Ready to Vote?

You want to vote? Okay, you’ll need a photo ID and also be fingerprinted. No out of country absentee ballots accept ed. And if you want an absentee ballot it requires two trips to the polling place. One to pick up your absentee ballot and one to take it back. Also no ballot boxes will EVER be left unattended, This is to keep either party from stuffing unattended ballot boxes.

Where do these “voter suppression” rules apply? Well, certainly not in the US where the Democrats don’t even want you to have to show and ID to vote. No. These rules apply in Mexico. And in Europe (we’re talking France, Germany, Italy, etc. 99% of the countries) all of them require a not just  a driver’s licenses, but  also  a government issued ID to cast a ballot. Some even require you to show a passport.

So why is  America the only country that is so lax in voter requirements? You tell me. We both know he answer. Obviously mass mailing of ballots is inviting massive fraud.. Unrequested absentee ballots are inviting illegal’s voting.. A friend of mine and his wife (two in the household) received FOUR absentee ballots and two of those were addressed to :Occupant.” He didn’t, but he could have voted four times. In the 3 November 2020 election.

There is only one political party fighting voter integrity laws which man y states are now working on. Why  is that? Why would anyone object to provable fair and honest elections? I hate to state the obvious but there is only ONE reason a political party would object to a citizen having to show an ID to vote. And that is to allow gigantic fraud. With no ID an illegal person can vote early and often .Which party is it that benefits most from voter fraud? No Republicans or Libertarians or Independents are vocal about obstructing these vital revisions in voter laws. Only the Democrats fight them. Why is that I wonder?

Joesph Staling said, “It’s not the people voting that counts, it’ the people counting the votes that  determines who wins and who loses.” Fighting voter  fraud isn’t just about keeping the process legal. Every illegal vote that is cast, makes legal votes not count. So legitimate voters are being disenfranchised. The Constitution plainly states tht only State Legislatures can make rules about elections. And yet in 2020, Governors, Secretaries of State, Judges and Democrat activists were blatantly violating the constitution. And my state, Georgia, was one of the worst  offenders with video s of massive violations of voting procedures. One thing is guaranteed: If states don’t clean up their voting procedures, no American will ever feel confident about their vote counting. And that means – they won’t vote.

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California Nightmare

Just when you think California can’t do anything more stupid – they outdo themselves it something that is  even more stupid. San Francisco now has a law that makes shop lifting legal up to $950. (No, I’m not kidding. This is not fiction. You can’t make this stuff up.) Well, of course, this resulted in many, if not most, stores in downtown SF closing up and going to of business.

Here’s a quote from a San Fran paper, “In their “wisdom,” the City Council passed Prop 47, an ordinance that prevents police officers from arresting or even stopping anyone who steals less than $950 worth of goods. .Unsurprisingly, the new city law spurred the growth of organized gangs of thieves who gather together and run into a store as a group to grab everything they can carry knowing full well that neither the police, nor the store owners, can do a thing to stop them.”.

Well, any human being with a brain cold see where this would lead. Business s are not in businesses for fun. They are there to serve to public and to make a profit. If their stores are going to be cleaned out by thieves what is the purpose of their being in business? Now, stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and convenience store chains, are closing dozens of locations in the city because their product loss rate has climbed more than 100 percent.

Walgreens has closed 17 of its locations and CVS is not far behind. Convenience stores, where the profit margin is critically narrow have virtually closed all locations. All legitimate customers of the few remaining locations are avoiding entering the stores because of gangs roaming the aisles.

This idiot scheme of a law passed by Democrats hurts the poor who don’t have cars and the elderly the most. Before, persons without cars cold walk to their neighborhood drug store. But now that store has closed its doors and left town. And the elderly who depended on stores such as Walgreens and CVS for their vital prescriptions are out of luck. They have nowhere to go.

If we needed any more proof that Democrats care more for criminals then they do for ordinary law-abiding citizens this outrageous law should be the icing on the political cake.

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Alice Was Right.

As Alice in Wonder d says, this is getting “curiouser and curiouser” It seems the media is just now discovering something that you and I knew over a year ago. They have now decided that the Corona virus “may” have come from Wuhan, China. Remember over a year ago that China closed down Wuhan,, not allowing its citizens to go to ANY other place in China -bu tthey did  allow them to fly to all other parts of the world? And suddenly without warning we  we had a virus that killed four million people worldwide (thousands in the US) running countries and  destroying businesses. You’d think that might have given the media a slight hint that the virus “:might” have come from China, don’t you think?

But it gets better (or worse). Now we know that the “bat lady” who engineered the deadly virus in cahoots with the Chinese military, turned up mysteriously dead. Funny how people in China who might turn out to be an embarrassment to the Communists just  suddenly die, isn’t it? Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Another clue was that China came roaring back, building the world’s largest navy while the rest of the world was floundering trying to combat this pandemic. Dr. Fauci and the scarf queen were telling us the virus came from bat soup. But, aa always, Dr. Fauci was knowingly lying. He seems to be very good at that. Even more curious is that China’s economy came soaring back so quickly. They were back to normal in a month. How could that be, while the read of the world was locked down tight for a year?. Well, and this is just a wild guess on my part,, maybe it was because  they were not only waging biological warfare on the world, but they were ALSO developing a vaccine for that virus at the same time.

So let’s sum up some Corona virus s facts that the media has ignored or on/or tried to blame on  Donald Trump. Remember, he cut off all flights from China in January of 2019, which Dr. Fauci denounced as  totally unnecessary? CNN won’t tell you this, but I will. Here is what really happened. China develops a super-deadly virus along with a vaccine to counter act it. But they denied the virus came from Wuhan, and they kept their vaccine for this virus a closely guarded secret. Meanwhile, the US is reeling form this killer disease so Trump mobilize s “Warp Speed” which gave us  a vaccine in about nine months that would have taken five years normally. His action saved thousands of lives. He also used American industry to build millions of ventilators. Then  he  donated massive numbers of ventilators to other countries. He demonstrated once again America’s generosity to others and bhe saved countless f lives.

China quietly declared biological warfare  on the world and on the US in particular. And now the American pieces of excrement like Dr. Fauci and his lying virologist buddies are scrambling to cover up their cooperation in foisting this disease on everyone on earth. Through a front agency Fauci donated 600 Million dollars of your money to that Wuhan virus lab. People need to go to jail for this horrible crime starting with Fauci. China needs t o be forced , by the world, to pay for their crimes. The media in their insane hatred of Donald Trump aided the Chinese Communists by parroting their lies and they continue to aid the cover up by Ffuci and friends. . They need to g to jail, too. Meanwhile,  American patriots know what a heroic leader President Trump was throughout this China induced pandemic. And we won’t forget it.

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Loaf of bread? $10.00 please.

How about a short  lesson in Economics 101? Have you noticed how the price of gas has skyrocketed? Benn to the grocery store lately? EVEERYTHING costs more, doesn’t it? Tried to buy some lumber lately? The cost of lumber (you know, 2x4s and stuff) is up 300% The reason everything costs more is: TAH DAH! Inflation. So what is inflation? At one time every dollar printed by the government had to have  a dollar’s worth of Gold in the vault. And there was no inflation. That ended long ago. Now the government just prints money as if it is for your Monopoly game, and that is about what it’s worth.

If the government prints more money, the price  of everything goes up? Why? Because more money is chasing after  the same product. Let’s say you want to buy a car for $1,000 (boy, don t ‘you wish!) But there if there is only one car, and lots of people want it, so the price of the car goes up because money is worth less.. So does the cast of a loaf of bread. For years the government told us inflation was only 4% but they were lying as usual . It was really about 12% and now it’s about 15% and going up and that means that your dollar is not worth 100 pennies, It’s only worth 85 cents. That’s inflation. So it will take more of your 85 cent dollars to buy anything.

Inflation hurts the poorest Americans the worst. Bill Gates (eve if he is going thru  a divorce) doesn’t care if gas coasts $5.00 a gallon. But to someone who is already working for minimum wage that extra cost makes their “take home” considerably less and they have to make some tragic choices.  Do I they buy gas, or do they  buy bread?

The Democrats answer to inflation is to give you a “stimulus” check. Of course they are just giving you your own tax money back because the government doesn’t produce anything (except crooked politicians). And because they re printing more money and  the country is growing the same amount of wheat, that stimulus just makes inflation grow higher and bread cost more..

Okay. Can w agree that inflation is bad? How do we stop it so that a plank of plywood doesn’t cost $35? (BTW, that inflated cost of lumber adds about$35,000 to the cost of a new house.) The answer to inflation is so simp lathe Democrats can’t understand it. JUST STOP printing money that isn’t backed up by something substantial like gold or silver. If they flood the market with tons of money the cost of everything will continue to rise. I hate to tell you,  but the present government doesn’t give a shit if gas costs poor people $5.00 a gallon. And pretty  soon we will be like Germany in the 1930s when it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy that loaf of bread. Runaway inflation is hared to stop, and the inflation train has green lights and a clear track ahead.. Until we change political parties running our government.

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No News – is better for You

None of you are old enough to remember the “Huntley/Brinkley Report.”. When I started in TV in the early ‘50s Chet Huntly in New York and David Brinkley in DC gave all the national and international nil NEWS in 15 minutes. You read that right, 15 minutes. Local TV stations did a half hour or less on local news and so-called “human interest” stories. (Those were supposed to be amusing, but seldom were.)

Here’s my question: Has the NEWS changed so much that we now have to have cable networks doing 24 hour news programs 7 days a week? I’ll answer that fore you. No, it hasn’t. The world isn’t spinning faster, the ice caps haven’t melted, the seas are not rising, the Middle East is still fighting and always will be. (Here’s a news flash for you, when  the world finally ends, and noting is left but cock roaches and fruit cake, there will STILL be a couple of guys trying to kill each other in the Middle East.)

Do we really need to know what is happening in the UK? In Denmark, Norway, and Sweden? Can you live without knowing there is a ship stuck in the Suez Canal? Does that affect your breakfast or  your daily commute to work? Of cure not. There is only ONE reason we now have a dozen cable shows running “news” 24/7. Think about it. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH REAL NEW S TO FILL 24 HOURS.  So most of so-called news is simply gossip and bullshit from “reliable sources” who remain anonymous. (Translated, that means  they made it up.)

The only purpose of these extended pseudo  news programs is to provide room for more commercials. Producing a news program is cheap. Much less expensive thatn, say, an entertainment program oar sit-com. So they tease you with, “Gigantic four-alarm fire in huge metropolitan area – after r this brief time out.” And the brief time out consists of four or five commercials. Even local stions have learned the value of cheap news. Man of them now run two hour news programs in the morning, at noon, m in late afternoon, and  in the late night period.

Huntley/Brinkley was a no nonsense, noncommercial 15 minutes of pure solid news. And it is my contention that we could still get all the truly important news in 15 minutes. But the bookkeepers have learned that stupid people will shit through 20 minutes of commercials if you surround them with 40 minutes of news-babble. Personally, I gave up “national news”: three years ago and ‘local news” over a year ago. And you know what? I feel better. I’m happier. And I haven’t missed a thing that I needed to know. You actually can live without “news” and you’ll be getter for it. Give it a one week try. You’ll never be a sucker again.

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The Verdict’s In – I’m a Racist

Let me see if I have the s right. If I believe in law &Order and supporting the police, I’m a racist. If I believe in the God given rights to Free Speech, Freedom to Assemble (like go to church),I’m a racist  If I think Freedom to pursue Life, Liberty, and happiness, is a pretty good idea, I’m a racist. If I am white, then I’m a White Supremacist and therefore I’m a racist. If I believe the government can’t make me wear a mask, I’m a racist. If I’m a Republican I am automatically a racist. If I think that I have the right to protect myself and my family with a firearm if necessary, I’m a racist. If I dare question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election I’m a racist. If I object to my children being taught that skin color is all that matters, I’m a racist. If I believe that true American History should be taught in schools and universities instead of Critical Race Theory, I’m a racist. If I don’t apologize for  America being a racist nation, I’m a racist. If I don’t admit that I’m a racist, I’m a racist.

Where, in the name of God, did all this bullshit come from? Yes we had slaves in this country 200 years ago. But it was not only white plantation owners who had slaves. There  were black plantation owners who had 10,000 black slaves. (Look it up.) And  there were slaves in the North as well as the South. And, yes, we had a Civil War in which ha half million Americans died. Were there good people with good intentions on both sides in that conflict? Yes there were. Was slavery the only reason for hat war? No, there were a number of reasons.

There is the story, probably true, that a “Tarheel” ( a Confederate soldier from North Carolina which, not coincidentally had very few plantations) who was captured by the Union Army. They asked him, “Why are you fighting us?” and he replied, “Because YOU are here.” It was simply a matter of survival to that soldier. You invade my state and try kill me, I will try to kill you.

The America I grew up in, is fighting for its life. There are socialists, funded by outside sources, who want to enslave us with Communism. This is not fantasy, or pipe-dreaming, this is real. Very real. And every American who has taken Freedom for granted, should be scared shitless. Unless we elect true Patriots at every level of politics from the School Board to the US Senate, your children and grandchildren will know real slavery. Communism doesn’t fuck around. You follow the government rules, or you are dead. We were on the road to Making America Great Again, and that opportunity was stolen from us. It’s time for Patriots to take to the streets. The BLM communists and the Antifa cut throats don’t own the streets. It’s going to take real force to take back our nation. Get out in the streets. I’ll join you.

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Meet my Neighbor.

My neighbor came over least week. Water from my sprinkler system was leaking down his driveway. Was he angry about this intrusion on his property? No, not at all. In fact, he spent an hour helping me track down the leak and then getting the valves turned off. Thank God he did because my water bill from that mystery leak was almost $400. If my neighbor hadn’t helped me, I might have had to take out a bank loan to pay my water bill. (My county, DeKalb, doesn’t give one a corrected bill if you report a repaired leak. They always charge you the maximum.)

I was telling someone about this water leak adventure, and he said, “Isn’t your neighbor black?” I suppose his implication was, “Why would a black man help a white man?” But it honestly it wasn’t until this person pointed it out that I had even thought of my neighbor as black. He’s simply my neighbor and we look out for each other.

In fact I live in one of the most diverse ethic neighborhood you could imagine. We have blacks, whites, Indians, Koreans, Mexicans, and God knows what else. And yet we have one of the quietest, non-threatening collection of “types” you could think of.

When my wife and were looking for a new home some 20 years ago, the real estate agent took us down the street we now live on. We saw this house and immediately liked it and I told the agent to make an offer on it. As we were driving out of the neighborhood the agent  lowered her voice and said, “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but there are black people living on this street.” I suppose she expected me to be shocked. But what I said was, : Wow! Then I wan to know what they do so I can do the same thing. If they can afford these big homes I want in on their secret.” In short, we bought the house and have lived here happily with a black family on one side and Lesbians on the other.

The point of all this is a simple question: Why has “race” become such a hot potato? The answer is plain as  day. Politicians use race to try to try to turn  us against each other – so we won’t notice their  efforts to destroy America. It’s not going to work. Black people make up only about 12% of the population. So if EVERY black person hated white people it still wouldn’t amount to much. Racism is the tool of corrupt politicians and that is all it is. Let them rave on, it means nothing. My neighbor and I will continue to live in harmony.

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Where did America Go?

What the hell happened to America? I feel like Rip Van Winkle. When I went to sleep Martin Luther King was preaching that people should not be judged by the color of their skin. People were flag-waving patriots, proud of their country. Kids were riding their bicycles and playing outdoors. Little League had winders and losers, and the losers didn’t cry and call themselves “victims” and they didn’t get a trophy just for showing up. They just knew they had to try harder next year. Young people went to college and opted for courses that would help them have successful careers. School students said the Pledge of Allegiance and said a prayer for God to help them through there day.  Homosexuals didn’t demand that we “celebrate”: their abnormality.

Now I wake up and Critical Race Theory is the big deal where students are taught that ONLY the color of t heir skin counts. Black people are taught there they are victims and are voluntarily segregating themselves from ehite people. We have active blatant communists in our government, Ilhan Omar marries her brother preaches that Jews should be annihilated, and one demented woman named AOC wants America to become Russia. Dr. Fauci is God, and he tells Americans to wear  a mask, and then  or not to wear  a mask and then to wear 2 masks and googles. He allows them  to  go unmasked to buy marijuana, but they can’t have a normal wedding or go to church because it is too dangerous. We have a president who got elected  under the most suspicious circumstances in my lifetime , but we are not allowed to question it

China and Russia and Iran and North Korea want to ill us, and they are building up their military strength. Meanwhile our military is recruiting women raised in Lesbian homes and who are participants in “Marches for Equality” and we are designing flying suits so pregnant women can fly super-sonic jet fighters.  America, we ae told, has systemic racism that White Supremacy is the “biggest threat” to America.  Obviously there is a White Supremacist behind every tree, I just haven’t noticed any. American businesses can’t find people to work because people are being paid more NOT to work.

400,000 American boys died fighting to save the world from being dominated by dictators in WW-II. Several hundred  thousand died in Korea to save the south from communist North Koreans. Almost 60.000 American boys died in Vietnam trying to save half  of that country from communist North Vietnam. American men and woman have been fighting in the middle east for twenty years, so long that no one remembers why we were there in the first place.

Today it would be hard to find two dozen young civilians to voluntarily fight to defend America if war came to us. Young Americans are so self-centered that their biggest concern is keeping the battery charged in their thousand dollar iPhone. Instead of doing homework to get better grades, enhancing their changes at a good job, they spend all their time texting or playing video games.

Abraham Lincoln was a pretty hip guy. He said that if our republic ever fell it would not be from outside sources, it would come from within. He was right and it is here in all of its absurdities and dangerous doctrines.

I’m sorry America. You’ve allowed a handful of radical bureaucrats, never elected by the citizens, to turn our beautiful country  into a 3rd world nation. It’s too late to save you now. I’m just glad that I am so old I won’t be here when the flag comes down and taps is played for the final time and this nation created by God dies a whimpering death..

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What? Reparations Again?

Congress is taking about “reparations” again. There is a precedence for reparations in this nation. The Japanese-Americans who were detained in camps in WW-II were paid reparations. It is debatable whether that was necessary since the Japanese had attacked America and we knew they  had spies all over  our country, but let’s put at aside. Those reparations were paid directly to the people who WERE detained. What congress wants to do is give money to those descendants of slaves in America for something that occurred 150 years ago . And the descendants, without question, are better off today had their ancestors not been slaves. I didn’t own any slaves. Did you? Of course not. So, even though slavery is still common in many places in the world, particularly in Africa and the Muslim Middle East, there is just no logic in paying American blacks because their ancestors may have been slaves a century and a half ago.

American history is not taught in our public schools anymore, so there is the misconception that the Civil War was jut about slavery. And that simply is not true. The fact is that the world in the 17th century was hungry for fabrics. And the South was the largest producer of cotton, so they were doing well against the industrialize North economically. So the North, the seat of government power in America, put tariffs on cotton shipped to foreign nations. The South , understandably, didn’t like that. Also it seemed that the North was getting all of the advantages of the age, the Erie Canal, improved roads, fancy carriages, and the manufacture of hard goods which the South needed and paid dearly for. This caused resent mint. It seemed unfair to Southerners who were highly proud and fiercely independent people. So the southern states decided to separate from the North.

President Lincoln’s primary reason for fighting this action was not slavery (there were slaves in the North, though that is never mentioned). He e could not allow the Union to dissolve. The proof of his as his main concern is that  the Proclamation of Emancipation, which freed the slaves, was not issued until the Civil War had been in progress for two of its four years. And it was a brutal war. Remember, Atlanta, in a state which had relatively fewslaves compared to , say, South Carolina, was burned t the ground by Sherman in his March to the sea. It took the deaths of a half million Americans to end that war. And there is no question  that the North, after Lincoln’s death,  foisted punitive actions on the South during the Reconstruction Period.

There were brave men on both sides in that war. And that is why it is as absurd to tear down the statues and monuments only of those who fought for the South as it is to give reparations to descendants of slaves. America has vastly bigger problems now than destroying moss coved statues and giving away money y it doesn’t have. The direction in which h it is now flowing will make both issues moot points. Communism cares little about either subject.

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Reparations? Or a ticket to Africa or Japan?

A tendency in modern  America that current generations (and particularly politicians) have  is to criticize actions of the past using terms and standards that are current today. And it doesn’t work. Basically it is simply that those who seem determined  to correct perceived wrongs of the past, use modern mores and current beliefs that don’t fit with the time and place the older event occurred. Why not ? Because they were NOT THERE..

Here’s an  example: There’s always talk of “reparations.” I think the idea is to give yourr taxpayer money  to great, great, great, great grandchildren of American slaves.. On the face of it that sounds like a good idea. But those who propose that notion were not living in the days of slavery in this country,. Let me use a cliché’ here. Don’t judge the actions of past generations unless you “Walk a mile in their shoes.” And if it hadn’t been for slaves those so-called “Afirican-Americasns” now enjoying life in the USA would still be living in mud huts and starving in Africa. Slavery is wrong and the Constitution recognized that. And made provisions to abolish it (All men are created equal) but the time wasn’t right in the 1700s.

Recently there was a a lot of liberal blah,  blah about Roosevelt “rounding up Japanese in 1941 in the west coast states and putting them in “concentration camps.” Okay. Let’s look at conditions in 1941. I was there. I was 10 years old. At that time a Japanese submarine had surfaced off the California coast and lobbed shells into Oakland destroying property and injuring Americans.. Japanese spies in Hawaii took pictures and kept schedules of US ships in and out of the harbor which they radioed to Japan’s War Lords. America was leery of anyone Japanese, and California was full of them. The “concentration camps” they were sent to in many cases were better conditions than they left. Today that sounds terrible: At the time it seemed logical.

You don’t know the shock and awe we felt when the Japanese pulled their sneak attacked on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941  and killed thousands of American servicemen. Some of them are till entombed in the sunken battleship “Oklahoma.” At the time, Japan had their envoys in DC making “peace talks” while their planes were already headed for Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt was a liberal, so it might sound strange that he ordered internment of Japanese in western states. But remember, at the time we were at war. The Japanese had landed troops on the Aleutian Islands, American territory. There were plenty of reasons for him and  all Americans to be suspicious of  anyone who was  Japanese. Who was a spy and who wasn’t? Nobody knew. You can’t fault1941 people for not being mind-readers.

Japan had invaded China and was taking over the Pacific Islands .Almost 30,000 young American boys died in fighting Japanese just on  the island of Iwo Jima. 386,00 American servicemen were killed or wonned in fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. And you wonder why America was wary of Japanese? You  should have been here—and you’d know why.

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