New York’s Abortion Bill

The New York legislature just passed a bill that sounds like it is right out of Hitler’s playbook. Let me state, as I have before, my personal view on abortion. Until a man can have a baby (which might be soon if all the “transsexuals” get heir operations) I have no right to an opinion on what any woman does with her body. That is entirely between her and her conscience.

So I will just state in non-legal terms what this NY bill provides. It specifically allows abortions after 24 weeks or 6 months of pregnancy. Non-specially, a woman could be due on Thursday and have an abortion on Saturday and its okay with New York. That possibility comes under the “unwanted pregnancy” part of the law.

This brings up the problem of giving birth to babies who have gone to term. As I said, this bill has an “unwanted pregnancy” provision and there is “no protection” for that living baby   which basically means the baby can be murdered. There is a Philadelphia doctor (Gosnell) who is in jail right now for doing what the NY legislature just made legal. If I were him, I would be instituting a repeal of his sentence at this moment.

The NY bill also allows “non-doctors” to perform abortions. Does that mean that w e go back to women having coat hangers shoved up their wombs by back alley abortionists and likely bleeding to death? With this bill, I suspect, that Abortion Mills will spring up on every corner in NYC. Might be a new opportunity for us, right? No…I don’t think so.

I urge you to read the bill as I did, and you might have an entirely different perspective of it, which is fine. That is why we live in an almost-free country. For me, upstate New York is beautiful (except for Albany where the capital is) but a state that has an elected body that would pass this, in my opinion, draconian piece of law is not somewhere I would choose to live.


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