Will Jose’ and Pedro elect the next President?

Is there any sane person who should object to requiring a voter to show identification? The democrats have fought that notion for a decade saying that requiring identification would “deprive” minorities of their right to vote, which is political BS. But voter ID is not an issue anymore. The radical democrats have found a new method to win elections dishonestly.

Now, it is “alien registration.” This sneaky move involves illegal aliens acquiring driver’s licenses which then allows them to become registered voters. You might think that non-citizen voting is not a big problem. Think again, my friend. In Texas there are 95,000 non-US citizens registered to vote, and 58,000 of them HAVE voted in one or more elections in Texas.

And, of course, in California they have long since given driver’s licenses to illegal aliens who are now eligible to register and vote. What else would you expect? California is a “sanctuary state” which is rapidly becoming the United Soviet Socialist State of California.

Well, what the heck. There are not enough illegal aliens voting to swing an election. Right? Nothing to worry about here, folks, move right along, nothing here to see.

The New York Times, that paragon of virtue, tells us that the Texas example of non-citizens voting doesn’t mean anything. That if all the non-citizens voted it would only be 69% of the total votes cast so it really had no effect on the outcome. That certainly is one way to put it. If you consider that 58,000 fraudulent votes have no significance, let’s go back a few years to a national election.

George W. Bush beat Al gore in Florida by only – 537 – votes…and he became the 43rd President of the United States. With Florida loaded with illegal aliens, what do you think the outcome of that election would be today?



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