Climate – To change or not to Change, that is the question.

Someone asked my opinion on “climate change” so here it is. This goes way back. Some pseudo-scientists in East Anglia, England decided they could make a lot of money if they fudged some data on “global warming.” Why would they do that? Because there was a ton of money for “grants” to study the climate. (About 4 billion dollars.) So they produced a phony “hockey stick” graph that shwed the global temperature rising disastrously in 10 or 20 years. 

Enter Al Gore, who lost the election and had lots of time on his hands. He took the phony hockey stick graph and wrote a book (An inconvenient Truth) made a phony movie showing polar bears with no ice and predicted rising seas and Miami, New York, and LA under water in a few years. (That would not be a bad thing, we could well afford to lose those hotbeds of liberals, but it didn’t happen.) Al took his phony movie around the world showing it to paying customers and made millions. (I believe Al’s net worth is now about 200 million bucks. Not bad for a lousy politician and a liar about the weather.) Al flies around in his fuel-burning jet to tell people to reduce their “carbon footprint.”  

The problem is—all of this is bullshit. They ALL did it for money. In America we have it so good that activists must invent a “cause” so they can march in the streets against it in nice weather. So we have the global warming nuts marching—but the globe refused to warm up, only rising 1 degree Celsius in the last 10 years. What to do? “Hey, let’s change global warming to climate change.” And they did. Now they can blame hot weather or cold weather on climate change and that covers everything.

Now, some truth. The climate is always changing, and it does it in cycles. You only must cut down a tree and count the rings to see the dry years and the wet years. (This is actually the way real scientists determine past droughts and wet cycles.) The thing about science is that it is always true. Everything else is “theories.” So those who make their money predicting dire climate changes in 50 years just feed false data into computers which spit out these specious theories. Remember this about computers – garbage in, garbage out. And 50 years from now we will all be dead so who’s to know? In the meantime, these “experts” are laughing as they take their grant money to the bank. They can line up behind Al who is making his deposit.

It is the height of arrogance for anyone to think that man could do ANYTHING to change the climate. Mother Nature has that all under control. But that doesn’t stop the activists from marching and shouting and giving us 12 years before the earth explodes…or something. Personally, I think we are going into an approximate 50-year cycle of colder weather. And that is based on my own “empirical” evidence. I’ve lived over 80 years and I know it was colder with more ice and snow when I was a youngster. Will there be anomalies? Sure. There will be the occasional outlier, a warm year as an exception, but over all my theory is that we will have a colder period over the long run.

I could be as wrong as theclimate change idiots. But no one will know it, will they?

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Got $50k to Loan to Yourself?

Most of us struggle to decide how to invest our money. Stock Market? Bonds? Money market accounts? What to do—what  do? Politicians don’t have that problem. Remember when Stacy Abrams “loaned” her campaign $50,000 in her run to become Georgia’s governor? (There was some talk that she hadn’t paid her taxes, but instead loaned her campaign that money. I don’t know about that.) But for politicians this is an easy way to get a nice return on their money by charring their campaign interest on the “loan.”

Congressman Paul Broun of GA loaned his campaign $$309,000 but instead of taking that money back out of the campaign he charged his campaign interest and collected $29,000 in “interest” payments in the 2010 election cycle. (He originally told the Federal Election Commission that he wouldn’t charge any interest—but he lied. What a surprise!)

There are no strict rules on this practice and politicians can carry these “loans” on the books for years generating a steady cash flow. The FEC doesn’t put a requirement for the interest rate (some politicians charge as much as 20%) nor do they put a cap on how long these loans can be kept in place. At least fourteen other members of congress do the same thing. Collen Hanabusa of Hawaii loaned her campaign $125,000 and pocketed over $31,000 in interest during the 2008-2010 election cycle,

One of the most egregious practitioners of this boondoggle is Grace Napolitano of CA. Back in 1998 she ran for congress and loaned her campaign $150,000. She never asked for the money back but she charged the campaign a whopping 18% interest for twenty (20) years never paying off the loan. She pocketed $200,000 during the first 10 years of the loan. In 2006 she dropped the interest rate to 10% but kept paying herself interest. In the 2008-2010 election cycle good old Grace pocketed an additional $94,245 in interest. This provides a nice hidden way to convert campaign contributions into personal cash.

Candidates continue e to carry these loans when they have the cash to pay themselves back. But why would they? Who wouldn’t want to lend themselves money and get a double-digit guaranteed interest rate in return? Now, don’t you wish you were a politician?

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The Adventures of Lt. Killian & the CAP!

Since I posted the pix of me and the Stearman Biplane, folks have asked questions about my experiences in the CAP (Civil Air Patrol) during WW-II. The CAP was structured as a civilian/military group of youngsters who were being trained to become future service pilots should the war continue for many years. The normal routine went like this: After school on Thursdays, all of us in our Cadet Uniforms were rounded up and bused to Morris Field (now Charlotte, NC’s main civil airport). There we drilled under the commands of a tough Drill Sergeant until almost dark. Then we went into classrooms where we attended “Ground School.” We were taught air navigation by visual means and used the famous E6-B “computer” which was a handheld device on which you could determine compass headings according to the expected wind drift. And we studied aircraft identification using flip cards of all the enemy aircraft. 

On the weekends we went flying under the instruction of Lt. Killian. We had parachutes, but on us they hung down to our heels. But we had them because they were the “seat cushions” in the Stearman Biplane. Nobody ever told us how to use them, and we never asked. In fact, we never said much of anything except “Yes sir” and “No sir” and “No excuse, sir.” We had a Gosport system of communication from the Stearman rear seat, where Lt. Killian sat, to the front seat where the student rode. But it was one way. He could talk to us – we couldn’t talk back. My experience with the good Lieutenant was that he hardly ever used that system. He’d simply pull the throttle to idle and yell obscenities at the student, telling us that we were no good and that we’d never learn to fly. Which just made me more determined. 

One of Lt. Killian’s favorite tricks was to taxi the Stearman out to the end of the runway. Then he would full throttle it but keep it just a couple feet off the runway while we raced toward the trees at the field’s boundary. When it looked as if we were going to smash those trees., he jerked the stick back and the Stearmean went straight up, like an elevator, until it almost stalled. Then he’d level it and take me out over the Catawba River and do stalls, loops, spins (in both directions), snap rolls, slow rolls, the whole gamut of aerobatics. He was a helluva pilot. Remember, he’d been overseas, and I don’t know what he flew but it was certainly a bigger more powerful aircraft than the Stearman trainer. After the aerobatics, he’d let me fly us back to the field, and I was supposed to use what I had learned in Navigation school to get us there.

At the time I thought Lt. Killian was an asshole. But I think what he was doing was to weed out those who could not become, or were not, suitable for flying. And he did. Our squadron got smaller and smaller as time went on. 

In the summer we had a two-week encampment assignment at Morris Field, much like the AF reservists have today. We slept in barracks, had meals in the mess hall and then were assigned to duties around the base. I mostly remember “latrine duty” where I had the pleasure of cleaning toilets. Those summer sessions were to acquaint us with life in the military and I don’t recall any flying during that period, although we did wash a bunch of airplanes and ran lots of errands for the Officers.

My brother was serving in the Army Air Corps so I fantasized doing my “preliminary training” to join him, should the war go on forever. But it didn’t. My brother was killed, the war ended, and so did my tour in the CAP. But what I learned helped me a lot in later life when I sought my own pilot’s license. I already knew how to fly. And it taught me something else that young people today have never had – it taught me discipline. That training served me well in many ways for the rest of my life and I’m thankful for the opportunity CAP gave me.

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The Pres and WW-II

It was entirely appropriate that President Trump referenced the men and women who fought in WW-II in his State of the Union address. America NEEDs to remember the days of our greatness, when young boys of 17,18,19, left their farms and factories and went off to save the world from Nazi and Japanese tyranny. Sadly, at least the last two generations have no idea of what he was talking about. So, let me give you a few stats from that war. I’ll contain my remarks to the U.S. Army Air Corps, and its mission in Europe, because that was the part of the service my brother fought and died in.

An eye-watering 43,581 aircraft were lost overseas including 22,948 on combat missions (18,418 against the Western Axis) and 20,633 attributed to non-combat causes overseas.

For instance, in a single 376 plane raid in August 1943, 60 B-17s were shot down. That was a 16 percent loss rate and meant 600 empty bunks in England. Remember, there were nine (sometimes 10) young men in every B-17 or B-24 bomber. And very few escaped when their plane was shot down. If they were able to parachute, they spent the rest of the war in a German concentration camp. 

In 1942-43 it was statistically impossible for bomber crews to complete a 25-mission tour in Europe. And then the number of missions was raised to 35 which made the odds of surviving even smaller. 

Most of these young men went to war with absolute minimums of training. Some fighter pilots entered combat in 1942 with less than one hour in their assigned aircraft. As in the case of my brother he spent his entire training in P-51 fighters, and as soon as the Invasions of France took place his entire squadron was switched to P-47 aircraft. Remember, these were extremely complex airplanes, no computers to aid the pilot. One squadron trained in P-51s arrived in England and were confronted with P-38 airplanes which they had never flown. Their commander told them, “You can learn to fly the P-38 on your way to the target in Germany.”

A high-time P-51 pilot had 30 hours in type. Many had fewer than five hours. Some had one hour. Consider that in civil aviation it takes 40 (forty) hours for a person to obtain a Private Pilot’s license.

Despite these handicaps and hardships, AMERICANS won the air war and then the ground victory and literally SAVED TEHE WORLD. And our young people have never been taught the sacrifices in American lives that allow them to march for so-called “social justice” and to advocate communism and for our politicians to cheer a woman’s “right” to have her full-term healthy baby murdered.

We have reached the bottom in America when these things can happen without the citizens rising in protest. The democrats at least make their goals clear – they want to turn the U.S. into a communist country. The republicans continue to betray us. They tell us lies about their conservatism, and then vote with the democrats. We have NO representation in our government. Donald Trump alone cannot save us. It’s going to take another Paul Revere to awaken the true Americans to arise and retake their government. Oh…I forgot. Young people have no idea of who Paul Revere was. Okay, then. Goodbye America, it was nice while it lasted.

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Hey! Let’s KILL some babies!

Some things are just impossible to believe, unless you see or hear them yourself. First there was the New York legislature cheering when they passed a bill which allows “non-doctors” to perform abortions and codified the right of a mother to have her term baby murdered if she decides she doesn’t want it.

But yesterday I heard the governor of Virginia voice the most barbaric proposal that I have heard since Hitler solved the “Jew” problem by trying to kill all of them. The governor said, and I will paraphrase it here, that If a mother gives birth and is “in distress” the live baby would be “made comfortable” and then when the mother was less agitated, she could decide to have the living baby “aborted.” That is not an abortion, that is the capital crime of premeditated murder.

I had to listen to that man twice to make sure that I had heard correctly. Make the baby “comfortable” and then kill it. Dear God! What kind of people are these? If you tried to kill a cat or a dog, you would be arrested and likely serve a jail sentence. But you can kill a live and viable baby and that is okay? Have we sunk to the basement of horrors where we place more value on the life of a pet than the life of a baby?

I’m sorry, but just speaking of such an atrocity makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve stated my views on abortion and they remain the same. As far as I am concerned an abortion is entirely a decision made between a pregnant woman and her conscience and none of my business. But we have gone far below that when we advocate murdering living babies.

There are childless couples in the U.S. who pay thousands of dollars to adopt a baby. There is no lack of people who wish to adopt a child. But we have now decided to kill the babies instead of giving them up for adoption. And there is not one politician who will speak out against these ghastly, horrendous proposals. I hope that God will forgive the governor of Virginia and the New York legislature. He must do it, because I will NEVER forgive them for murdering living children. The world would have been much better off, if the mothers of the Virginia governor and the members of New York’s legislature had aborted THEM.


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New York’s Abortion Bill

The New York legislature just passed a bill that sounds like it is right out of Hitler’s playbook. Let me state, as I have before, my personal view on abortion. Until a man can have a baby (which might be soon if all the “transsexuals” get heir operations) I have no right to an opinion on what any woman does with her body. That is entirely between her and her conscience.

So I will just state in non-legal terms what this NY bill provides. It specifically allows abortions after 24 weeks or 6 months of pregnancy. Non-specially, a woman could be due on Thursday and have an abortion on Saturday and its okay with New York. That possibility comes under the “unwanted pregnancy” part of the law.

This brings up the problem of giving birth to babies who have gone to term. As I said, this bill has an “unwanted pregnancy” provision and there is “no protection” for that living baby   which basically means the baby can be murdered. There is a Philadelphia doctor (Gosnell) who is in jail right now for doing what the NY legislature just made legal. If I were him, I would be instituting a repeal of his sentence at this moment.

The NY bill also allows “non-doctors” to perform abortions. Does that mean that w e go back to women having coat hangers shoved up their wombs by back alley abortionists and likely bleeding to death? With this bill, I suspect, that Abortion Mills will spring up on every corner in NYC. Might be a new opportunity for us, right? No…I don’t think so.

I urge you to read the bill as I did, and you might have an entirely different perspective of it, which is fine. That is why we live in an almost-free country. For me, upstate New York is beautiful (except for Albany where the capital is) but a state that has an elected body that would pass this, in my opinion, draconian piece of law is not somewhere I would choose to live.


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When Pelosi SPEAKS, you better Listen!

House of Representative’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been out of power for a while, so when she takes power, she really takes power. This was evident in her changes to the House rules. When Pelosi and the democrats took over the House in early January, she didn’t waste any time in changing the rules. The House, of course, oversees all “spending bills.” That is, they control how much money the government can spend of the taxpayer’s money. One rule Pelosi immediately instituted allows the new, liberal House majority to make debt limit increases unlimited, which means they will spend without any regard for the debt piling up for your children and grandchildren who will have to pay it. Our national debt is already 22 TRILLION dollars.

Another new rule Pelosi made will eliminate the requirement that bills, such as the extreme “Green New Deal” proposal, be analyzed for how they will affect the economy. It’s as if Speaker Pelosi learned nothing from the last ten years, where regulations and excessive government spending stifled economic freedom and growth. Congressional liberals want to throw accountability out the window so they can spend and regulate outrageously, without checks on their power. Hold on to your wallet for the next two years; Pelosi intends to empty it.


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