Goodbye America. We’ll miss You.

Our President says that the influx of Mexicans and South Americans over our southern border is going to destroy our American culture. I admire and respect our President, but I contend that we have already lost what was long known as the “American Culture.” I think it began with the election of that great apologist Barack Obama who ushered in political correctness and refused to accept American exceptionalism. And the decline in our culture has continued.

Consider these facts: A majority of public school students now are non-white. Shortly after 2020, just two short years from now, a majority of our country’s population will be non-white. That often surveyed group of young people called the Millennials, as a general rule (and because they were taught to be all-inclusive in college) are not interested in maintaining the traditional American culture.

Even companies which have for decades, (or as long as they have been in business) avoided political controversy have now jumped in with both feet. Delta, Starbucks, Target and Dick’s Sporting goods, for a few, have weighed in on social and political issues and always on the liberal side. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks has told his company’s stock holders that if they don’t like his policies to sell their stock. He said, and this is a quote, “We want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

“We want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

With a majority of our population soon to become people of other ethnicities, who owe their allegiance, not to America, but to some other nation how in the world are we to maintain the culture, values, and morals that our country was founded upon?

We have only one recourse. We can vote for anti-establishment representatives who share our concerns over losing our culture. And we can vote with our pocket books by not patronizing those companies that “embrace diversity.” Who the hell needs to pay $5 for a cup of coffee anyway?

Our American Culture is under fire from all sides. The national media, Hollywood, liberals of all colors, and young people who are more interested in their iPhones and their X-boxes don’t give a damn about retaining the culture that got us through WW-I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that we old men and women with white hair, and our President are the only ones concerned about regaining our culture. I’m afraid it’s too late.


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John Beckman, a retired meteorologist, was known as “Johnny the Weatherman” in a career that spanned forty years. He forecasted the weather on WSJS-TV in Winston-Salem, NC, at WFGA-TV in Jacksonville, FL, and for thirty-three years in Atlanta at WSB-TV and WXIA-TV. Also a well published author Beckman now devotes full time to writing fiction. He currently has several eBooks on, "Tropical Knights," first in a series of adventure/mysteries about a sailor and his lovely CIA cohort on a mission to save America. Now available the sequel, and second in the series: "Tropical Daze." The third Jack & Amy adventure is "Tropical Rage" which became available on 30 April 2014. All of his books are highlighted on and available from . .
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