Suicide (for a good cause) anyone?

I read a fascinating article written by a female Arab journalist the other day. She proposed something that I’ll bet none of us have ever considered. She, of course, was writing for a Muslim audience and the premise of her article was this: “What if there were Christian suicide bombers?” Yeah. What if? I think she touched on a point that makes us prey to those 7th century murderers who practice the “Religion of Peace.”

The Muslims know that Christians would never conceive of strapping bombs to themselves and walking into an Arab market and blowing themselves up just to kill some Muslims. They know that Christians would think it idiocy to high jack airliners and fly them into some tall buildings in a large Muslim city. We in the western world have opened our doors to Muslims and they come in and commit the murder of some innocent people at a Christmas office party. What if a Christian couple decided to roar into some celebration of Ramadan and randomly kill some people who happened to be Muslims?

What if Christians formed an army and ran rampant through Muslim countries killing everyone in sight and destroying their sacred monuments to Mohammad? Instead of the Islamic States of Iran and Syria (ISIS) how about the Christian States of the World (CSW) with hordes of Christians storming through the Middle East, featuring mass beheading of Muslims and showing that act on TV?

The Crusades, if you will recall, were Christians who took up arms and fought Muslims who were killing Christians way back when. Nothing has changed; they are still killing Christians so perhaps it is time for another crusade.

Well, of course, Muslims know those things will never happen because Christianity really is the religion of love and peace. The atrocities that Muslims commit on Christians, and any others who don’t share their 7th century “values,” would never occur to any but the most ignorant and barbaric people on earth. Muslims were doing pretty good up until the 7th century. They gave us an alphabet, and then their contributions to society stopped when they took up the teachings of their child-molesting prophet Mohammad. Since that time they have contributed nothing but chaos, brutality, slavery, demeaning of all females, and death to all “infidels.” And it’s been going on for 1300 years! Enough is enough.

Christian suicide bombers. Not a bad idea. Of course Christ didn’t promise us 72 virgins in Paradise, that’s a little delight we may have to do without. But turn about is fair play and there is that eye for an eye business that we can’t ignore. Suicide bombers may be the only answer to stop this insanity, because one cannot reason with nests of rattlesnakes. Any volunteers? I’ll go if you will.

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  1. says:

    Actually Sikhs aren’t Muslims (so I read) but accomodating anyone for grooming changes is wrong.



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