and he chose to dismiss it as nothing. What a phony! Instead of devoting his time to making cases against criminals, he chose to protect Hillary. Reluctant to even interview her, he allowed her lawyer to accompany her; she was never under oath and he assured h er that she would be cleared BEFORE she even opened her mouth. And a filthy mouth it is, too. Just ask those who have been around her for any time.

Comey should be in jail. So should the Clintons. So should Loretta Lynch, the crooked head of Obama’s Justice Dept. Every right thinking person in America knows that they all broke the law, and if we “common folk” did the same thing we would be indicted, tried, found guilty, and would be serving our time in jail today. Yet they all are writing their little tell-all books and placing their faith on the word of a porn “star” whore whose only claim to fame is sucking penises. My God, what has happened to our country?

We have the media and all democrats and many republicans whose only aim is to “get Trump.” We have the phony Mueller investigation that, so far, has only been able to sentence one person to 30 days in jail. Where I live, you could get that much jail time for jay walking. And Mueller, with unlimited tax-payer funds and a committee of democrats will keep this bullshit going for eight years. After that we will have a really neat establishment president and there will be no need for “Russian” investigations.

It’s mind boggling. But it is not unusual. It has been going on since the beginning of this country. In the days of Thomas Jefferson’s terms as President the media, at that time newspapers, were unbelievably vile and slanderous. They called Jefferson everything evil up to and including the “devil incarnate.” After the Civil War when U.S. Grant was elected President politicians were bought and sold as easily as buying or selling your Wal-Mart stock. Everybody in Grant’s administration was a crook. And every government since has had its share of miscreants. So, hang in there and support our President. All he has on his side are the American people.

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So long, Paulie!

So Paul Ryan is not going to run for reelection. Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave the cushy job you’ve had for 20 years. Get a real job like all of us peons who have to pay the salary (and FULL retirement) of RINOs like you. Yes he will get his full salary for the rest of his life. Don’t you wish your pitiful SSI was that good?

Remember, it was Ryan who went to the Whitehouse and talked Trump into accepting that “omnibus budget” deal that gave the democrats everything they wanted while conservatives got nothing. NOTHING! Now, if we could just get Mitch McConnell to “retire with pay.” Please, Mitch, don’t you want to “spend more time with your family?” And take your cronies with you.

President Trump is never going to be able to “Make American Great Again” with the bunch of fossilized and amazingly ignorant people now in congress. If you heard any of the testimony by Zuckerburg before those brilliant congressmen and women, it was embarrassing. Those august persons are so out of touch with reality it’s mind boggling. Of course, some of them have been in office for 50, 60, 70 years and they know nothing about how the world of business works. For instance, most of them had no idea that Facebook IS a BUSINESS. And, as a business they offer a service and they make their revenue (and billions of dollars of it) from SELLING ADS. Same thing is true of Twitter, or all the other social media outlets. Of course, our congress is so used to getting a free lunch I honestly believe that they thought Facebook was just giving away their service.

The most interesting thing in that dog and pony show was the revelation that Zuckerburg was “cooperating” with the Mueller witch hunt. He didn’t reveal that Facebook and Google both virtually had offices in the Whitehouse when Obama was president. And, that Obama and Hillary both used the data collected by Facebook in their campaigns. And their PR people bragged about it. Then, a funny thing happened. In spite of all the data manipulation, the American people voted Donald Trump into the Presidency. And the liberals (who make up only ¼ of the population but provide 90% of the fake news) can’t accept that.

This country is at a crossroads. Mueller, with his committee made up entirely of democrats, is NEVER going to stop. He has unlimited money and time and he will keep this bullshit up for the entire time that Trump is our President. Trump must ignore all that crap and forge ahead with his plans for America. Getting rid of swamprats like Ryan is a good start. Now if Trump can just keep the drain open, maybe eventually we will get enough republicans with balls to help him. 53% of Americans like what he’s doing. I’m one of them, are you?

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Count me Out!

I am divorcing myself from opinions on politics. I have no idea of what President Trump is going to do anymore. Signing away everything to the democrats in the recent budget dealings is mystifying to me. It goes against everything that we voted him into office for. He became President by people of this nation because we were sick of ALL politicians of both parties. We all know the democrats are socialists and anti-Americans. And we know that many who call themselves republicans have the same outlook, and when in office often vote with the democrats on all the things that are detrimental to our nation.

I must admit that I am perplexed by everything that is going on in DC. Trump has me so confused I haven’t a clue of what his next move might be. So, how can we look ahead at waht he might do? So I am backing out. I am looking out for myself and my family and whatever happens, happens. I’ve tried to live my life according to the Serenity Prayer.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I’ve reached the point where I accept I cannot control the politics of DC or even those of our local government. All I have is my vote. And I have no idea of how I will use that in the future. But ranting about the stupidity of democrats and republicans just makes me angry and I am too old to let it drive me crazier.


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Back UP the escalator!

Dear God, some of you people are so naïve and uninformed I actually fear for your safety. If you get caught out in the rain, I’m afraid you may drown. Yesterday, the Great Deal Maker signed the worst budget that the establishment has passed in decades. The Democrats got EVERYTHING they wanted. What did we, the American people who put Trump in office get? We got a raise for the military and God knows they needed it. And that’s all.

Trump asked for billions to build a southern wall. He got enough to build 16 miles of barbed wire fence. No repeal of Obama care. No stop to illegal immigration. No increased border patrol agents. No punishment for “sanctuary” cities. No arresting and deporting illegals. More money for worthless welfare recipients. No abolishing the 20 or more government agencies that are outdated or duplicated. And the list goes on. Everything Trump promised, and what got him elected was pissed away with a stroke of his golden pen. It, was a once in a lifetime chance to really “Make America Great Again’’ and now it’s gone.  Instead of “draining the swamp” Trump is now knee deep in it with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the worthless (but very wealthy) politicians.

And, worst of all, by betraying his base, the American people who really believed he was going to keep his promises are in a state of shock. When it came time to fight the Old Guard he didn’t have the backbone to stand up to the establishment – and the establishment took him for a sucker. Those of us, who believed he was going to be our salvation after eight heartbreaking years of that lying Muslim Obama, we are now adrift with no one to count on.

We have been so demoralized that we’ll probably sit out the midterm elections. That means the democrats have a green light to take over the house and the senate. And the first thing they will do is start impeachment proceedings to get Trump out of office.

We gave the Republicans the House of Representatives. And then we gave them the Senate. And then we gave them the presidency. They control every branch of government, including a real conservative on the Supreme Court. This was an unparalleled opportunity to really “Make America Great Again.” And all that went away yesterday, when our hero caved in and gave up.

There are only two people who read this blog. So the rest of you can just go on taking pictures of your dog, just don’t get caught out in the rain. When Joe Biden is President, and Donald Trump has gone back up the escalator, maybe you will understand that elections have consequences. And breaking your promises to the people who believed in you has consequences, too.

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I own and have in my closet…wait for it…an ASSAULT WEAPON! Oh, my God! The man is a killer! We need to take that gun away from him. He’s liable to start killing innocent school children at any moment!

Yes, I admit it. I do have an AR-15, and I love it. The AR-15 is similar to the M-16 we used in the Vietnam War, except that it is not one that fires automatically. The Vietnam version was automatic. That meant it would fire continuously as long as you held the trigger back and as long as there were cartridges in the clip. Of course, if you, in the heat of battle, fired it automatically the barrel became red hot and would become distorted and unusable. Late in the war the M-16 was modified so that it would only fire three times with each trigger pull. I think that was Westmoreland’s idea to “save” ammunition and rifle barrels.

Mine just fires one time with each trigger pull. In case you don’t know, automatic fire weapons have been outlawed in this country since the 1930s. It is possible for you to obtain an automatic weapon, but the licensing process is long and drawn out and requires a ton of paper work and takes years and huge fees and demands background checks by every department of the government except maybe the Agricultural Dept. But I’m not sure about them.

The AR-15 normally fires .223 bullets. That is a lead slug that is just barely larger than the .22 caliber shells you used as a kid to hunt squirrels, rabbits, crows, or coyotes. In fact, you can buy an accessory that allows you to fire .22s in your AR-15.The only difference is that the .223 has more powder behind the slug so it has a higher velocity factor than the old .22. That means it goes faster, farther, and has more striking ability.

So I guess we should outlaw these ASSAULT WEAPONS! I hate to tell you, but that won’t stop people of all kinds from having them. The AR-15 is, perhaps, the most popular rifle in the country. It is not as good as the 30.06 if you are going for big game and the 30.06 would also kill bigger people farther away. But you don’t hear the media harping about 30.06s, do you? That’s because the phrase “AR-15” has a nice ring to it when CNN reports on how dangerous they are. I don’t know. Mine sits in the closet and it hasn’t attacked me yet. But I check on it every day to see if it has moved closer.

I bought mine from a gun store for about $800 and procured a carry handle/sight that added another $100 to it. All the publicity about it has now made it worth about $1200 so I consider it a good investment.

But you don’t have to buy one at a gun store, which would have to do a background check on your qualifications to own such a weapon. You can build one. Yep, you read that right. You can buy ALL the parts that make up an AR-15 and assemble it yourself. And there is no restriction on buying “parts.”  The fact that more people are killed in this country each year by knives than AR-15s seems lost on the media. You can kill persons with a baseball bat, a hammer, a car or your bare hands,

But the poor little AR-15 has gotten a bad rep and it is an easy target for vote-happy politicians and Wolf Blitzer. I promise not to kill any school children with my AR-15, if you will just quit calling it an ASSAULT WEAPON!! It’s embarrassed by that misnomer.



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Take off, Delta! It’s been good to know you!

I’m a firm believer in free enterprise. The less interference a business has from local or national governments the better. If Delta airlines think cutting any connection with the NRA will mean more profits and better dividends to their shareholders, more power to them. BUT, if by cutting those ties they imply that the NRA had anything to do with the mass shootings at a school, they are dead wrong. Not ONE of the sick individuals who did those mass shootings in recent years was a member of the NRA. And Delta cutting off the discount for NRA members isn’t going to hurt the NRA. If the truth be known, I suspect that very few NRA members ever flew on Delta. In the first place, NRA members like me can’t afford their sky high (no pun intended) ticket prices for a bumpy ride, a tiny bag of peanuts and a flat Coca-Cola. And, no self-respecting NRA member is going to go anywhere without a firearm, so that keeps them off any airline.

If you have any fear of Delta moving from Atlanta, forget it. They have a Golden Goose here and they are not about to leave it sitting on the nest. They have been given every convenience a business can receive from Atlanta. They already have twice as many gates at Hartsfield than ANY other airline. They get tax breaks right and left from our city all the time. And now we find out that they have been getting by without paying taxes on the jet fuel they buy. Who knew that? That’s a dirty secret the Governor and his cronies have kept hidden from all of us. How much money has Delta been stealing from the city over these many years? I’m sure Southwest and the other airlines would love, and perhaps appreciate more than Delta, such largesse from a city.

No other airline gets that kind of a break. That money rightfully should go to Forest Park, East Point, Hapeville and all the other neighborhoods surrounding Hartsfield. After all, it’s those folks who have to put up with Delta’s noise 24 hours of every day.

FedEx, to their credit, said to hell with the phony protests against the NRA, they’ll keep giving them a discount. And little RoKu said they would keep carrying NRA programs.

I already had a hard-on against Delta because they flatly refused to let a lady sing our National Anthem as a dead U.S. soldier’s coffin was being unloaded from the cargo hold.  When I complained to them about that some Delta wise-ass PR hack told me, in effect, to go pound sand, they didn’t need any suggestions from me or anyone else.

Delta once was a good neighbor, a nice airline. I had many friends there. A fine gentleman spent a Sunday afternoon allowing me and my family to “fly” their simulator. On another occasion, I had a wonderful time from 1AM to 5AM riding with their Chief Pilot as he checked out a First Officer. Just the three of us in a big 737 shooting approaches to the Macon airport. But Delta has lost their Southern Hospitality. They’d fit more properly in New York. They’ve screwed their pilots, they’ve screwed their Flight Attendants and they’ve screwed their retirees. And they’ve screwed Atlanta out of a ton of tax money. This cute little act of Delta’s put the icing on the cake for me, as far as utilizing their airline. I’m voting for whoever tells Delta to stick it, they’re not getting a free tax ride any longer. I hope you will vote the same way.

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What are we Here For?

Do you ever wonder what God put you on earth for? What purpose did He intend for us to fulfill? As I look back over my life (old people do that, you know) I question what He had in mind for me. I’m sure He didn’t intend for me to be a saxophone player because He didn’t give me the God-given talent that good musicians have. He didn’t intend for me to be a radio DJ or a TV weatherman because anybody can do that. (Just look at local TV and listen to local radio and my point is proven.) I know I haven’t been a good father or grandfather or great grandfather, because I’ve never felt adequate for those jobs. He didn’t put me here to write novels to entertain people because he also put “romance writers” here  and they are the only ones who become a success and make a lot of money. He didn’t intend for me to be a recovering alcoholic, although He has kept me sober for the last 38 years.

I wasn’t very good at being a husband either because I divorced two women before I found one who truly loved me for just being me. And that’s a laugh. When my wife married me, my career was ending, my former wife and her father had taken all my money, and I had no prospects of a new and profitable career. When I think of it, and looking at my track record, I wonder why she decided that I might be a good choice as a husband. I do thank God for sending me the wonderful woman who has been my wife for the last 25 years. But even there I’ve failed because I have nothing really to leave for her when I die except a house that’s paid for, a vacant lot on Lake Hartwell and a few copyrights. That’s a pitiful legacy, isn’t it?

I do pray. Every morning I thank God for getting ne through another night and I ask Him, “Let’s try for another day.” And before I go to sleep I ask Him to please allow me into heaven if He chooses to take me in the night.

But I have also asked Him to show me a purpose for being here. What doesHe want me to do? And although I am always open to His guidance I ask for a sign of whatHe put me here for and, so far, I haven’t seen that. I’m not whining. I don’t regret my life, I just don’t feel that I’ve done the job He wanted me to do.

I really would hate to leave this earth (and being realistic, at my age I know that can’t be too long in coming) without fulfilling whatever it is that God put me here for. Do other people have the same doubts that I have? Do you have the same misgivings? Are there more like me sort of wandering through life like a ship without a rudder? I am perplexed and God, if you read blogs, this is my plea – show me the way, and I will follow wherever the path leads. But you’d better speed it up a little, because the sand in life’s hourglass is moving very fast.

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