Why do Young People Hate America?

America is the greatest country in the world. The young people of today live in the best of times. They have been raised in the most liberal period of our history. They have abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, welfare if they don’t want to work, a voluntary military – no draft, affirmative action if they are a minority, equal pay for equal work (if men and women have the SAME job the woman averages $8 more per hour than the man). They have many other benefits that previous generations only dreamed of.

And, yet, they are not happy. They hate America. They want to change it to a communist country, but they have no idea of what we know to be true – that an oppressive totalitarian socialist country is NOT the utopia they think it is—it is a country with NO freedom.

Why do they hate America? Because their socialist professors in college have taught them that because America had slaves 250 years ago, this is a rotten country. They have not been taught any real American history. They don’t know that this nation led the way in abolishing slavery which prevailed over most of the world 250 years ago and still prevails today in Muslim nations.

. They didn’t live through the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean conflict or Vietnam.– In fact, if you ask them about any of those hard times, they have no idea of what you’re talking about. They don’t know that Germany and Berlin were divided by Communist Russia.. They don’t know that American taxpayers (through the Marshall Plan) rebuilt Europe after WW-II. They don’t know that Stalin murdered approximately 60 million people when they opposed his dictatorship. A recent survey showed that young American’s biggest fear is—that they will break their iPhone.

All they know is the fantasy that they have been taught. That everything is “free” under socialism. They are too ignorant to realize that NOTHING is free—that someone must pay for everything and that socialism only works as long as the rich have money which the government can steal. When that runs out, they would be standing in line for a loaf of bread.

It’s hard to blame them for their misguided ideas. But they only must look at Venezuela or any third-world dictatorship to see how socialist communism has failed. Russia tried it for 70 years, and it still failed. Wherever it has been the form of government it has failed. No, you can’t blame them for what they have been taught—but you can blame them for not digging out true American history. And you can blame them for not demanding proof of the Utopia their communist professors claim socialism to be.

Ignorance is no excuse. But it remains for we adults to keep these Liberals (Lenin called them “useful idiots”) from overriding our votes to keep America free—so these useful idiots can continue playing with their iPhones. We live in a country where everyone has the opportunity to become whatever they choose to be, if they are willing to work toward that goal. The only way to keep it that way is for those of us who cherish freedom to out vote the Liberals at the ballot box. Your vote has NEVER been as vital as it is today.

About johnbeckmanbooks

John Beckman, a retired meteorologist, was known as “Johnny the Weatherman” in a career that spanned forty years. He forecasted the weather on WSJS-TV in Winston-Salem, NC, at WFGA-TV in Jacksonville, FL, and for thirty-three years in Atlanta at WSB-TV and WXIA-TV. Also a well published author Beckman now devotes full time to writing fiction. He currently has several eBooks on Amazon.com, "Tropical Knights," first in a series of adventure/mysteries about a sailor and his lovely CIA cohort on a mission to save America. Now available the sequel, and second in the series: "Tropical Daze." The third Jack & Amy adventure is "Tropical Rage" which became available on 30 April 2014. All of his books are highlighted on http://johnbeckmanbooks.com and available from Amazon.com. . .
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