What the Hell is That?

Let’s forget about politics and have some fun. It won’t cost you anything, and it will make you forget that you don’t have a job and the house payment is due and Iran is going to drop an atomic bomb on your grandchildren. First, get a couple of guys, and a gal if you can talk her into it. Then go to any street corner in downtown Atlanta. (NOTE: This is a dangerous area. You may think you are in Nairobi or Kenya so make sure you are fully armed. I suggest a Mac 9 or 10 as a minimum. Additional sidearms may be necessary, and have plenty of ammo.)

When you get there, have your pals stand back and you go to the corner alone and start staring up at the sky. That’s it, just stare up at the sky. Then, after a minute or so you point up at nothing and loudly say, to nobody, “What the hell is that?”

Then one of your buds comes over and starts staring at the sky with you. After a moment or two he points up at nothing and says, “What the hell IS that?” After another minute the other guy comes over and then all three of you are pointing at the sky. On a silent count of three, all of you loudly, say, “What the HELL is that?”

Finally the gal comes over and says, “What’s going on?” You all turn to her, and then back to look at the sky and you say, “You see that?” Pal number two says, “Yeah, look at that.” And then all three of you say, “WHAT the HELL is THAT?”

By this time you will have gathered a crowd, and they will all be squinting their eyes and looking up at the sky. Eventually somebody is sure to say, “Yo! Dudes. What’s happening?”

That’s when you say, “Too late, it’s gone.” Then you all make a hasty retreat.

This trick will not work in New York City.

About johnbeckmanbooks

John Beckman, a retired meteorologist, was known as “Johnny the Weatherman” in a career that spanned forty years. He forecasted the weather on WSJS-TV in Winston-Salem, NC, at WFGA-TV in Jacksonville, FL, and for thirty-three years in Atlanta at WSB-TV and WXIA-TV. Also a well published author Beckman now devotes full time to writing fiction. He currently has several eBooks on Amazon.com, "Tropical Knights," first in a series of adventure/mysteries about a sailor and his lovely CIA cohort on a mission to save America. Now available the sequel, and second in the series: "Tropical Daze." The third Jack & Amy adventure is "Tropical Rage" which became available on 30 April 2014. All of his books are highlighted on http://johnbeckmanbooks.com and available from Amazon.com. . .
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